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    I played the same movie through a USB stick and I was still getting frame skips and stutters. The movie plays fine on PC but when played thru Nexbox / LE it was stuttery.

    What does that tell us please?

    I have a Nexbox a95x-b7n s905x

    I have been experimenting with LE for about 6 months. I cannot get a version to work without frame skipping and stuttering. I started with which had the 40 sec stutter on 23.976 etc etc.

    I then changed to 8.01, then back to then etc - every one has stutters and skipped frames. This is not a buffering issue as the wifi seems fast enbough and the SD card I am running it from seems fast too. It is just playback - I cannot get the settings to that all my streams play smooth.

    Do you think my hardware is kaput? I have not heard of any other users who simply couldnt get the configuration ok. People seem to have my box and enjoy smooth playback with no stutters. I just cannot get there though.

    Any ideas please?

    Sorry I am a novice so some of those questions I dont understand.

    The videos are those I am streaming from addons using wifi.
    I never get any buffering issues as the wifi signal is fast and reliable.

    Don't know what the bitrate of the files is - how do you check?

    What i dont understand is that when I first went to 8.0.1h everything was smooth with hardly any skipped frames.
    Over the last 2 weeks it has got hugely stuttery with many skipped frames.


    I have a Amlogic a95x-B7N from Nexbox - S905x

    I am running LE 8.0.1h

    I was running an earlier version and it went quite well but I suffered from the 40 sec stutter on 24hz.

    When I first installed this new version it was great - no stuttering, no jumps etc - very very very smooth video.

    As time has gone on I am getting a lot of stuttering now - I have cleared caches, thumnails, packages etc but nothing seems to improve video playback. Its not just the 40 sec stutter I am getting but at least 3 or 4 jumps every 10-20 secs.

    Any ideas what to do please?

    Setup has remained constant in terms of internet connection etc.

    Please help.

    HI everyone,

    Haven't posted here for a while (thanks to all those who helped me in the past!)

    Have been using LE on my Nexbox a95x B7N (S905x) for about 6 months now with mostly success.

    I have basically tolerated the 40 second stutter on films and other things recorded on 23.976 and then played on 24p.

    But is this fault UNFIXABLE? Is it an inevitable consequence of the hardware / software combination?

    I have seen little evidence of any fix of this and have looked thru this forum several times but I cannot see anything. If I change the SD card to the new LE 8 will this improve things or should I just live with it? Can anything actually be done?


    Thanks to all who helped me - Bubblegum, Kostasman and kszaq.

    Finally got it working properly thanks to a SD card I got a hold of.

    Thanks so much for your help and patience! :)

    What is the smallest sized SD card in terms of Gb that can be used for this purpose? I am using a 32g one at the mo and this may be an overkill.


    Hi KSZAQ,

    I have a Nexbox A95X B7N S905X 2gb/16gb - I am booting from a USB stick - initial install is good but once I power it off it fails to reboot from the USB stick, even when using toothpick method. Used the gxl (2) device tree and the original one but both result in loads of FAILED messages once the LE logo screen has come up.

    As I say, works perfectly until I power it off then refuses to come back again. USB stick issue perhaps?

    Nexbox A95X B7N S905X 2gb/16gb

    Won't reboot with the same USB even with the toothpick in - still get FAILED messgaes - only a clean img on the same stick can get it to boot at all. Then power off and it wont reboot again.

    Anyone else got any ideas? COuld it be the USB stick causing problems?

    Please try this : Do a Fresh Install without using any device tree except the one that is already in the there after you burn the .img (fresh install only)
    To be clear, Just burn the .img to sd card. That is it.

    Thanks Kostaman :) got it working.

    However after shutting down the system and then leaving it a bit and trying to restart the android box I noticed it would nt load up (yes I left the USB stick in!). Instead once it got to the LE logo it had a dozen or so FAILED messages in text down the left hand side and then just got stuck refusing to load properly.

    Any suggestions please?

    You posted 442 /444/446/448/450/453/455/457 plus all the members replying thinking you had a Nexbox A95X S905
    The chip is the most important spec followed by ram amount and ethernet speed.
    Just take it on board that this is what happens with limited disclosure of spec details.
    Nexbox a95x B7N 2gb/16gb. is still not disclosing your chip. Nexbox has released their new S905X chip box naming it the same name as the previous box "A95X" . MiniM8sPro is another of these chinese boxes which have done the same thing. :s

    I am sorry for giving any wrong impression.
    I have the original packaging the box cam in.
    On the sticker on the back it says - CPU: Amlogic S905X Quad core A53 2.0GHz
    Model - A95X-B7N.

    Is that thorough enough?

    Now that is established is there any advice please? :)

    I used the SD/USB creator to create the boot on the USB drive. I replaced the DTB file with the gxl (2) tree. As I said on first load up it was fine - I got thru to Kodi and all worked except when I got to the Settings>File Manager it couldnt pick anything up - no wifi. After that all hell broke loose as the next time I powered it up it was corrupt and wouldnt load.