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    Does CEC work with your TV? There is an option to put devices in standby when the screensaver starts.
    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work with Black\Dim screensaver modes.

    My mistake, is DOES work with Black & Dim modes. :)

    OK, I must have a bunch of H265 1080p stuff that is simply too highly compressed for my box to handle! 1080p files do play fine, 264 and 265, just that I'm noticing more and more that they tend to be the problem files. I will be moving up to a S905 box at some point because of the faster cpu but I'm pretty happy at the mo. As a rule I tend to stick with 720p files as I rarely have problems with these. Also S805 boxes can't and never will play 10bit files which isn't a problem at the mo because there doesn't seem to be that many about but that will change over time no doubt especially when 4K TV's become dirt cheap, which they will.

    As I mentioned above faster cpu's becoming cheaper and cheaper means that greater compression can be used meaning much smaller files sizes. That smaller files size is very important for obvious reasons especially for the companies serving the masses.

    I have found some H265 files that were badly encoded and those stutter badly. The majority though are OK. They are 700MB-1000MB files, usually 45-60 minutes long and the CPU usage rarely goes above 50%.

    The only reason I want a S905X box is the multichannel audio output. There are many videos with 5.1 AAC audio and the MXQ sends only 2.0 to my AVR.

    I, too, confirm that there is substantial stuttering. Not only with with high bitrate files but also with smaller x264 ones with bitrate around 1000kbps. Looks like Krypton is not ready yet.

    Is there a console command to reboot from NAND? I use Amber as my main skin (very nice and fast) and it doesn't have this option in the shutdown menu.

    My Krypton build uses old media drivers (like my old OE builds) and media_build drivers can't be used yet.

    Does this mean that I'll lose the remote again when you switch to new media drivers?
    Sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm not familiar with programming and LE development :blush:

    K's Jarvis build still rocks so I'm happy and I may run Krypton from SD when it's ready and keep Jarvis on Nand/internal.

    I'm sure Jarvis rocks but I can't use it unless I find a way to use a proper remote.
    Now, seeing that my remote works with Krypton but it doesn't work with Jarvis, I wonder what has changed. Is it possible to transfer something like a config file from one version to the other?

    A small bug in 7.90: the Volume Up\Down buttons don't work.

    I installed this version on my Beelink MXQ. First impressions:

    The Good: The problem with my Microsoft remote is fixed. It sends double key presses once in a while though.

    The Bad: At least two of the video addons I use every day (FilmOn and a torrent client), don't work or work with problems. I don't know if the fault is with Krypton, LE or this particular Alpha version, the bottom line is that it can not replace OE for the time being.

    minimoe I have looked through your logs and it seems like with LibreELEC your device is registered and driver loaded but I guess that with new drivers it needs to be configured somehow - LIRC possibly? Sorry, I am not very familiar with these devices. Seems like someone had simliar issue to yours: LibreELEC

    You throw me in deep waters now :). I have no idea how to configure LIRC.

    Thanks again for your help.


    I also have an MCE remote, and tried it with the wetek hub running your latest devel version. Works fine out of the box, all keys mapped properly.

    mmpp, which remote do you have? Must be a different model, the description in lsusb is not the same as mine.

    minimoe Please collect the logs according to the sticky thread: LibreELEC Kodi logs alone tell me nothing about your hardware.

    OK, let's try once more :)

    Again, I installed the latest OE for the MXQ and the MCE remote worked when connected to the OTG port.
    After upgrading to LE, the remote stopped working.

    Thank you for your help and patience.

    minimoe Which version of OE were you using before? Can you post a log from both OE (if you still have a backup) and LE? In my LE builds I switched media drivers are built from media_build sources and maybe there's something missing.

    Here are the logs. I hope you can find a way to use my Microsoft remote with LE

    First, I made a new LE SD installation. The remote does not work Log

    Then I installed OE. The remote works reliably when connected to the OTG port but it does not work all the time when connected to any other port. Log

    Finally, I upgraded the OE installation to LE using LibreELEC-S805.MXQ.arm- The update went fine but I lost the remote again. Log

    OE and LE see the eHome receiver as "Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0471:0815 Philips (or NXP) eHome Infrared Receiver".

    Everything else (CEC, power LED, original remote) work fine with both elec's.

    Thanks for the responses guys.

    minimoe Which version of OE were you using before? Can you post a log from both OE (if you still have a backup) and LE? In my LE builds I switched media drivers are built from media_build sources and maybe there's something missing.

    OE is version 7.0 and LE is the latest from the LE release thread. I'll post the logs tomorrow.

    I believe you must have a USB port not working that the ir receiver is plugged into.
    Swap it around and see what happens. I'm not sure what MCE remote is but the remotes with receivers usually
    learn when plugged into a WORKING usb port.
    Sorry that is all i can help with at this stage.

    My remote is Microsoft's MCE Remote (the one with the teletext buttons). I tried to plug the eHome receiver into both the USB and the microUSB ports but no luck.
    It works with Openelec when I plug it into the microUSB port using an OTG cable and it worked with OE on my old HTPC.


    I've been using OE on a Beelink MXQ for more than a year without any issues. Now, I want to switch to LE.

    The problem: I tried a SD installation and I found that LE does not recognize my MCE remote. It has its own IR receiver and it works "out f the box" with OE.
    Is there anything I can do? I really don't want to use LE with the MXQ's basic remote (I mean, who in their right mind makes a media player remote without play\pause\stop buttons? )

    Thanks for your help and the great work you're doing.