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    Running the s82 version on a beelink M7b and it looks very good from first impressions. I'd previously been running a custom ROM for MXiii 2gb as the box is apparantly the same inside the case.

    I'm a librelec convert via the MXQ S805 builds but this has renewed my interest in the S802 box (I have 3 rooms with boxes in them). Thank you so much for your work on this.

    Ungh... So I finally got this installed only to find out that I lost H.265 support and that was the ONLY reason I bought this device (3 days ago). Does anybody know how I can falsh back to the orriginal software? (Android) So I can get H.265 back? I have NO idea why I mess with things! lol

    Lost H265 needs expanding on because kszaq specifically refers to hevc now working at 4k in the very first post on this forum. I'd suggest you have a read of the section on how to report bugs ( with logs etc). I can play H265 on a box with S805. With the correct tone you will find him to be very supportive.

    Can't help you find your Android firmware to reinstall but I have to point out that if you'd installed to SD first and gone down the dual boot route, android would still be there for you. I know it doesn't help but it is the risk free way to follow when you've got android back.


    The key you're looking for is O.

    Off topic, I've been following the stuff on the S905 thread and the memory management issue in particular. What surprises me is that if it takes a couple of days for amlogic to devour all the available memory on S905, why can't people just reboot once a day? - LE boots fast. I'd be patient enough to wait and that's saying something! So what if it makes the boxes not for novices.

    Got to say that my first instinct was to update to the upcoming Wetek hub S905. Then I acknowledged to myself that I have 2 cheap s805 boxes that are lovely thanks to kszaq and will be supported by him in future so I can't see why I should be daft enough to buy again for my home that only has two tellys that don't do cec let alone 4k.

    I'll remain ( I'm an old brexiter JB) interested but for the time being I've decided to be content with what I've got. I have to control the urge to buy when it come to kodi boxes though.

    Thanks kszaq for the reminder in your pm. Unless YOU tell me there are benefits in the s905 that will wow me, I'll be sticking with beelink S805.