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    thoradia thanks so much for maintaining the Webgrabplus service addon, after the latest update, I am having the same issue as mentioned above . I have been using it with webgrabplus program addon by primaeval without any problem before the update. should I just rename to webgrabplus.ctl?

    Thanks for your help.

    I was not aware of the add-on by primaeval

    Control programs of my add-ons now consistently have a .ctl extension

    Until the primaeval's add-on takes account of this, copy (not rename) webgraplus.ctl to

    By the way, this makes licenses work

    Webgrab & Mono updated yesterday but now the command is not found.

    I need to run webgrab manually to troubleshoot.

    Is there a new alternative command to or is this an issue with my install? has been renamed webgrabplus.ctl

    I did not manage to configure a license

    Hello. Will there ever be an update to webgrabplus version 3?

    when I tried to copy the "bin" folder, the add-on writes an error at startup. it would be good to update "mono" to the latest version.


    I have updated Webgrab+Plus to 3.0.2_beta

    I could however not make sense of the new license feature

    Thanks thoradia, and apologies for my lack of knowledge/research

    I've attached both the radarr.log and sonarr.log logs to this message but seems to be a mono error?

    for references since I haven't mentioned it yet, running libreelec 9.0.2 on a HP Proliant N54L

    not sure it's storage space as my 4 data drives have at least a terabyte each, although /storage has only 120mb but i'm not sure what's actually taking up space in it...

    It looks like a Mono problem

    Update Mono to the latest version, this will re-install it

    Make sure you have enough room in /storage, Mono is huge

    It works just fine, I can write, read, delete in the directory.

    What's strange is that it starts the downloads normally, saves the partial files on the directory and then (sometimes at 30%.... 50%) I get that error. It seems as the HD was suddenly unmounted. Any guesses?

    Please provide a complete log, in a private conversation if you prefer

    Is this what you're looking for?

    I'm using a oulet powered USB HD. Using the automount.


    Thank you for the log, but I see nothing relevant to the error you mention

    Transmission is using root, as everything on LibreELEC, eg you when you ssh

    ssh into LibreELEC, try to write something to the directory Transmission is pointing to, and tell me what happens

    Provide a log: journalctl -u service.transmission

    Is your drive a network drive? How did you mount it?

    ok I have a slightly worrying update, I tried uninstalling sonarr and re-installing and then restarting and now radarr, sonarr, and jackett (although I'll have to check if that was uninstalled) are not web accessible and I can't tell if they are running at all?

    Bazarr and deluge works after I started the daemon.

    still hoping someone can give advice or direction on where to start troubleshooting or anything really at this point.

    Provide logs

    For Sonarr: journalctl -u service.sonarr

    Got enough storage space?

    Try updating the Sonarr addon (not uninstall/install, simply update)

    Hello. Will there ever be an update to webgrabplus version 3?

    when I tried to copy the "bin" folder, the add-on writes an error at startup. it would be good to update "mono" to the latest version.


    What error?

    Provide a log

    I have removed the Kodi settings to limit the interfaces to settings.json and web UI

    For now, set "rpc-whitelist": "*.*.*.*", in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.transmission/settings.json

    I will change the default rpc-whitelist accordingly for future releases of of the add-on

    'transmission-daemon': No such file or directory

    no run to 9.80.3

    I have rebuilt the add-ons but not bumped their versions

    To update Transmission, check for updates in Kodi add-on manager, then update Transmission from the add-on information screen

    The add-ons are available for LibreELEC 9.80.3 alpha

    The source is here

    Migration of Kodi to Python 3 requires the add-ons to be updated and re-activated manually

    First install the add-on repository from zip file, then update and activate the installed add-ons with the Kodi UI

    The zip file of the add-on repository for RPi2 is here

    The zip file of the add-on repository for Generic is here

    thoradia it seems that radarr is not updated in a while and has a bug at the moment where it can't get movies from the imdb lists.
    is it easy for you to update this?
    is there a test pipeline of any kind?
    and do you accept PR's

    You can update Jackett, Radarr and Sonarr from their web UI

    Add-ons for LibreELEC 9.80.2 are work in progress

    Source is here

    Builds are here, at the moment only for RPi2