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    As long as you run LE from a SD card you shouldn't have to worry about screwing any hardware up. In fact K's S905 LE builds are built to run from SD at this point unless you want to install to Nand which I think may be possible but is not recommended. Most of us use OE or LE (yes and of course there's many others) because of the 23.967 fps problem, you get a major judder every 40secs which happens when you run Kodi on an Android based system. The OE and LE project have resolved this (codesnakes work I believe) as well as many other improvements, sound sync issues being a major one as well as improved playback and file compatibility.

    As far as I'm aware the S905/x boxes are not that simple to set up with LE as you need to mess around copying device tress etc which may be easier than it sounds but as I don't have a S905 I couldn't say. The S805 running LE plays back H265 fine although it can't do 10bit files and never will.

    So if you want to play then a cheap box may be the way to go but check who's had success by reading through the main S905 threads. Some members here have even created specific builds for certain boxes but as said these 'specific' boxes may still vary spec wise. Worth noting the amount of RAM and Flash memory as there are often two versions of the same box.

    If money isn't a problem then just buy a Wetek Hub, I would if I had the money!

    You can always install Confluence for Krypton from official Kodi addon repo. ;)

    I tried that and it was really glitchy! Might give it another go at some point.

    im install this version krypton to nand work super fast :D
    and i dont have any problems, im use lan kabel no wifi and titan skin
    i think i have better quality on video :]

    I might try the Titan skin and see if it's any better than default or confluence.

    The Bad: At least two of the video addons I use every day (FilmOn and a torrent client), don't work or work with problems. I don't know if the fault is with Krypton, LE or this particular Alpha version, the bottom line is that it can not replace OE for the time being.

    I think there are quite a few addons that haven't been updated for Kodi Krypton, they'll probably be updated eventually but obviously it's not finished/released yet so addon developers may well be hanging back a bit.

    K's Jarvis build still rocks so I'm happy and I may run Krypton from SD when it's ready and keep Jarvis on Nand/internal.

    My first impression of Krypton was that it was pretty good but now I've played with it I can't see it beating Jarvis for a long time to come. The sliding GUI is 'nice' but after a while you'll probably turn the slide effect off and then it's just a pretty bland GUI with the best bits of the other skins all mixed together. To be honest it's fast but design-wise the GUI is a step down from confluence. Just my opinion! :-/

    Installed on SD, seems OK, perhaps a few sound sync issues but vid playback quality seems improved for 264 and 265. Can't reboot from Nand. GUI is very fast.

    EDIT: Rebooting to Nand seems to be working now, not sure what happened there. So Krypton seems OK but it isn't really ready yet I think the vid playback may be better for image quality but is a bit juddery at times motion-wise and the audio has sync issues. Nice to get a preview and it looks like it could be worth the migration once it's up to speed! Still very happy with K's Jarvis build.

    EDIT 2: Forgot to mention a simple backup, I mean very clean only a few addons, from Jarvis seemed to work OK but an older backup (not that old just a few months old), with maybe ten or more addons, failed!

    No real need to quote the whole previous post then (or any part of it). All that is achieving, is making the thread unnecessarily long. :angel:

    That'll be my fuzzy head!! :)

    In case nobody noticed, Krypton test builds available here: LibreELEC ;)

    I take it that we have decided that all the Krypton builds are going to be SD card only installations at this point hence the image file? :s

    Will dig out a card and give it a whirl latter! :)

    EDIT: OK installed on SD. First impressions, GUI is really fast vid playback may be slightly better, only tested H264 at this point, will not reboot from internal (Nand) but suspend works although some may need to adjust the power button option that K hacked in. Will play a bit more and give feedback on other thread. Oh and I found a fast SD card to install on and I really can't see a difference in speed from Nand at the moment think it's a 95ms read speed card writing is probably at least half that.

    My Backup folder decided to disappear again from /storage/backup
    I rebooted twice. I un plugged box but it was gone. Tried file manager but it was gone.

    No experience of this but I have noticed that if I pull a USB stick delete some content and then plug it back in it doesn't update the sticks content details which is slightly weird! I'm sure it used to but not 100% sure! Well my brain is even more fuzzy since I gave up drinking and smoking a few months back! :angel:

    If I reboot the box then it updates details on flash drives/USB sticks. :-/

    Have you seen / hear about this dirty cow bug in the Linux kernel? Does it affect le?

    9 Year Old Linux Kernel bug dubbed 'Dirty Cow' can Root every version of Android

    Hmmm, and Linux is supposed to be soooo secure as opposed to windows!! Don't get me wrong I hate Windows and after the Windows 10 shit I will be looking for something else in future.

    If the link in Kiwi's post doesn't work there's a small piece about it on the BBC website: Warnings over Dirty Cow Linux bug - BBC News

    Yeah lets hope we haven't had some tossers taking over our boxes and stealing the vids of me having sex with the neighbours dog!!! :P

    Most of the changes in the latest build are Kodi related. One of them took some work off the CPU and that's where you might see a performance gain from. Unfortunately most of Video Player tweaks we are using in Jarvis don't apply to Krypton and tweaking will have to be started over. ;)

    At this point I think there will be one more Jarvis build for both S805 and S905 - then Krypton starts.

    Thanks for the info, will let you know if I notice any more glitches/bugs. May keep one box on Jarvis once you release a Krypton build as a really solid Jarvis build may be as far as we can go with the S805. I'm sure you'll play with Krypton on the S805 but if there aren't any performance improvements then obviously it makes sense for you to spend your time on the S905/x or perhaps something else!! :cool:


    Just for the record I quickly tried a bunch of files that I had audio sync issues with and they play OK with version (second box in my bedroom) so I may revert my main box until the next release.

    I will fix installing to NAND in (along with a/v sync fixes). [emoji56]

    Yes, I think there may be problems with audio sync. I thought it was crappy encoding to begin with but I'm noticing it more and more on different files, mainly H.264. It's only slight but there's also times when it gets really out of sync when you jump forward which can often be sorted by nudging the playback backwards a few seconds.

    Not a big issue as this arises quite often, as we all know, with changes to builds. If it gets on my tits too much I'll just revert until the next build.

    Having said that there does seem to be yet another speed increase with, and as I understand it you're getting a few things ready for the Krypton leap!?

    Those last two are not "known issues", but "known limitations of the S805 SoC". You cannot fix them in the software...

    Yes, you're right, my mistake.

    Device name                           Chip           RAM         ROM        LibreELEC Version      Known Issues SD/USB/NAND

    BeelinkMiniMXIII S905 2G 16G none SD
    SCISHION V88 PRO S905X 1G 8G Needs change remote.conf SD
    MXQ - All Black - Generic S805 1G 8G LED Does not always function correctly SD/NAND

    Does his box see any Wifi hosts/services? May be worth instructing your friend in how to grab a Samba log after rebooting. Make sure wifi is on. I can't help you myself as I'm too thick but Kszaq might, if he has time, be able to look at the logs and at least tell you if the Wifi is working correctly.

    Sorry I can't help any further. Good luck!

    EDIT: You could check: System/System/Internet access, and make sure "Internet connection bandwidth limitation" is set to off!