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    Latest version wont boot anymore MX Plus TV Box Android 5.1.1

    I've finally upgrate to it also... Have some issue with dtb.img but after all everyrhing is ok.
    Try a few times again, for my MXQ Pro 4k boot after 5 tries (((

    How you turned off CEC? I want to try it with my box

    Hi guys,

    I've took the rapoo e6300 and with default method I cannot connect this keyboard to the system because this keyboard need to enter passkey on it in "blind" mode to be paired with system.

    I've found a lot of information about such problem with OpenElec but for LibreElec nothing. Bluez-tools which exists in the OpenElec doesn't exists in LebreElec.. Sad...

    And I decided to try bluetoothctl tool on the system. And I've successes conected keyboard and I've got the pin for paring...

    0. Connect to ssh
    1. Run bluetoothctl. Interactive shell will run
    2. Execute scan on
    3. Turn on the keyboard and press for 5 second Connect button on the keyboard
    4. On the shell you should find something like this:

    [NEW] Device 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 Bluetooth Keyboard

    5. Execute command trust

    [bluetooth]# trust 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3
    [CHG] Device 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 Trusted: yes
    Changing 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 trust succeeded

    6. Execute command pair

    [bluetooth]# pair 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3
    Attempting to pair with 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3

    During this on the monitor should be appeared message which describe pin which should entered on the keyboard.
    7. Enter this pin and press Enter on the keyboard
    You should see on the shell something like that

    [CHG] Device 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 Connected: yes
    [CHG] Device 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 Modalias: usb:v099Ap0500d011B
    [CHG] Device 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 UUIDs: 00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
    [CHG] Device 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 UUIDs: 00001200-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
    [CHG] Device 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 ServicesResolved: yes
    [CHG] Device 6C:5D:63:40:04:D3 Paired: yes
    Pairing successful

    8. Execute command exit and disconnect from ssh
    9. Go to bluetooth settings in the Kodi
    10. Click on the your keyboard item (in my case it was disconnected) and select connect.
    11. Wait 10-20 sec and try to use keyboard.

    In my case keyboard was paired and working as expected

    I hope such instructions will helps somebody else except me

    Happy Holidays and Enjoy!

    Okay, I can now see what's going on. That's a failure with updating device tree and you shouldn't worry if you updated from a previous Krypton build. If you run from SD card, try replacing dtb.img with a device tree for your device.

    On the other hand you may be experiencing a booting issue that we recently discovered and I'm still trying to hunt it down... I will be working on it further after Christmas. :angel:

    Thanks you, I will try it again later...

    Happy Holidays, all.

    Upgrade failed, some of files cannot be found... It very quick was rebooted I don't remember what was exactly appeared...

    After clean install cannot be booted, install was successfully done, after reboot nothing...

    Let me know what information and from where I should give to you...
    Performed upgrade again but with camera at this time )

    Clean install do nothing stuck during launch

    MXQ Pro 4k

    It seem issue with bootloader or with process which update them... Any thoughts?

    I'm noticed that during playing the movie appeared such error in the logs with 11-09 build:

    ERROR: Unable to load, reason: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    But video with HW decoding is successfully loaded and played...

    Is it normal?