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    Hi everyone!

    Following my last attempts to install a ROM proposed in the first post on my box (MXIII-G 1G/8G - S812) but without success (no Ethernet connection), I had taken a look inside the dmesg of the last LibreElec working build (from wilros) and it seems that the Ethernet controller driver is the following:

    stmmac - user ID: 0x11, Synopsys ID: 0x37

    Demetris, do you think you could implement it in your MXIII-G build?

    Many thanks in advance!

    I was thinking that the "X" from the filename LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2-MXIII-1G.img.gz means S812 :D

    Anyways, thanks to both of you and as suggested I will try to use the MXIII-PLUS build and report back ;)

    Another question: is it important to use the latest bootloader available?

    A Lollipop one is, maybe, more indicated to use or it doesn't matter and a Kitkat could be fine?


    I have tried to update my MXIIIG-1G/8G by using the file LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2-MXIII-1G.img.gz from the OP and I am facing few issues.

    Indeed in order to test the build, I have updated my bootloader to use the SD boot feature.

    The box won't boot and display this error message:

    Filesystem corruption has been detected!

    To prevent an automatic repair attempt continuing,

    press any key or power off your system within the next 120 seconds.

    So, I have decided to update my internal installation directly by copying the file LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2-MXIII-1G.tar directly inside the folder /storage/.update/

    The box boot fine but wired network doesn't work (DHCP won't get any IP, I tried to put an IP manually but no luck)

    Wireless network is working fine, but I don't have good wifi reception from the box location.

    I have open the box and take some pictures of the inside if this can help:

    Currently, the only build that its working with my box is this one:


    (note that this build is booting well by using the SD boot feature and I can install it to NAND by using the .zip file from the same URL)

    Demetris, do you think it will be possible to integrate the LAN drivers on your build? or make a new build for this kind of boxes?

    Many thanks in advance!


    I have a MXIII-G 1Gb RAM with Librelec 7.0.1c from wilro_6276 and would like to update it to LE 8.02

    How do you think is it better to do it?

    I guess I need this file LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2b-MXIII-1G.tar or LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.0.2b-MXIII-1G.img.gz from the link of the first post.

    Should I copy the file into /storage/.update/ to proceed to the upgrade or is it better to start with a clean install from flashing the file through Recovery?

    Many thanks in advance!


    I have an MXIII-G 1G/8G with the version 7.0.1c build from kszaq and I would like to update it with your build.
    I have tried the version and 8.0 beta without success.
    The won't boot and I have an APIPA IP address with the 8.0 build (a fixed IP don't help much as there is no network connectivity)

    Someone can help me?

    Thanks in advance!

    I have just created a dts file from the dtb (using dtc on linux) and found the difference between gxbb_p201_2G.dtb and gxbb_p201.dtb using diff.

    Would you be able to provide me with the following files you mentioned you got on a previous post?:
    -Dump the dtb from the ROM
    -Dump the dtb from the Android system partition


    Here is the dtb.img from the ROM
    I don't have anymore the dtb from the Android system. Let me few moments to flash a ROM inside the box to get it ;)

    Edit: added img.gz file extracted from Android

    The case, spec and I/O layout of that box is identical to mine, I just have a different logo (MX V). Glad to know you have tried dumping the dtb from the ROM as I was going to try that myself. Do you know where you can download the original android ROM?

    EDIT - Also, what did you use to modify the dtb?

    I have converted the dtb into dts with a Linux VM and modified the dts with "vi" :D
    To get the informations about the RAM size, I took as an example a dts file containing 2GB of RAM but as I am a noob, I don't know if this is the correct thing to follow :D

    I have read that the kernel 4.x don't require a dtb file as this one is dynamically created during the boot so my idea is to run ARMBian on this box to generate a dtb.
    But I don't know if it will be a success :D

    I have a Transpeed 2G/8G with Gigabit Ethernet.

    I have tried to:
    -Dump the dtb from the ROM
    -Dump the dtb from the Android system partition
    -Modify the dtb from kszaq

    Without any success...

    The last thing to test will be the installation of ARMBian in the box

    I will supply a device tree for p201 with 2GB RAM in

    Edit: device tree uploaded. You can use it in builds 009-011 and in Krypton development builds.

    Many thanks!

    I will report too

    Edit: tested and no positive feedback from my side :(
    I have tested with and last Krypton build

    On build (2016-12-09), i have now tried all p200 device trees and all hang on the amlogic boot image. The only one that got past that was the p201 device tree which shows 1GB of ram. (2016-11-06) is the same, I can only progress using the p201 device tree.

    Is it possible to modify this device tree and change the ram to 2GB?

    I am in the same situation, I have a 2G/8G box with Gigabit Ethernet but the only working dtb file is the p201 provided by kszaq.
    I have tried to modify the dts file (generated from the dtb) to increased the RAM size and the Ethernet speed but with no luck :(

    I suspect this box have only 1GB RAM...

    How are the best practices to build a dtb file?


    Same error here and resolved by connecting the box to an USB2.0 port.