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    Just popped on to say thanks, upgraded from an old kszaq build to LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.2.5-Chroma.422.10bit and all is great.

    Using the new device tree I've bumped up the GPU, the GUI seems smoother now, also a big plus is the option to disable the interlace post processing. I have recently brought a Pi TV HAT and am using a Zero running TVHeadend to stream live TV, I was seeing the red artifacts in kszaqs builds that made it unusable really, all gone now !

    Thanks again !

    I have audio issues with version When playing FLAC Audio Files, there is a scratch in the tweeter. Even with films without DTS or DTS-HD encoding, this problem occurs.

    It is a Minix Neo U1 player. The AVR is a Marantz SR7010. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I am running this on two boxes, I can't say I've noticed it. Have you got a sample to test?


    The filesystem corruption issue with the Balbes150 builds and no audio pass-through in the Demetris builds finally pushed me to give up and go buy another 905x box so I could use the Kszaqs build, that really is rock solid for me.

    Balbes releases stopped working in June here, LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170622 was the last working one, every release since then has had this issue, whether it be an update or fresh install.

    With the Demetris builds audio pass-through broke on the last round of beta releases, couldn’t live with that I’m afraid.

    My 812 box I re-purposed as a Lakka gaming box so not all bad...

    I have a copy of LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3_20170622 if you want to try it, pm if so...

    Hi Guys,

    I've recently brought a cheap unbranded external DVD drive primarily for use on a laptop, out of curiosity I plugged it into my MXQ 905X box to see if it was detected, unfortunately it didn't appear to be, certainly I could see no discs when inserted...

    On my RPi 3 it is detected as 13fd:1040 (initio corporation inic-1511l pata bridge).

    Could anyone tell me or show me where to look to see if this chipset is supported by LibreElec / AMLogic ?

    Many Thanks !

    Hi Chewitt,

    Thanks for that, very informative! Please understand I’m a really just curious I have no axe to grind in anyway shape or form J

    I don’t think anyone could argue too hard about dropping support for the MX chips, I would imagine given their age and the slow emergence of 4K, X265,10bit content/hardware people would be looking at upgrades anyway..

    I kinda see where you are coming from with the “Develop in release” statement, maybe a little too much tinkering, but then on the flip side you need to get build sout there to test and get feedback, down to labeling I suppose…

    I have seen Kszaq mention the new kernel so it looks like the awareness is there, maybe when he is back in the swing of things we will see some love for the 905 chips in Git ?

    Thanks again…


    General question out of curiosity, no dates or firm commitment required… :)

    I see talk of AMLogic devices moving over to a mainstream kernel at some point, I guess simplifying the support and build processes, would that mean there is a chance of the better (Kszaq’s) builds being merged into an “Official” release for the 805/905? based boxes ?

    Like I said just curious....


    Just taken delivery of a OTTV Box, MXQ PRO+ S905X 4K 2GB/16GB with Android 7.1.2.

    Kszaq's build with the vanilla gxl_p212_2g.dtb device tree and the OTT MXQ remote.conf boot and work perfectly, WIFI and BT are both seen.

    Pass-through audio works as expected, 1080 HEVC rips played as smooth as...

    There is a Logitech Harmony profile for the OTT MXQ remote.conf so setting this up was V simple...

    The android looks like the usual old toilet, not played with that....

    i would but I don't have the box yet.

    Someone local is having a clear out so wondered if it was worth a punt on buying it.

    Looking at all that has been posted here over the course of 89 pages, probably the worst that can happen is no wifi/bluetooth. It appears that MOST of the cheap 905/905x boxes seem fairly common with regards to design..

    I wouldn't pay a lot for it, you can pick up a 1/8 box from one of the big Chinese sellers for £20 odd,,

    +1 :)