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    I will open a new thread if / when I get time. My AP is a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR with latest stable firmware, 5GHz channel 42 (36,+1) VHT80. My wireless NIC MAC is persistent between reboots and Android. Verified by static DHCP address correct no matter what is booted and when.

    Info given simply to help others seeing the same issue. Any troubleshooting beyond this, we should open another thread. Thanks!

    It's pretty hard today to cover all BCM chips with one driver and that's what I should aim to do. Recent changes are only regarding regulatory and I only switched to the one that covers most of 5GHz channels. I have not faced any issues using 4 BCM chips in boxes I have although I haven't tested them for a very long time. If the issue persists, perhaps you need to open a new thread where I would be able to post some test builds for you.

    If the issue persists, or annoys me enough, I will definitely open another thread and see if we can figure it out. Thanks kszaq! Everything else is working great BTW...

    I've powered off , Rebooted a total of 10 times to make sure.

    No connection losses. It connects to 5ghz every time.

    My TX7 has 5.8GHZ ac protocol which my router transmits.

    Not sure of your hardware or router settings?


    My box has an 802.11n 5GHz radio. It is using N to connect to an AC capable AP. Here is the info for the wireless chip in my box:

    [Chipset Quick Info]

    Vendor: AMPAK AP6330

    WiFi: BCM4330

    Bluetooth: BCM40183 Fixed 5GHZ on my TX7 :)

    I noticed on my box, I had to do a full shutdown -> power pull -> power re-plug -> power on, before it would see my 5GHz SSID's again. Might be helpful to others.

    Scratch that. With the changes to the Broadcom driver, WiFi intermittently connects. Have my box pointed at a 5GHz only SSID. No such issue on

    Box boots with no connection, change no settings, reboot, has WiFi connection again. Not the worst thing to deal with (if the clock doesn't update, reboot), thought it worth mentioning though.

    Perhaps we should all make a better effort (myself included) to make the first reply to an issue more pointed, when it does not belong in this thread. Some do. More need to.

    Some users just don't know any better, and need some simple guidance.

    Some users just don't care, and need repeated, but patient, guidance.

    For every post, there should be few options for initial replies in this thread. Feel free to adlib the sh*t out of this list and repost, as needed. It's merely an example:

    - Already answered

    Easily found (no direct links, they just encourage more not looking before posting)

    Obscure to find (direct link and request to add to OP if important and obscure enough to take time to direct link)

    - Doesn't belong here (advise to pursue other new, or existing thread)

    - Actually applies directly to kszaq build (proceed normally, in this thread)

    Above all, be patient. Most people, even knowledgeable ones at times, aren't sure if an issue is related to this build or not. Often, this is the only build they run on any device they own, and don't have the means to try anything using another build first. So, patiently, reply to these posts, with an "I don't have this issue with this build" or "I know this issue is LibreELEC / Kodi / add-on related" type of answer.

    Please, for the developers sanity...

    If the wired interface is not working on stock Android, nor LibreELEC, it may be dead. Shutdown + unplug the box for a few minutes, plug it back in and try it. Cross your fingers...

    Unfortunately Hardkernel is out of stock

    Currently says dispatch in 7 days, direct from HC. That is well worth the wait for one of these. Not to mention, a whole list of official C2 distributors on HC's website to stock check...

    7 days is well worth years of stability, options, and support.

    I have the 8.1.10 build installed and see the Kodi 17.3 splash screen at boot. Is this normal?

    Edit: I disabled the Kodi splash screen in advancedsettings.xml, but still wonder if the Kodi splash screen version is updated with corresponding LE builds?

    You may want to reinstall the latest update. Just drop it into the .update folder again along with the dtb you normally use, and reboot.

    My box definitely has the correct (17.4) splash screen, and that is part of the system image.

    That is the first time I am hearing/reading this.

    I still always rename the current device trees to dtb.img and it always worked just fine.
    Did kszaq ever recommend to not rename them anymore? Again, first time I read this...

    Yes, it was recommended at some point to not rename the dtb in the .update folder. Don't remember by whom.

    It sounds like this may no longer matter though, given above feedback.

    yeah i tried that too, took the file 'dtb.img' (that's right?) into update, (this is off the USB pendrive off an install that I know definitely works), its really odd, like the upgrade appears to work, I don't see any errors but once the reboot occurs there is nothing

    I will recheck that device tree file is correct

    No, that's not right. Download correct current device tree from OP, place in .update folder, do not rename it.