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    Well my Mini-MX was cheap and runs a million times better than my old 805 (all black).

    Well at this point it seems to be between the 'Beelink Mini MXIII', which has 2GB of RAM or the 'Mini-MX' which only has 1GB of RAM but is cheap. I did read on the other thread that there is currently a problem with there only being 1GB of RAM on the 'Mini-MX' and vid playback. Any comments about this jed?

    I haven't ruled out the 'WeeTek Hub, but it might be too expensive for me and if the 'Mini-MX does the job I may go for one of those as they are even cheaper than the old MXQ's at the mo!!

    I'm just crossing my fingers becaise of the variety of boards around, as always the box may look the same but... the same old nightmare for K!

    Swaying towards the Beelink at the mo because of the 2GB of RAM, but it's twice the price of the cheaper boxes.

    EDIT: Also looking at the MXQ Pro as it has 4 USB ports and the others only seem to have 2 which isn't enough for my needs.

    EDIT 2: Just thought I could always use an old MXQ as a HUB but not sure if I'll have internet conection in the future and not sure about how to set up a static IP address, will be using three boxes!?

    Performance will turn off frequency scaling and keep CPU at max available speed. CPU will throttle in accordance to trip points defined in device tree: at · kszaq/ · GitHub

    This translates to 1.5GHz up to 60°C, 1.4GHz up to 65°C and so on. If the temperature goes over 90°C the box will shut down immediately.

    Have you tried performance? I doubt I'll try it as stability is more important.

    You won't see unless you have created it.
    It's simply a text file list of commands, like most script files and needs to be created in / moved to /storage/.config via SSH
    or alternatively the configfiles samba share.

    OK, thought it might need special permissions/chmod. Do you know if this is the correct syntax:

     echo "ondemand" > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
    ) &

    And while I'm on the subject has anybody tried performance mode? Maybe there's reason not to use this as I read somewhere that the cpu frequency is cut whem temp goes over 70 degrees.

    Please try doing that. Use MXQ build as this one is reported to work on MXV. I don't have MXV box and can't help much.

    No idea, actually. I have only 2 S905 boxes and they don't have such an issue. There are so many S905 boxes on the market right now that I can't say for every single one. I think we will have reports when my builds go public. All things considered, I will always advise against buying cheap S905 boxes and get a quality one instead (WeTek Hub).

    So is the Hub out for sale? I can't see it anywhere in the UK and with the state of the pound after Brexit I doubt I'll be buying it from America!

    So we have been warned not to buy cheap boxes but around £30, possibly £40, would be OK for me. Perhaps I'll just stick with my S805's until the verdic is out on the LE ROM and hardware etc. My credit card is getting out of control again so I need to sort that out some how! Anybody need some gardening done?

    By local files I meant those on connected drives like flash drives, hard discs or optical drives. Anyway the problem was sorted with the simple XML code. Having said that the code does effect streaming from one box to anouther, no more buffering, which is fine and how it used to be before K's last version. The only stuff that is buffered now is web content.

    OK, seems better, no buffering although I think some of my vid files may have dodgy headers or someting as they still jump 10 seconds in for some strange reason. The 0 buffering also stopped my external BluRay drive from spinning up every minute or so which was pretty annoying.

    I changed the pause during refresh rate change setting back to off was on 0.4 secs and this seems to have stopped the HDMI from disconnecting, hopefully!

    Cheers K.

    Be interesting to see your advanced xml code just to see if there's anything in it that might help improve my boxes playback especially web streams. Not a fan of zero cacheing just wondering if cache can be specified? BBC is solid at 720p but others like Sky news at 1080p buffer after 20 seconds or so, might be my crappy ADSL (actually the guys upstairs).

    Anyway local files seem to play better with K's code.

    EDIT: Found this, which answers a few questions: HOW-TO:Modify the video cache - Official Kodi Wiki
    EDIT 2: And this seems to give all the Advanced XML options which is a good refernece: advancedsettings.xml - Official Kodi Wiki

    PatrickJB  Poida About power LED I have 2 "all-black" boxes: V3_1 and HTC-MXQ-V4 and power LED works well.

    It is possible to add many LED configurations to the driver but I need to know which pin should I switch to make the LED work - and without source code from manufacturer this is close to impossible.

    Does the LED switch at all for you with the most recent build?

    Mine has been the same for a long time, since early OE builds: From boot blue, after suspend red and from reboot I'm not sure. It's not a problem for me. remember I have put a sticky over the LED as it's too bright for me so it's hard to tell what color it is most of the time!

    Just thought that if there were only a few combinations in the form of simple patches then people could play around and hopefully get their LED to do what they want.

    Not something I worry about just thought it might be easy but if not... sorry for openning the tin of worms!!

    EDIT: It's the vid playback issue I'm interested in, see my post above.

    The skip-back function doesn't seem to work well for such small amounts of time and sometimes you just can;t view those first 10 - 15 seconds.

    As for the LED issue, well it probably isn't possible or practical but it's worth asking!


    BUG: I've noticed that local vid files are being buffered which I'm sure never used to happen and I thought this might have helped minimise frame drops although the verdict is out on that. The problem is that after a pause when starting playback the first 10 to 15 seconds of the vid are skipped. On occasion when stopping playback the HDMI connections also drops. I can revive the connection by pressing play or similar.

    Not a big bug! But one that is annoying any ideas what is causing this?

    And for the record the power off and reboot options seem to be finally working 100% as far as I can tell.

    One other tiny thing I was wondering about, which is not something that really bothers me, is the power LED. Would it be possible to do a bunch of simple patches so people can try them and use the one that works for them? I doubt this is possible but people do seem to be losing sleep over it!

    I just tried it again, with the toothpick method i get the CWM menu. is it ok?

    CWM Recovery

    Just reboot leaving the card in, no need to use the toothpick. If it boots to LE then you should be all set. If not then try what I wrote above again. If it still doesn't work you'll have to wait for someone with your box on this forum to help you out.

    EDIT: I think you need to see the Android robot when you do the toothpick thing. If you don't see it then keep trying or wait for someone with your box to reply.

    Not sure if it's the same as the MXQ boxes but I think it is. What you need to do is insert a toothpick or similar, nothing meta,l into the audio out socket and you should find there is a hidden button. So power off your box, insert SD card, insert toothpick into audio socket until it clicks down and then power on your box while holding toothpick in place. This should set your box up so that if the SD is in when powered on it will boot from the card.

    Are both boxes the same motherboard version? If so, which version.

    For a lot of people, with only one box, that will be just fine. It seems to be causing issues if you have more than one on the same LAN (and even then, of course, only if they are both active at the same time)

    Both the same as in my signature.