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    I am using comskip for months now. working really fine!

    one thing woud be super amazing because new Odroid N2 has enough power to do comskip and record simultanious.

    i want to use comskip while recording. it already does work if i use comskip from another computer while recording the same video file.

    i just want to use both on one device. is this possible? as pre-recording command does not work maybe because filename is not clear on "pre-record-state"? how could we get this to work?

    after copy whole comskip dir (/storage/.kodi/addons/tools.comskip) to:


    i also copied comskip ini to:


    now i can launch comskip near the ini. but i get the error:

    Segmentation fault (core dumped)

    Full output:

    is there something i can try?

    not yet, not sure if we maybe just add it as normal addon, it is config able due editing of the config file at the userdata folder

    no, this is LE9 stuff - this is now default there

    as soon we hit some "alpha/beta" with LE9 i start builds for it

    Sounds great, so its not out of your mind ;)

    To build a seperate addon seems to be the right way, as not everybode who uses tvh uses comskip too


    some time ago you wrote about comskip included in tvheadend.

    I am using Raybuntus Leia11 (32bit)

    Is comskip included in newer builds of tvheadend?

    Are the addons off the first post compatible with 32bit userspace?

    And one last question: how to use/configure comskip included in tvheadend?