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    hm... ya that maybe true all of that is a moot point because until a Real working graphix stack emerges nothing will change no matter how much crap Amlogic floods the market with. so far after all these years of promises nothing ever materializes. so only time will tell. theres no point in producing a race car if theres not gas for it.

    But to be fair the emergence of the Panfrost development is a good sign but still some ways off...

    I have been horribly disappointed in AML in the past, but reading Odroids press release for the N2 it seems that times have changed with a 4.9 kernel and a wayland driver almost ready to roll:



    An Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image is available with Kernel version 4.9.152 LTS at this moment. This kernel version will be officially supported until Jan, 2023.

    A hardware accelerated video decoder (VPU) driver is ready. We have c2player and kplayer examples which can play 4K/UHD H.265 60fps videos smoothly on the framebuffer of ODROID-N2 HDMI output.

    The Mali G52 GPU Linux driver works only on the framebuffer. We tested the latest PPSSPP emulation and it can handle x3 scaling on a 4K display nicely with well implemented VSYNC.

    There will be a Linux Wayland driver a few months later. We are intensively working on it together with Arm and Amlogic.

    Unfortunately, there is no X11 GPU driver since Arm has no plan to support X11 for Bifrost GPUs anymore.

    We hope that the Panfrost open source driver can be ported to ODROID-N2 soon."

    That puts it in about the same place as the rockchip with regard to Linux.


    Rockpro64 finally arrived about a week ago and I am luving this board. So far i have managed to piece together a linux build and am playing with the 5.1 and 4.21 kernels and have been poking around with the panfrost stuff as well and fixed a couple of issues reducing some of the lockups and leaks while testing on my own kodi 18.1 build. still more to fix on this project while splitting my time on another unrelated project. I want to use kernel 5 for my other project so i will probably stay at this level while i keep working forward, I have now abandoned all S912 projects and started moving all other boxes over to H96 Max's running on 4.21. Still have a few issues with them but the rk3399 rocks and blows any of the Amlogic SoC's out of the water. The Panfrost stuff is actually pretty good but still requires a fair bit of kernel work yet, but is a huge step in the right direction.

    It did until the arrival of the S922 which will be presented in the upcoming odroid N2. This will match or better the rockchip rk3399 and will cost less. Since this is likely to have CE support on release day it likely to grab most of the potential rockchip market from day one.


    I have the concern that all this effort is in vain since the release schedule for AML GPU means that already the S905/S912 GPU's are old hat before an open source driver is available - and we already have a none supported GPU on the S905X2 and a release schedule which always stays well ahead of open source development.

    Supporting these chips with Open Source drivers is simply unsustainable.


    This is because the GUI version in Kodi was bumped to 5.13.0, but there was no real justification for doing so other than to start a new series for Kodi Leia final. You can get this working on most skins by finding the addon.xml for the skin and looking for the required GUI version and changing it to 5.13.0. You will need a Zipper program which allows you to modify files within the zip (Linux allows this), other wise you wil need to unzip the skin > modify the addon.xml > zip it back up again.


    But how better is coreelec though comrpead to libre?

    Really the only way to find out is to give it a spin on an SD card and make your own mind up. Its been my daily driver for a year at this stage and even though there have been a few hiccups along the way it works very well for most of the time. Its still in active development and I run Nightlies so occasionally things break - but I would honestly say that the latest release candidate 8.95.7 is ready for prime time and is only waiting for the final Kodi release before it is wrapped up and put to bed.
    Libreelec has some specific missing functionality which means I can't use it so cannot comment on the state of the latest releases for AMLogic.


    I don't think anyone is suggesting that the S912 is at end of life, but what can be said is that it has had very little uptake and that is likely to remain so into the future. That means support will always be behind the curve of the various S905 offerings. Having said that I can think of no area where the S912 offers better performance or more features than the S905D so why take the chance that all things will be peachy into the future.

    Personally next time I need a new box it will be an Intel box such as the Vorke V5. Why - better support and better performance. Its been a long and tedious drag getting a usable version of Kodi on my VIM2 S912 box (a full year to be exact) and frankly life is just to short for the small saving offered by a CRAPPY AMLogic box. What really rankles is the utter contempt they show for their customer base.


    I have a VIM2 and I would say the extra cost is not worth it. You don't get a usable case, you get a chip which runs hot without heatsinking (which is a diy effort or a choice of their own product which is a noisy squirrel cage design). It only has two USB2 ports. The S912 chip brings little to the table that isn't available from a good S905D box and isn't even supported in standard LE builds. The NAND storage is not very useful when you consider that "InstalltoInternal" is no longer supported in LE. The only thing going for it is rather mediocre Linux support - which you don't need anyway. A bit of a dead end considering they have moved onto a completely different chipset for their latest offering. A bit of a disappointment all round - though it does the job well when running CE builds.


    Well, I'm just a user, but the CE team is a perfect example of what's wrong with some open source communities. They don't take user reports of bugs seriously and are rude and unhelpful. When I reported a bug in CE on the Odroid C2 with network performance when they weren't deleting my forum posts they blamed the network protocol (SMB) and told me I was expecting too much of my hardware. I identified the same issue in LE. In contrast the LE team took my complaint seriously, identified the issue, and made test builds within hours that addressed the issue. I guess the issue wasn't my expectations after all...

    So you can cheerlead the CE all you want, but some of us know better.

    We all have different experiences, and I could not say that mine matches yours. Any issues I have raised which are within the remit of CE to solve have been addressed. The tone of comments is often the key though.

    This unfortunately is part of the problem here, people seem unable to appreciate that the developers are doing all this for free out of goodwill on limited time and resources - and all they ever seem to get is bitching.


    In terms of general picture quality, LE scores higher, especially when it comes to OTA SD content, where the picture is sharper and colours more vibrant. However CE continues to show great improvements and recent nightly builds bring the quality much closer.

    This is a settings issue and not intrinsic to CE/Leia. I had the same experience - but it was solved by disabling all SD formats in the whitelist, or in the latest versions - simply not selecting any whitelist settings. Its been discussed over at the CE forum before.


    I tested today - CE 8.95.7

    Tested some UHD samples

    ok_Sony_4K_HDR_Camp, Sony Mont Blanc HDR UHD 4K Demo, Sony Swordsmith HDR UHD 4K Demo

    all with buffering issues running CE/KODI18 using wired Gb network

    Files playing without buffering issues running LE/KODI17.6

    Frankly I don't believe you. Just more mud slinging. I have already satisfied myself that one of your complaints is false.
    I like LE and use the current Leia release on my RaspPi without issues, but this constant bad mouthing of CE from certain member of the LE team is just a bit pathetic.