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    Hi guys, sorry, I know this is an old thread but...

    I have an MXQ M10 box (seems to be an M8S clone, board is M8 V8_9 20151031) this is the ONLY firmware I can get on it (tried LE, AlexElec, Lakka etc).

    I must have tried 20 files of similar boxes. Box just hangs on M10 logo. This one works great but I'm uneasy running 17.0 for security/bugs issues. Is there a 17.6 version of this floating around, or is there a way I can update it to 17.6?

    Many thanks, a very frusterated guy!


    Once you get Begicj's alpha loaded, you should be able to update to one of balbes150's builds, either the Lan100 or MXIII Plus, depending on your board (trial and error). Don't forget to place a nocompat file in the .update folder with whichever .tar you choose to try. I'd probably try the Lan100 first.

    You are awesome! Thanks so much. I saw this info earlier in this thread but I assumed (wrongly) that it only applied to the 8.90.x builds. Thanks again!

    Hello, The Coolest

    Thanks for all your hard work in the community. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to put together a DTB for a T95Z Plus, 2/16G that is compatible with kszaq's (S912) (I apologize if a dtb has already been created for this version, my searches only found 3/32GB variants and 8.90.x versions).

    This box uses this DTB - gxm_q200_2g.dtb.

    Here are links to the FD628 files from android and the original android DTB - T95Z Plus 2/16GB Android DTB


    I've messed around with flashing so many variations of img.gz and TAR updates that I can't really remember the order. For the current Nov 23 Lan_100, I either loaded the April Lan 100 img.gz to the June Lan 100 TAR and then to the Lan 100 TAR that balbes_150 posted Nov 23, or I flashed the April Lan 100 followed by the M8S June TAR followed by the Nov 23 Lan 100 TAR. I probably did it both ways.

    Anyways, I followed 7ups advice that the June updates were the last flashable http://img.gz/TAR updates without error and then flashed the version 17.6 updates that balbes posted on Nov 23. They flashed, but still with the error as shown on my last post #706. Everything seems to run OK.

    LibreElec — Yandex.Disk

    Do you happen to have a copy of the .IMGs for the mid June builds handy? I'm feeling adventurous.

    Also, have you ever encountered the startup job countdown clock on the LibreELEC splash screen when booting? It usually shows its progress for several jobs in 1.5 minute to 4.5 minute increments. I've got one oddball S812 MXIII clone that only seems to take balbes150's builds and it's the only box that I've personally encountered that exhibits this behaviour. I'm guessing it's come up in the tread at some point, but I won't have the time to go through and find out for a few days.

    FWIW, I've found that with the S802 MXIII 2G/8G Variants :

    MXIII 2G/8G boxes with the S802 K200C chip (Usually has a S/N sticker on the bottom that starts with S802C) use Demetris' M8 Build.

    MXIII 2G/8G boxes with the S802 K200 chip (usually comes with numbered android firmware installed, e.g. 114k4), use Demetris' S82 Build.

    Interesting, my variant of the M8S has only allowed the MXIII Plus version to be updated to it since about June 2017. The Lan100 version seems to brick the device outright.

    Hi again - not sure if this is material or not, but I've noticed the MAC addresses for eth0 in Android and Libreelec aren't even close to being the same...

    There are a bunch of variants for the MXIII boxes. I've run into a bunch so I think I can help. I have a couple of questions: Does your box have a sticker on the bottom with your mac address? Which android rom were you able to flash, one with something akin to 114k4 in the rom description?

    Hello balbes150,

    Some feedback for the LibreELEC-S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3_20170628 on an M8S S812 2G/8G. Updating from a working install of LibreELEC-S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3_20170614 using the .tar, the box performs the update process proceeds to reboot and display the boot logo as normal and then hangs on a black screen immediately at the point where it would normally display the LibreELEC splash screen. I am unable to connect to the device over ssh after the update so unfortunately I can't even provide you with a log.

    Looking at your Yanex Disk, I've noticed there is no LAN 1000 version. Is it possible that it was mislabeled as LAN100? That could explain why it hung on my box.

    That said, your S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3_20170614 build works extremely well.

    Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to this scene!

    Once I figure out how to fix a mount at boot issue, the balbes150 version/thread I'll post a working build of 17.3...I have it working on my bcm4335 M8S, albeit the wifi doesn't list networks (interface shows up), and I have to manually mount the system image at boot until I figure out how to automount mmcblk0p1 and then the image.

    I look forward to your progress! Cheers.