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    In the Libreelec settings menu, under network, there is an option to wait for network before starting Kodi, have you tried enabling and rebooting?

    HCI Attach for the Qualcomm chip is missing. If there is a source I can compile from, I will include the driver immediately. Unfortunately the only driver I was able to find was for Android and it can't be easily ported to Linux/LE.

    Thanks. Any thoughts if a BT USB dongle might work with your LE builds?

    Hi balbes150, Thanks again for making these builds available. Any plans for a new build before the end of the year? With holidays upcoming it certainly understandable if you have more important things to do.

    Thanks kszaq, LE working well on Beelink Mini MXIII II. Is missing support for Bluetooth in S905X boxes a missing driver and is it something which can be added? Do S912 boxes require the same driver and will a similar issue exist?

    Installed LibreELEC-S812.LAN1000.arm-8.0.0_20161206.img.gz on SD card and booted up on MXIII plus. Was able to install a couple of add-ons including PVR backend however Kodi runs very slow. Best way to describe it would be to imagine running Kodi on underpowered hardware. Wired LAN connection was able to benchmark at 100 Mbps down. I"ll go back to Thanks for making these builds available.

    LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm- works great via SD card but I will try Krypton and the image from the catalog LAN1000 tomorrow. I saw some comments you made on Freaktab forum about a "glitch" in the file? Can you better explain what if anything needs to be modified?