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    SD - 19.5 MB/s
    Internal - 109 MB/s!!!!

    I think I need to move to internal

    I use a 95 MB/s read/write microSD card and it is very fast, but I still think eMMC memory is faster. These premium microSD cards are used to record 4k video, therefore they need to be fast. Personally I prefer installing to eMMC rather than using a microSD card. I do that for testing purposes only, just to make sure everything works correctly before installing to eMMC.

    Hello, so what did you do with the dtb file? I was wondering this myself...

    I have a NexBox A95X 2gb/16 gb and was able to install Librelec SD card version WITHOUT replacing the dtb.img file. I didn't even have to use the toothpick method. I just inserted the card in the slot, powered the box on and it booted right up. It is working fine so far.
    I also have another NexBox A5 2gb/16gb box and was not able to install librelec with the dtb.img file on SD card. I am going to replace the dtb.img file with p212_2g and see what happens.

    No clues there, because

    I have two NexBox units. Though they are not physically identical, their specifications are the same . One is a NexBox A95X 2gb/16gb and the second one is a NexBox A5. Both units have the S905X processor. I tried LibreELEC SD card version and, while it booted directly (no need to use toothpick method), upon reboot I got an error. I didn't replace the device tree because the instructions say I should keep it. I was trying to install it on the A95 model. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you very much.

    You can try if the IR from the T8-S is also working with your T8.

    Yes, I tried that this morning. The T8's remote control turns ON/OFF the T8-S box, so I assume both units use the same remote control, but the remote.conf file for T8 does not work on the T8-S. Can you do me a favor? Would you please send me the remote.conf file you used in your build, the one for the T8? I want to see if it works.
    Thank you very much.

    Is the remote control from T8-S the same like your T8 has?

    I think it is the same but not completely sure. They look identical. I looked online for remote.conf file but could not find anything for a T8-S, only for the T8. Yes, I turned the box OFF and ON again, right after installing the remote.conf file, but it did not work. The good thing is the remote can still turn the box On/Off, but I cannot control Kodi with it. For that I use a mini keyboard and it works perfectly. I am not too worried about the remote honestly. I only use it to turn the box on and off.
    Thanks for your hard work.

    I've installed on my Droidbox T8-S and it worked very well except for the remote control. I tried installing the remote.conf file for the T8 but it did not work. I am not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I just dropped the file in configfiles folder in libreELEC. I also installed the T8 version of LibreELEC on a T8 box I had collecting dust for lack of use and that one works very well too, even the remote control.
    Thank you very much. Now my two boxes came back to life.

    I tried installing the T8 libreELEC build to SD card but it didn't work. Can someone post instruction on how to install to SD card correctly, please? I would like to try LibreELEC before installing it to NAND flash. I have OpeneELEC installed on the box but I prefer LibreELEC.
    Thank you very much.

    I also have an S812 box, Droidbox T8-S to be exact. I tried installing Alex build for M8S and, though it installed without errors, upon reboot it gets stuck on amlogic logo. I don't know if this happens becasuse this Droidbox T8-S uses eMMC flash, instead of NAND like the M8S.
    It has been lying around the house for a long time now and I wish I could flash it with LibreELEC. It is a good box, not as fast as the S905 but its build quality is very good.
    Hopefully you can have a LibreELEC build for it soon.
    Thanks in advance.

    I just installed LibreELEC S82 build and it is working beautifuly. It is blazing fast and stable for an Alpha.
    Thank you very much for your work Drieschel. I really appreciate it.

    I can't install IPTV PVR simple client. I am using the latest version of LibreELEC on a Mini MX. Installation always fails but doesn't say why. Probably a dependency missing. Has anybody succeeded installing this addon?

    I understand it takes about 8 minutes for the box to recover itself. To me that's a long time. I prefer killing kodi and restarting it. I used to do this under android with a zoomtak box. I don't know if it's possible to do it under libreELEC. It was very convenient, to say the least, but I don't know how the guys at Zoomtak did it. I know it worked.

    It is better to find out why it freezes.


    That would be the best solution indeed, but not much progress has been made toward finding it. OpenELEC for arm devices has the same problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
    My 2gb/16gb boxes very rarely freeze, it's the 1gb ones that freeze all the time.

    Would it possible to enable a key to shut down Kodi , not LibreELEC, when it freezes, so we won't have to get up and unplug the box? I had a Zoomtak T8 box that could do that.
    This would be a nice feature to have on a remote control, I think.
    Thank you very much.

    I don't have the file, but I'm wondering why you need to keep replacing it? It should still work after an update. How are you updating? If you just stick the img.gz file in the update folder libreelec should do its magic on re-boot and keep all your data.

    Sorry, yes, I just noticed the remote works after the update, though I updated using the toothpick method, but it still worked. Next time I update LibreELEC I will follow your recommendations so I won't lose my data. Does this method work for both Nand and SD card installs? I have mine on Nand. Thank you very much.

    Hopefully someone can help me. I need a remote.conf file for the Mini MX box. I have tried extracting it from both Alex's OpenELEC and android original firmware (OTA update file) without success. I would appreciate it if someone has this file and sends it to me, or show me how to extract it myself. The problem is that every time we update to a new version of LibreELEC we have to manually update this file. I wish we had OTA updates or .tar files to avoid losing our set-ups every time we update.
    Thank you very much.

    People who are running on SD card, remember your card will effect performance. If you have a slow card you will notice that LE is slow or freezes etc. Running on my Sony UHS1 card is still slower than when its on NAND.

    To get a better understanding of this look in the Raspberry Pi section on the Kodi forums. One of the main reasons for me going with these Android boxes is to use the NAND storage and not worry about finding the right SD card such as i did for the Raspi.

    Good to know i have one on the way just to get the 2GB ram, do you leave your box on 24/7? Curious to know if the box is left on does it run out of memory like on my 1gb MXQ.

    I have LibreELEC 004 installed on a Transcend Ultimate 32 GB microSDHC UHS-I card featuring 95MB/s read and 85GB/s write. LibreELEC boots very very fast on the MiniMX but significantly slower on the M18. I don't know why. It could be because I have android installed on the M18 NAND while OpenELEC is on the MiniMX.
    For a few extra dollars more you can buy a decent SD card. It will be faster and last much longer than the cheaper ones.


    See post above.
    I should have been more specific. What I meant to say was "Under system information, Kodi only shows 2 cores, as if it was a dual core box". I think all 4 cores should be showing even if only 2 are working at the time. I just installed SD version of LibreELEC on a M18, and all 4 cores are showing. It should be the same with the MiniMX. I think I am going to reflash the MiniMX with android firmware and after that reinstall LibreELEC on nand memory, and see if it detects all 4 cores.

    Hi again,
    Even though I said LibreELEC was working fine on my MiniMX 1gb/8gb, after further testing I noticed it was running kind of slow and that's because it is using only 2 cores. I had OPenELEC (Alex build) installed and I just installed LibreELEC over it. Maybe I should flash my box with original android firmware first and after that, reinstall LibreELEC for the 4 cores to work?
    Thank you very much.

    Ki Kszaq,
    Thank you very much for this build of LibreELEC. I have it installed on a MiniMX 1gb/8/gb, on nand flash, and it works perfectly for the most part. Memory usage is much lower than with OpenELEC, which is a good thing to have because available memory on this device is rather low. I intend to keep it on this box, but I would like to ask if you intend to provide OTA updates, like the OpenELEC (Alex) developer does? This is very important to me because I give these boxes to family members and they don't know how to update the box manually.
    Thanks again.