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    That tar link (first one) do I download it into a usb and try and boot it into this Nuc?

    The other one all look German to me..I am too new to this..all I know is download into usb and boot onto my nuc and that's it..

    The ssh and all that is alien to me and after all these years now I am terrified I cannot just use my usb as everything changes and its complex and alien to me..lord help me I love my libreelec..

    I will be sending this back because I cannot use it..

    If I buy one without windows 10 and get one with an older version of windows (not with the one I have now) but you think I could download it because I had no issues before downloading libreelec onto a NUC..

    Could you give me a link to millhouse just in case as I do not know of him and his builds..

    I have a NUC and in the past I could boot my usb and directly download it..But with this windows 10 installed its messed up and cannot figure out why..

    I have a brand new NUC with windows 10 installed and I came here to check out things..I see that it says DIRECT DOWNLOAD...Does that mean I can just download from windows 10 or is that direct download of the usb creator? ..I was thinking direct download librelec to change OS from windows 10 without a usb..

    I was going to use the direct download from the photo of the NUC because that is what I am using. Which is all I stream from is a NUC., Can someone explain the direct download option under the photo of the NUC..Is it for the usb creator tool or directly downloading the libreelec OS?:/:?::cry: