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    Correct you are.
    Just call them Beelink MiniMx Non branded. The Beelink Branded ones have the logo on the casing.
    It just helps those trying to help you, identify they have the same box.
    I knew your box after you mentioned the Welcome Bear. I have the same box. ;)

    hate to say it but ur thinking of the Beelink MiniMXIII (S905) or the Beelink MiniMXIII II (S905X).
    TBH i'm gonna continue calling it a Beelink MiniMX as i know where it came from and advertised as, as well as i have opened the unit to verify that it is the real deal.

    So my 100 reboot test with was successful that is the golden build for 64bit atm.

    New Test for g3b038ea

    MiniMX 2GB/16GB with Broadcom Wifi
    DTB file: gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb

    g3b038ea fresh installed to NAND

    USB Airmouse Connected - used Kitty with autologin and shutdown - c, 50 reboots and no hangs

    this version is def the winner

    hey kostaman are you sure? All the MiniMX boxes 1GB/8GB or Mini MX v1.0 2GB/16GB boxes i have received all have had the teddy bear logo as they are Netxeon manufactured. Bee-link (the brand) gets the boxes made by Netxeon(the manufacturer), even all the firmwares v105L1 to v107L1 have the teddy bear on them.

    I've bought various units from Gearbest and Geekbuying and same model. Some with Broadcom Wifi and others with Realtek Wifi (only the 1GB/8GB versions)

    MiniMX 2GB/16GB with Broadcom Wifi
    DTB file: gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb

    g5207357 fresh installed to NAND

    USB Airmouse Connected - used Kitty with autologin and shutdown - c, hung at Welcome Hi! Teddy Bear Logo Screen after 15 reboots
    NO USB Airmouse Connected - used Kitty with autologin and shutdown - c, hung at Welcome Hi! Teddy Bear Logo Screen after 3 reboots

    I have now reverted to (not Nov 19th) build to do a boot test on it to get a baseline and confirm that boot issues do not occur at all.
    Just to provide an update on my boot testing:

    MiniMX 2GB/16GB with Broadcom Wifi
    DTB file: gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit.dtb fresh installed to NAND

    USB Airmouse Connected - used Kitty with autologin and shutdown - c, hung at Welcome Hi! Teddy Bear Logo Screen after 8 reboots
    NO USB Airmouse Connected - used Kitty with autologin and shutdown - c, over 25 reboots and still going

    i will let it run the reboot test for 100 reboots, if it doesn't hang we can def say that is the golden image for boot stability as long as no USB devices are plugged in

    Unfortunately no, it can be disabled in kernel compilation options.

    I don't think thermal sensor is the root cause of freezes but I don't know what else can be... For the time being you can downgrade to

    Sadly on the 64bit i run into the memoryleak issue with my iptv subscription causing box to freeze lol.

    Thats why im so keen to have working

    I don't think that I want to remove temperature sensing for always-booting. I would like to have both. ;)

    Hey kszaq any chance there is a command or something that those of us with the s905 boxes like the minimx can disable the tempsensor in the kernel via. This way any of us that want to disabke it can do so till we get a permanent fix. My wife hates the box when it freezes after powering it on Nd am scared i may come home to a smashed box lol

    thanks man apprecaite it

    update: so this firmware caused my box to hang at boot after the 6th boot which is the most i have had in my many tests so far. so im gonna be going ahead with htis firmware till a better version is created by kszaq

    I created a fresh SD card and flashed 011 to internal, tried stock 011 kernel, test1 and test2 but was unable to get my Beelink MiniMXIII to reboot 10 times in a row. The only way it booted 10 times in a row was when I removed the SD Card and unplugged my remote.

    So with my test it seems like the boot issue is caused by the usb ports or SD card, @Kaszq could you build a kernel that disables booting from USB? I really think it maybe the USB ports coz as soon as i unplug my remote it boots. Yes I've tried different remotes and the results are the same, the stock remote stopped working but I haven't tested it since 008 since I don't use it anyways.

    @ kostaman maybe you can try unplugging everything from the box except hdmi/lan and reboot using the stock remote or via ssh?

    im def gonna try this by flashing 7.03.011 to my box and only using stock remote. if it works u sir are a blessing. i was using my usb remote for the whole ordeal

    update: sorry bud but this doesnt work, box rebooted 4 times before hanging, only hdmi and power plugged in installed to nand on my mini mx s905 1gb/8gb realtek wifi box.

    Sorry to report no apparent change to the boot failure issue on my Beelink MiniMX 1G/8G. No apparent change in the frequency of boot failures either (varies from 1 to 5 consecutive succesful soft reboots following a succesful cold boot ).

    Once again, I would also like to point out (as I have mentioned several times before) that the LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-7.0-devel-20161212161011-r23559-gd4fc4f6 development version works like a charm on the same device. It NEVER fails to boot/reboot.

    (I could upload it if that is interesting )

    hello vzone
    can u please upload it so i can try on my boxes?

    hi kszaq i tried both via sd card and internal on my mini mx s905 1gb/8gb realtek wifi and the modified kernel didnt help. it still hangs at boot but instead of 1 in 2 times its more like 1 in 3 times now. i know its not the box because if i use it works properly many times however i notice the back button the stock remote doesnt work and i run into the memory leak issue.

    also i have 2 of the mini mx s905 1gb/8gb realtek wifi and same issue on both

    kostaman if u can update the nov 19th build it would be much appreciated. i'd like to test that out

    hey thanks for the bootloader but sadly it didnt help after about 3 boots the box kept hanging at boot when i would restart after 2min of the box being on.

    My builds don't modify bootloader at all, you keep the one that was installed last time with Android. When you see "Updating bootloader..." during update process it actually does nothing to bootloader, it's only about updating device tree.

    I'm sorry about the boot issue. I have 3 S905(X) boxes, I made them automatically reboot every 30 seconds and all rebooted fine all the time with It's hard for me to tell what's causing the issue when I cannot reproduce it.

    Thanks for the quick reply kszaq yes the mini MX 1gb/8gb is s905. My mini m8s ii 1gb/8gb s905x works amazingly fine. Without any of the boot issues. So I can def say and from reading the thread that it seems to be a s905 problem.

    Any chance that you might be able to upload the development builds between and as I can't seem to find them in the development folder?

    Hey kszaq with my minimx 1gb/8gb i too am plagued with the boot issue. I was wondering if there is any way to not have the install flash the bootloader? Like if it can leave it default so we the plagued users could see if that makes any difference.

    If i use the android image i dont notice any boot issues but with 32bit i notice it 1 of every 2 times i reboot. Using 64bit i notice some boot issues but not as many but then i am plagued with the memory leak issue. Which when i try to use stalker iptv i notice the memory leak issue the most.

    hey JoKeRzBoX any chance of making this version with the new version from kszaq?

    I'd like to stop this thread. If you want a hardware listing it should be in a maintained wiki page not a forum thread that very quickly becomes 20+ pages and hard to follow. I would also ask you to refrain from using the terms "to buy" and "not to buy" as forum rules ask you not to promote commercial products (and we'll extend the same idea to the wiki). I would also prefer if the eventual wiki page had a consistent maintainer who keeps the content up-to-date as LE software and vendor firmware evolves, i.e. not a free for all. Make sense?

    i had originally posted for kszaq to provide a list of boxes that work with his firmware however i was told to make a new thread as it wouldnt be able to be known which boxes work and dont by kszaq. i was just going thru all the seperate threads and finding all the models that actually work.

    if you want me to stop then i shall. i was just going to update the OP each time someone posted a working model.