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    Lately there are many changes in the kernel, maybe they're not all compatible with older models. If I get the chance (time) I will try to study the problem. For reference, I only have one model Tronsmart TV box MXIII Plus, it runs everything, so it is difficult to control the cause of these changes

    I have posted some logs from my box a bit further back, if you find the time and need anything else that would help please just shout :)

    Huge thanks !

    Hello. I have a MXIII-G and I update to 8.2rc2. I notice these issues :

    1. I can't see anymore the files I share from my PC by SMB windows network

    2. When I opened my TV my TV box automatically opened. Also when I was closing the TV box my TV automatically closing. But after the update I can't do it anymore

    SMB no longer works how you would want it to,see here:-

    SMB Blog

    The work around is to add a network location to the server using an IP address.. Sucks but was the only way I could get it to work...

    Download Rufus and write LibreELEC-S812.arm-17.4_20170822-MXIII_Plus.img.gz file to SD card

    If only it were that easy :)

    For myself and others the later builds will not run from SD, something has changed in the Autoboot that causes a filesystem corruption error. For example a working installation of LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170622 will break with the corruption error when I try to upgrade to LibreELEC-S812.arm-17.4_20170822-MXIII_Plus, a fresh installation also fails with the error.

    I have refreshed the Autoboot as advised, looking into the output of fw_printenv this looks to be installed, however still no boot....

    There was the comment made that it is the SD card at fault, if this is the case how come the previous installation works OK, AlexElec installs and runs fine, the Demetris builds boot ? I've also tried a dozen or so different cards all to the same effect :(


    Non booting from SD still (22/08), hopefully some info that will help, this is from an earlier balbes150 release, MXiii-G Plus (2/8)

    Hi balbes150

    I have been using your builds for a while now on my MXiii-G, unfortunately none of the later builds will boot from an SD card, I get the file system corruption message that several people have reported, this is the same for an upgrade or a fresh install.. I tried again yesterday with LibreELEC-MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_201708016 and that was the same, a fresh install did not work, file system corruption, upgrading a working SD card with this build also gave the corruption message.

    If I put the image on a USB stick I can boot the later builds however this is far from ideal for me or a lot of other people, most of my USB sticks are old and VERY slow (5Mb/Sec) making things unusable :(

    The last version to work correctly with an SD card was LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170622 , is there any way you could look to see why this works and later builds do not, you would make a lot of us happy fixing this :)

    Best Regards !

    Is your internet working? I can boot into LE with the usb but my wired internet is not working and there is no option for wireless (not that I really want that). Something strange is going on but Balbes is very clever and I am sure he will work it out when he has some spare time. :)

    Ethernet worked for me OTB, didnt need any patches, lucky I guess :)

    I have the same problem. The MXIII was working perfectly the July update and now I get the file corruption error. I have tried re-installing the 14 June version with two micro sd cards. Same error. If no micro sdcard present, the box boots into android. I would be grateful for any suggestions to get the box working again. [Edit] I can boot into LE using a usb stick with the 14 June version.

    Unfortunately it looks like balbes150 has removed the two versions that worked on SD cards.. :-(

    To get back working I used LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-8.0.2.img.gz as the base install and then used LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170622.tar to update ....

    (If you use an remote MySQL database be sure to enable "Wait For Network")

    I have not tried LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170707.tar to see if it causes the issue...

    If balbes150 does not have these two I can share them with you on dropbox if you PM me your email address....

    balbes150 have you any idea why LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170622 will boot from SD but LibreELEC-S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3_20170628 & LibreELEC-S812.LAN_100.arm-17.3_20170614 fail with the corruption problem ?


    I've a TronSmart MXIII 2GB/16GB. Till now every new builds install without a problems (sd card), but with latest build - after 20170614 - libreelec stop on install with "file corruption error".
    Trying to install the 20170704 build too, but same "file corruption error". Reinstalling build 20170614 and install works fine.

    Now I'm in fear when upgrading cause lost all my customizations and configuration.
    Any solution for backup and restore entire sd card after a broken upgrade?


    The last couple of updates I have tried have both failed with the file corruption issue noted above, any ideas on what is causing this ? Almost the same hardware, but 2/8.....

    Both an update and fresh install both fail with the same error....

    I have not tried the 20170707 release, if I get time I'll backup my card and have a go..

    I changed the settings and the files for WiFi and BT. Please to those who use image version MXIII_Plus to check the work WiFi and BT. I'm interested in the changes in their work (running or not). The image in the directory 20170605.

    If you have version 17 with KODI you can use a normal update file .tar. Update multi-boot with need for those who have problems running from a USB (when you have to disable all USB devices for the successful launch of LE).

    Perfect ! HUGE thanks, successfully upgraded to the 20170602 release on my MXIII Plus last night.


    Just tried your build on my old MXiii-G Plus, so far is seems first class, huge thanks !

    One issue I have found and I think someone else has reported this, with this build I cant seem to wake the box from suspend with my RF mini keyboard I have to use the button on the box, with the Android installed on it using the keyboard will wake. Any ideas ?

    I have a feeling Android may only be turning the display off, as I can still connect to Kodi when it is asleep....

    Huge Thanks,


    Should the Boot In NAND option be in the latest release, or do you need to add it in a future release ?

    As I said suspend works OK in my current Android install, I can send the .dtb of that will help ?

    The suspend issue is really the only thing I need to correct, is there anyway I can troubleshoot this or find out if it is supported in your build on my box ? I do not have the original remote for my box, power off means cannot use my wireless keyboard to turn the box on, I have to get up, (I know very lazy !)

    Thanks !

    Hi balbes150,

    Thanks for replying.

    I didnt see the option to reboot from NAND in the shutdown menu, should it be there ?

    With Android the box will go into suspend, so I think it should be possible, is there anything I can provide to confirm if it is possible ?

    Best Regards,

    itsmeedoofer Kodi 17 Krypton already runs on lollipop and above.

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    Its runs yes, but 17 introduces a whole load of audio pass through issues because the Kodi Devs are strictly following the Android audio API in 17.... Also for whatever reason auto refresh rate switching gets broken again with 17... All in all far too much grief..

    I have been using SPMC, however Koying is reluctant to move to 17.... Hence me looking for alternatives...

    I’m already using LibreElec (7) on a S905X box and to be fair it wipes the floor with Andriod, if I can sort out the standby issue on the S812 I’ll make the move...

    Hi balbes50,

    I would just like to thank you for your work on this release, it really is appreciated!

    I have a MXIII-G 2/8 with Android 5, I thought I was going to have to get a new box if I wanted to run Kodi 17 but you have made it possible !

    A couple of small questions....

    I dont want to install to internal as having Android is useful, I’m happy to boot from SD, however is it possible to “reboot from NAND” as in kszaq’s build for the 90x boxes...

    Also I cant seem to get the box to suspend it only seems to want to power off, is this normal or is there anything I can do about it?

    Thanks again.

    I have a MXIII (S812, Android 5) and a M8MiniII (S905X, Android 6), both will show simultaneous WIFI and Ethernet connections in Andriod if I turn WIFI on and connect.... I cant say I ever noticed any degradation in network speed though...