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    I think you got your RAM (dynamic memory) and ROM (flash memory) mixed up. But anyway, a printout of "mount" and "df" from android root would show what partitions are mounted in android and how much space they have.

    LOL Yeah thanks for pointing that out, 0.5GB of RAM and 2GB of Flash, in fact it says 1.8GB of Flash in Kodi and Android (that's the Android I put on the box as I wrote over the original because K's builds wouldn't install, not sure what the original Android firmware saw). K's build is on Nand and I may try an SD install but I'd rather have my Kodi backup running from NAND but I'm not sure if there;s a way to get it on to NAND with only the 1.8GB of Flash. It's a 'shitbox' it seems! :D It's not really that funny as it was £24, but hey you have to laugh! :cool:

    No internet other than mobile at the mo so have to be careful with my usage, just stood outside the local Library and downloaded a couple more Android ROM's to see if they will show more storage etc. Not very hopeful, as said above, but worth a shot.

    Will wait a few more days for any feedback here and then just ask the seller for a refund. Yes (ebay) and (yes) China! Would have bought locally but these boxes all seem dodgy lately. If anybody knows a UK seller doing the genuine item at a cheap price they can PM me and I may purchase from them.

    FAKE BOXES! (not the box in my Signature)

    Just wondering if someone can confirm that I have a fake MXQ. I use the word fake because not only does it only have 0.5Gig of ROM it also only has 2Gig of Ram! I have managed to get it working with K's m201 builds but I can't restore a Kodi backup as it says not enough memory.

    More Details:
    Firstly I haven't opened it up yet but will as it doesn't even have a QC sticker. The box is very very lite and seems slightly inferior in quality especially the thinner plastic housing. The original splash logo was blue and yellow with S805 and Amalogic written/displayed on it. It wouldn't install any of K's builds to begin with so I found an alternative Android ROM, yes I took the risk, and flashed the box and it worked but no Wifi which is often the case. I then had another go with K's builds and eventually managed to get LibreELEC-S805.m201d.arm- to install. I thought "great I've cracked it"! That's until I couldn't apply a Kodi backup! That's when I realised it only had half a gig of ROM and 2 gig of RAM.

    Of course there is a chance I've screwed up the RAM partition so I would be interested in any ideas about how I can fix it if that's the case. Although I have a strong feeling the box is a pile of s##t! I could probably live with only half a gig of ROM but 2Gig of RAM is just silly.

    So anyway, anybody else come across these boxes? I'm going to try and get a refund once I'm 100% sure the specs are bull!

    If HD18Q build was working then you definitely have real 1GB of memory but you need to flash Android firmware with a proper bootloader. After that HD18Q build should work again.

    In my experience, from over a year ago, finding the right firmware for your box could take a while and it's a case of trial and error. Being an OTT box might make it a bit easier. One tip though don't flash any firmware if it has Chinese writing naming any of the files as I did this way back and it bricked a box. It might be worth asking here or over at freaktab for some OTT firmware links especially if you know your board number. Goodluck!

    @kostaman @kszaq

    I mentioned a while back that even when the box is idling on the file manager page it seems to run pretty hot, 67 degrees. I've also noticed over the months, and tonight, that if left on the video thumbnail page it can run as hot as 77 degrees! Strange seeing nothing much is happening apart from some scrolling text. Runs in the 50's when playing video.

    I'm just curious what causes this and if it can be mitigated in some way? :s Because I've been aware of this for quite a while I try and always leave my box on the main screen but often forget.

    New build seems fine although have been busy so haven't used it much. :cool:

    They're on a local USB disk.

    OK, I must have a bunch of H265 1080p stuff that is simply too highly compressed for my box to handle! 1080p files do play fine, 264 and 265, just that I'm noticing more and more that they tend to be the problem files. I will be moving up to a S905 box at some point because of the faster cpu but I'm pretty happy at the mo. As a rule I tend to stick with 720p files as I rarely have problems with these. Also S805 boxes can't and never will play 10bit files which isn't a problem at the mo because there doesn't seem to be that many about but that will change over time no doubt especially when 4K TV's become dirt cheap, which they will.

    As I mentioned above faster cpu's becoming cheaper and cheaper means that greater compression can be used meaning much smaller files sizes. That smaller files size is very important for obvious reasons especially for the companies serving the masses.

    I'm not convinced 1gb ram with s905 is a good choice.

    Hmm 1gb!? I must have thought it had 2, yes I agree, especially with the S905 2gb is a must. In my limited experience, haven't been watching much for a while, it's 1080p H265 files which seems to be causing most people problems. If it's not the ROM then it's the way the cpu handles the processing. Of course I can't comment on S905 boxes but I think the S805 struggles with 1080p H265 as the CPU just isn't fast enough. Obviously the higher the compression the more the cpu has to do.

    Having said that I've been seeing a lot more heavily compressed H264 and it's pretty good. Not that techie but I imagine there's been some newish compression codec for H264 to achieve this as it's close to H265 at least with 720p content! H265 excels at 1080p but of course needs the extra cpu power for decoding especially with higher compression.

    My wife still uses the MXQ and i have the MiniM8sPro s905 2gb / 8gb which is my favourite box.
    I have a Mini MX 2gb/16gb s905 as well in another room. I have no real need for a S905x but can't believe how cheap these chip boxes are now.

    So the "MiniM8sPro s905 2gb / 8gb" is working well with K's build/s? As for the S905x boards there does seem to be a tidal wave of these but as always it's going to be a lucky dip! I'm still happy to wait around with regards to a S905soc box as what I have does the job, and it does it very well I might add.

    I still want a Wetek Hub!! :D

    I might post it to PatrickJB , someone mentioned he's the man to pull these things apart and solder them. HA ! :dodgy:

    Sorry to say, I'm not the man! :blush: My soldering skills are basic and I don't even have any micro solder bits. I take it you've tried different power supplies?

    The annoying thing about one of these boxes dying is they've increased in price and there's not as many available (well and getting the same board which is probably impossible)! Did K get his really cheap S905/x working OK? Oh I forgot you have quite a few boxes so that's not really a problem but as you've said in the past our boxes/boards are rock solid so it's a pisser when one bites the dust.


    Only slightly related: I have noticed, over the months, that if you leave Kodi on the file manager page is does seem to run the CPU pretty hot, and when I say hot I mean high sixties! I've often flicked the TV on and Kodi has been left on the file manager page so I do a quick temp check and it's running at 66+. Playing vids the box is often much cooler, low to mid fifties, so basically leaving the box on as well as leaving it on the file manager screen probably won't do it any good in the long run. Having said that I still find I leave it on the file page!! :s

    Anyway hope the box isn't dead although it doesn't sound good. :(