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    The problem with Netflix on Kodi is that only S/W decoding is supported, 720p should would fine.

    Not every codec can be decoded by the HW decoder, I believe there are some issues with VC-1 content, I'm not sure if that was what you sent me or not as I emptied out my inbox due to being flooded with messages without looking at it properly, sorry.

    I'm not sure which issue you are referring to, the addons should not be incompatible as they was recently compiled, afl1 is the resident DVB expert for S9xx so maybe he can shed some light on it.

    Thanks for your reply. Maybe, just maybe since I'm not a programmer, these particular files could be excluded when using the HW accelerator so they always make use of the software decoder. But this might be a bridge to far, I don't know.

    Thanks anyway.

    You could check yourself and find out :p anyway it is using the same kernel as before so any issues is a hardware problem rather than a build problem.

    A lot of the firmware/driver packages where rewritten in the jump from 1.0 to 1.1, I will look into this

    The same files as before give the same problems. Which is; the file I sent you about a month ago and the Samantha Bee test file you also have.

    If you say they will never work I will adjust my expectations.

    hardware acceleration is enable in player setting But LibreELEC is running in software acceleration. My box becomes heat up very soon and system is showing cpu and memory usage very high in system information while playing movie ( sorry for bad English.) My box temperature becomes 70c to 73c after half hour.

    I have to agree. I have the same thing is happening to me.


    LibreELEC:~ # modprobe amlvideodri

    modprobe: FATAL: Module amlvideodri not found in directory /lib/modules/3.14.29

    You are right, maybe someone else has a clue about this, too. The video seems to freeze or stutter really strong. There is no audio. The timecode is screwed up and shows -596 hours or so as current position.

    Here is the important part of the log (had to shorten it due to post limitation):

    Looks exactly like my log. The file started playing again after I disabled amcodec hardware acceleration.

    I will look into this, it's a relatively easy change to make.

    On another note, a new version has been uploaded v1.0.7.1 unfortunately this will require a manual upgrade as I broke automatic upgrades in 106 by moving the patch for LE-settings. Just place the update tarball in the update folder and reboot.

    This version includes the latest version of Kodi source and the RTL8723DS wifi driver and of course the latest changes in the LE master branch.

    This version also does not play the video file I sent you a few weeks ago.