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    Hello I have a Beelink Mini MX III and I can not get the ethernet connection LibreElec 8. On the router itself does not turn on the light of the connected ethernet port. I restarted several times and nothing. Other times, after a few reboots, I get it to detect it, but this time there is no way. What I can do?
    Thank you

    Nothing, if I update to 010 from 009, it always stays in the Beelink logo and will not boot. I have a Mini MX III. Has anyone with this Android box managed to install the 010? If I remove the hdmi cable, it starts up.
    I'll be back to 009

    I also have the same box and fr me it boots only if I remove the hdmi cable, and even if it boots it doesn't work properly with dvb-t HD content. I think it might depend on my TV a Samsung "real HD" (1340x768) .... in fact I was not able to change resolution with the 010 and there were some strange hdmi error messages. I am back to 009 now and everything is ok.

    I have it installed on an SD Card. On the Nand I have Android. To me also happens to me that it stays in the logo in the boot, sometimes removing the network cable and others the HDMI, I get it to boot. I have returned to 009 and I have the problem that sometimes it does not pick up the network cable and it needs to reboot until it detects it.
    By the way, in which USB does the boot take the Beelink Mini MX III? In any of the two or in a concrete one?
    Thank you

    After installing the .010 version when I turn off my Beelink Mini MX III, restarting it stays in the Beelink logo and will not boot. If I remove the Ethernet cable, sometimes it starts, but often not. I have reinstalled the 009 and everything returns to normal. What can I do to make the 010 work well?
    Thank you

    It happens that sometimes when starting the Android TV with LibreElec does not catch internet over RJ45? You have to start several times, until you pick it up, even unplug it from the current ... I know it has no wired internet connection, because Kodi sets the date and time does not update it.

    I have problems with a bluetooth remote 2.4 GHZ. It turns out that when I press the small E key I leave the keyboard. If I put it in capital letters, no. Some other keys do not go well either. On Android goes perfect. What can it be?

    To update from 008, should I create an Update folder on the SD Card and put the files?
    Its necessary rename the device tree for the Beelink Mini MX III?
    What is the best device tree?


    I installed LibreElec version 8 on a Beelink Mini MX III and I'm very happy, it's better than Android.
    I have a question: how can I install Acestream in LibreElec? There is no way to install it. I followed a few instructions by SSH and I keep getting Kodi that Acestream is not installed
    Thank you