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    Interesting. I had a similar issue, flashing stalling at 7% (the formatting stage). If I unchecked "erase flash", the flashing process would proceed but no matter what ROM I tried, the process would never reach 100%. So I used the smallest compatible ROM and deleted all the APKs in /system to make the ROM even smaller using Customization Tool. I was then able to flash the ROM. The OS may not have worked but at least it restored my recovery.

    Blue power LED doesn't light up and no video output. Flashing a uboot to eMMC corrects this (power LED lights up) but the screen remains black. Tried flashing the correct dtb but it made no difference. Perhaps I flashed it to the incorrect location. These were the commands I entered.

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/dtb bs=256k count=1
    dd if=/storage/downloads/dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k

    I wonder if there is a way to restore /dev/system... as you pointed that appears to be the issue. I've ran installtointernal successfully before the last time when it froze. So if the eMMC isn't bricked, I'm assuming the partitions are corrupt. I have access to terminal through TWRP, which may not be as limited as LE.

    Appreciate your input. Gave it a go, but the box wouldn't boot afterwards.

    LibreELEC:~ # dd if=LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2- of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4M
    137+1 records in
    137+1 records out
    575668224 bytes (549.0MB) copied, 55.714322 seconds, 9.9MB/s

    Okay, progress is being made. I have LE running on the box now. SSH'd to the box and ran installtointernal.

    Didn't make any progress beyond that point, stuck there for an hour. Any ideas on what commands I should enter?

    Found the install script.

    It gets stuck at this command:

        mke2fs -F -q -t ext4 -m 0 /dev/system || exit 1

    Going to assume the eMMC is kaput. Ran the above command without the silent flag, this is what it spat out until it stalled.

    Will have to settle with the fastest UHS-I microSD,

    create a new bootable image on a usb drive, use rufus from windows, then at least you could have a working system from usb.

    then instead of trying to format the eMMC just install to internal

    To get a Linux machine, you can create a Live linux distro like Knoppix.

    Cheers. Got Linux running. Created a bootable SD card in LE Creator using one of @kszaq's LE images. Then added the u-boot Nothing found — Yandex.Disk to it in Linux.

    Popped the card into my box but it didn't boot, tried with the reset button pressed too. Will try the other 2 u-boots provided by balbes150

    If a ROM flashed to an SD with Burn Card Maker, which adds a u-boot to the root of a SD, can get my box to boot to this screen, booting into other stuff should be possible right?


    why don't you try it

    Because I don't have a computer with Linux laying around so I was looking for somewhat of a confirmation before I format my hard drive to install Linux. Plus I wouldn't know what commands to enter even if it were possible.

    Theoretically, yes perhaps. I'm not sure if LE's busybox has commands for formatting an eMMC, but since the warranty on your box is already out the door, you might as well try. Otherwise contact the Mini M8S manufacturer first.

    Well out of warranty. At least there's hope, thanks.