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    I upgrades to the alpha build:

    /var/org/Xorg.0.log : bgRZ
    xrandr: FOCi

    still no display, the tv shows frequency/resolution not supported.

    I have a Celeron NUC with LibreELEC 7.0.2 & have had NO problems.

    Incidentally, I have LibreELEC on microsd card on a Beelink miniIII. again no problems.

    Have I understood what you said? "but if i remove the sd at the second restar return to andorid...why??wrote nothing?" you don't remove the sd card. The idea is the image is on the sd card & you boot that, if you remove the sd card, it will just reboot to android.

    Just try creating the image using rufus,

    Not sure, but you should be able to see udisk or card, can't remember, then browse to image. If you can't see it, change the zip to img.

    But I THINK this will install it to the internal memory.

    I have a beelink s905, all I did was use rufus to create image on sd card, then using the toothpick method, it booted straight to Libreelec from the sd card.

    Again not sure about this, but create the image on the sd card, then once in android recovery, go reboot, it should reboot to Libreelec. if you remove the card, it should then reboot to android.

    Firstly, this forum the official Kodi or Openelec forum, do not allow talk about the addons you mention. But for more info on vpn I would try google.

    I found this fairly easily how-to-use-pia-on-openelec-with-kodi-previously-xbmc

    Am I being thick? Can't you just add the addon? Yep, just realised, I am being thick, you need a link to the LibreELEC updates

    I use 2 different usb sticks. I use clonezilla to clone one usb to the other, & alternate between the two.


    I'm trying to install on a NUC Celeron. I previously had OpenELEC. I have downloaded and extracted the image to a USB drive as stated on the wiki. I go to the installation menu and select quick install but it says NO DEVICE FOUND. How do I install LE without altering my devic so that I can go back to OE if I wish?


    I had openelec on a celeron nuc, I just stuck the generic image in the update folder & rebooted. Didn't do a new install.

    No device found, means either the stick is not been made bootable, or you need to check your bios settings.
    Not so long ago, I tried a fresh install of openelec & had a similar problem, for me, it was a problem with the bios, sorry can't remember, but not all stick work. I have a phillips usb, it boots from the rear usb port on the nuc, but not the front, whereas my other boots fine from the front.

    Something interesting :
    I installed the cinemavision addon on my openelec, and ... faced the same issue as I did with Cinema experience on Libreelec.
    Maybe it doesn't come from the addon or a compatibity, but something else.

    The situation is quite strange ...

    I had CinemaVision working fine on Openelec, I then updated to LibreELEC, & it still works. In fact the only small issue I have had with LibreELEC is that Tvhead 4.4 doesn't work, but 4.2 does. Mind you I don't use it very much.

    Ok, so I think I have the understanding now that backups must be local, what about restoring though? Can that be done via the NAS or must be local also? Would be a great feature to add in my the way.

    Because I build and maintain so many RPi's it is a critical feature for me.

    I might be wrong, but isn't libreelec installed to an sd card?

    Why don't you just clone it to another sd card?

    I use clonzilla to clone the usb drive on my NUC, so when I mess up, I just plug the other in.

    I am not a networking expert, but I was having problems seeing my openelec NUC from my windows 10 pc.

    I eventually found a solution, windows 10, start, run \\openelec, after a few seconds the folders would show up in my computer,

    just tried it, now I have to run \\libreelec,

    might be worth a go.