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    I am using the latest LE with a Flirc USB dongle and a Logitech Harmony remote control.

    How can I adjust the key repeat rate? It is too fast. When I e.g. scroll down TV channels, recordings, movie files... by pressing the arrow down button it scrolls so fast I do not have any control anymore to stop it at the right position. Not even close to the right position. All I can do at the moment is that I need to press the button several times (which can be hundreds of times) to get there where I want.

    Where can I set this? I searched everywhere, also Google and the Kodi forum. I am not even sure if this is something inside Kodi or maybe the operating system.

    Thank you and cheers,


    It would be great if you can take a look at it. But as you said, it is not necessary to get the FLIRC stick up and running. On the other side it is not good that the official addon for Kodi is not working anymore.

    Thank you very much for the hints and sorry, that I reply that late. I forgot to bookmark this thread.

    It worked with installing the app onto a different (Debian Linux) machine. There I was able to setup the stick and it works. :-) The Kodi FLIRC addon did not work on the latest Beta of LE, these is just a bright blue screen and sometimes it is possible to see some buttons when hovering with the mouse over these buttons. But only sometimes. Also it flips from connected to disconnected all the time. Strange.

    Ok, FLIRC is there. And it is recognized by Linux and I also see it in /proc/bus/input/devices and the device is available at /dev/input/event4 - so far so great! :-)

    But I'm stuck now... How can I set it up on a LibreELEC box?

    I saw some threads and links weeks ago when I tried to get a different USB IR receiver up and running, but now I do not find anything. I still remember that lirc needs to be stopped and then a lircd.conf needs to be created and the remote needs to be learned.

    vitorp07 wrote something about an app? Also on a LibreELEC box? I saw some software on the FLIRC website, but also available for LibreELEC?



    I am looking for a cheap but working USB IR receiver. All I want to do is learning commands with lirc. I want to use a remote I already have - or lets say it that way: The commands from this remote already learned into my Logitech Harmony.

    My first tries where two of these devices: IR Infrarot Fernbedienung Extender Repeater Emitter Empfänger USB Adapter AC432

    Both were sent back because nothing happened. Not only on my two LibreELEC boxes (lsusb did not show anything) but also on two other Linux machines and two Windows machines. It was like nothing was plugged into the USB port at all.

    Did a search here in the forum and also on Google but nothing interesting showed.

    So thank you for a little hint,


    I am using a Mac Mini 2011 and try to get the built-in IR receiver up and working, see here: LibreELEC

    Unfortunally I do not see any devices the system should create when starting up.

    I will try the test build from chewitt in the evening and will give feedback here.

    Please test LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.90.010.tar which contains an updated version of atvclient and report back here with results. I no longer test this package with AppleTVs so it got missed in the move to Krypton.

    Unfortunally I cannot download the test build. :-( Did you remove it?


    I just migrated from OE to LE and I also tried the alpha version on my device. The device is a Mac mini 2011 (I5-2520M, 4 GB RAM). It runs pretty good, but one thing is bugging me... I cannot get the IR receiver to work.

    When I use "lsusb" is see the receiver:

    1. Bus 002 Device 005: ID 05ac:8242 Apple, Inc. Built-in IR Receiver

    But, no device is created on system startup. I checked with "cat /proc/bus/input/devices" or "cat /proc/bus/usb/devices" and only see mouse, keyboard and other USB devices, but but this one.

    I did a lot of research on the web but was not able to find the clue. So I am hoping someone here can show me the right direction to look.

    Before there isn't a device I do not need to check what Kodi is doing or LIRC or atvclient (I don't have a real clue yet what I need to check next - but as the device is missing I need solve this problem first).

    Thank you very much,