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    I need to get hold of version 8.2.5 for Le Potato.. isn't it anywhere an old version repo to download old stuff från?

    Tvheadend seem to be really not working in Leia... =(

    Is there any possibility to add the provider?

    Having a really hard time sorting this out with the UserDefined configuration. Just don't work! =(


    Hey guys!

    Using TV HeadEnd and LibreELEC 7.0.3 for Live TV.
    I'm able to create my own group of channels without problem.
    But, when restarting the Raspberry Pi and loading in the channels again the created group is gone.

    This is because it's fetching the channels form the backend.
    Is there any way to solve this?

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    Hey guys!

    I've just installed version 8.0.0 and I've seen a quite strange problem.
    Everything is working just fine. But, when turning on the PVR (TV HeadEnd) browsing through the channel list the picture is flickering in the lower part of the TV. Thought at first it was my HDMI cable that was on the last run (To be more exact I did change the HDMI-cable just to be sure).
    But, then I tried the same thing on eight different raspberry pi's and the exact same problem showed itself.

    When turning on fullscreen there's not flickering going on. Only when viewing the channel list.
    Everything is working fine running other addons.

    Also good to know.. when running 7.0.3 there's not problem like this.

    Someone else who've seen the problem?

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    Write the 8GB card image to the 16GB card using our SD/USB writer app or any other writer app. Then put the 16GB card in a computer running any standard-ish Linux distro and use gparted to resize the storage partition on the card. Our app can write the image, but it cannot expand it.

    The last writer just told me so and I got confused when the USB-SD Creator told me that my SD Card will be overwritten.

    So, you mean that I put my SD Card in a USB Memory Reader. I put it into another raspberry pi running Raspbian and install gparted.
    Is that correct?

    Hey guys!

    I've got an 8 GB image using Pi Baker to put it on a 16 GB sd card.
    The problem is that only the 8 GB is allocated on the SD card.

    Can someone explain how to expand the none used data so I can use the whole SD card?

    Why I want to use the 8 GB image file is because of that all SD Cards has different file sizes.
    All of them are 16GB but in reality 16,04 GB and another 16,03 GB.
    Using Pi Baker with a 16,04 GB image file won't work on a 16,03 GB SD card.
    Do you see my problem?

    I'm using LibreELEC and I've seen funktions like parted and gparted. Apparently they can not be installed just because LibreELEC is locked.

    Please, someone.. help!


    aah .. got it!

    Another question!
    I tried to put my backup file on my own server.
    Added the server address in file manager with a thought of connecting to the specific location for the backup file.
    Kodi fails though because I think that this location isn't a repository location. Can this be fixed?

    So easy to have the backup file online for my friends if something happens..

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    Hey guys!

    I've got an idea that I don't really know how to handle or solve.
    I'm using LibreELEC and i'm installing a bunch of addons and so on realizing that some of my friends want help with their installations.

    Can I in some how without making an image of the SD-card make one zip-file that downloads all the addons, skins and configs that I've premade before.
    Use this file to implement the whole setup with just one installation file?

    In this case I don't have to sort out an image, sorting it out with ApplePI-Baker and such.

    Any idea somewhere out there? =)

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    Allright.. thanks!

    Just don't know how to rewrite to python since it's downloaded from a server and then installed.
    Any Ideas?

    Thanks for fast reply!

    Hey guys!

    I'm trying to make a system where I can control several of pi's over the internet.
    I found Dataplicity which make this come true.. but, I'm unable to install it.

    It seems like LibreELEC is unable to download and save the data when executing the command line offered by Dataplicity.
    Is this even possible with LibreELEC?


    Hey guys!

    I'm running LibreELEC on a raspberry pi 3 and it works fine 9 cases out of 10.
    Sometimes though when I change channel in the PVR client I can hear that the sound from the switched channel appears. But, the picture does not.

    I've tried to clock the raspberry and so forth.. but, still I don't really see any solution for it.

    I've tried to add the advancedsettings.xml where I'm using the code below.
    I think if works better but it still seem to not solve the problem.

    Can I in some way optimize the raspberry in some way to get an even more stable switching between channels?