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    Well I tried to compile it on my Ubuntu Server 16.04 but I couldn't. I'm totally lost with the procedure.

    I understand that is a problem with the kernel version supported:


    [[email protected]]:(1.5Mb)~/utils/media_build$ uname -r

    Anyone can help me?

    There is still no mali driver for S192. Nothing changed yet.

    "Going forward, there’s still lots of work on the video display driver including cursor plane, overlay planes, OSD scaling, overlay scaling, and MIPI DSI output.Vide hardware acceleration will also be challenging as Amlogic is currently using a custom software implementation, and it will have to be supported through V4L2 in mainline, so it will take some time. "

    Don't care about S912, the question is about if they are making remarkable progress in ml kernel development and if it's valuable for us, as aml device users for multimedia.

    Not precisely. It is quite possible that S9xx (i.e. S905, S912 and so on) will get v4l2 in mainline kernel. For now most of S905/912 pieces are already supported in mainline, the main thing that is lacking is hardware decoding support. When this happens, we will finally be able to use mainline kernel on our devices.

    What will be dropped are 8726MX, S805, S802 and S812 devices as they're very unlikely to get full mainline support.

    Whats's the issue which is causing that delay in support hw decoding in the ml kernel? Can you give us any clue?

    I can't understand your (plural) continuous reluctance to support aml devices. It's obvious that the resources aren't the best, and the development presents tough problems to handle with. But there's a big audience behind theses crap boxes because their performance is FAR BETTER than the rPi3, for a cheaper price.

    From outside, I've always perceived your attitude very hostile regarding all GDPR-2 's work. I'm sure that I can't understand almost anything that's behind the argument, but I know that losing a developer who has showed that huge commitment about this community project, is bad for everyone, not only for aml users.

    Should be the same. But it's still WIP. Currently it looks like Rockchip will be getting mainline kernel support with v4l2 hw decoders before Amlogic. Rockchip is doing a lot of development and we have a direct contact with them.

    Amlogic on the other hand is not showing any efforts. Baylibre is basically doing everything.

    Wow, that sounds really good. I'll keep an eye on that RK development.

    Thanks for the explanation mate.

    wrxtasy Not really. I'm not so sure if my Thread fits in the Amlogic subforum any longer since I'm doing builds for Rockchip too. I don't wanna start a second Thread. I'm also fine just keeping it here if it's not confusing people too much. There is no "General" community subforum here.

    I don't know maybe it is best to create a second Thread but that would mean I'd have to cross post a lot. Maybe I'll just create a index in the Rockchip forum just referring here.

    How is the performance, in general, of that ROCK64 devices? Does it worth in comparison with a standard-cheap S905X device?

    But you haven't answered mate. Is now a better option a S912 instead of a S905X for LE?