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    THanks again for the build, I was about to sell the Minix U9 and get something else for it, because I find Android OS based software media players usually garbage. They usually have plently of issues and some stuff doesnt work like support for all HD audio streams, correct color space etc.

    This is brilliant idea to have on "Video process, Audio process, System Information" screen (when OPTION button on TV remote is pressed) more information such as Color space, Chroma subsampling, Colour depth...

    I would confirm that micro-stuttering is noticeable on my Odroid-C2 running LibreELEC (Leia) v8.95.2 BETA. This is almost not visible but when I'm looking with my eyes very close to the screen it is perceptible, especially with the scenes where camera is moving along the landscape very slow but for 5 or more seconds - then for sure I see motion is freezing for one or more frames.

    So for that reason I'm going back to LibreELEC (community): (Kernel: Linux 3.14.29) build made by kszaq where micro-stuttering is not happening at all.

    Another problems I noticed with Leia Beta 2:

    - CPU temperature is huge in idle mode. This is around 68-73 ºC when screensaver is active while on kszaq build it is 48-52 ºC

    - Create System and Kodi Backup action is starting and window is disappearing after one or two seconds but the backup file is taking as I see in WinSCP how the file's size is growing. Until backup is completed screen in LibreELEC is frozen.

    Hi all,

    I have been running around 2 years LibreELEC (community): (Kernel: Linux 3.14.29) build made by kszaq which is by the way excellent.

    I have specific settings and a lot of customization made in Kodi, add-ons, boot.ini, advancedsettings.xml, key mappings, etc...

    Today I tried to do an upgrade to official build LibreELEC (Leia) v8.95.2 BETA

    Steps performed:

    1. LibreELEC backup done in "old" kszaq's build

    2. Installed LibreELEC (Leia) v8.95.2 BETA

    3. Restored LibreELEC backup

    Everything went good and my Odroid-C2 booted, add-ons updated themselves, startup screen showing Kodi Leia, etc...

    Only one thing is "wrong" - In System Information I see that I have Kernel Linux downgraded from 4.19.12 to 3.14.29

    Is there a way to upgrade just only Linux Kerne? Or there is no way and I need to install LibreELEC (Leia) v8.95.2 BETA again, restore only Kodi backup and do remaining customization manually?

    Sorry for noob question but would like to have that one missing part sorted out with your support of course guys...

    EDIT: I run LibreELEC downgrade to v8.95.1 directly from LibreELEC menu selecting LibreELEC-9.0 Update Channel hoping it will replace kernel to 4.19.12... at booting process I saw KERNEL and SYSTEM were extracted and installed... but when Kodi started I still see Linux Kernel 3.14.29. So I decided to install LibreELEC (Leia) v8.95.2 BETA from scratch and... surprise: in fresh installation there is LibreELEC (official): (Kernel: Linux 3.14.29) So maybe all official LibreELEC (Leia) BETA builds are running with Linux Kernel 3.14.29 although LibreELEC web page says in one of the updates bullets: * Updated to Linux Kernel 4.19.12 ???

    Not yet. I already joined LibreELEC-AML and teamed up with GDPR-2  afl1 .

    We will use the same base and I will take care of OdroidC2 support.

    Then why on the page [HOWTO + FAQ] Install community builds on S905/S905D/S905W/S905X/S912 device

    there is information: "Odroid-C2 and LePotato: you do not have to chose a device tree as it is embedded in kernel.img." ? It obviously misguiding Odroid-C2 users that adamg's build can also be used on this device.

    I have prepared SD card with LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.90.6.img.gz without copying dtb file from \device_trees to \root as it is explained that this doesn't need to be done by Odroid-C2 and LePotato users and started my C2. Result is: not booting.

    [...] but play, stop, forward and so on show no response at all. [...]

    I was able to find the solution for non-working Pause, Stop, Start, Forward, Backward buttons on my Panasonic TV's remote. First I discovered those buttons are starting to be non-responsive when I did a restart of my Odroid-C2 and the solution is: if you watch something in Kodi just switch off TV and then switch it on again and.... those buttons are working again. Don't know why it happen....

    This is a known issue in amcodec (which is why it's not seen on pi) and probably won't be fixed until the next major wave of VideoPlayer changes land in Kodi Leia (v18). You can use skip steps rather than rewind to move back in a video and things are okay.

    Thanks for information
    Yes, of course skip backward can be used but you have to remember to don't press skip button too fast one by one as it sometimes also causing a freeze.
    Will be waiting for next Kodi 18 release...

    Would like to report a bug in latest (LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-7.95.3) build for Odroid-C2.
    Steps to reproduce:
    watch a movie (doesn't matter if h.264 or h.265) and then press Rewind button (can be any speed, for example x2) to back for example 1 minute and then press Play button ---> video freeze.

    This issue doesn't happen on Raspberry Pi 7.95.3

    Primary mistake is to use samba protocol in Linux world. NFS should be used instead of SMB. So if you have RPI, Odroid, Wetek, etc. running Libreelec which is Linux and have your content repository on NAS (Synology, QNAP, Netgear, etc) which is also running on Linux system then its obvious that you should share your files using NFS as this is native file sharing protocol for Linux. SMB in this configuration is simple big mistake. Of course it will work but: slower and utilizing CPU heavily and... as we can read above configuration to get it work require a lot of effort and time.

    hi i'm having the exact same issue the Pi cannot connect to a sharedDB. If I remove the advancedsettings.xml and add the path manually it works..... if I add the advancedsettings.xml file back and try to browse the share it hangs the Pi

    has anyone anymore on this?

    the wait for network has been tested with no avail....

    No, that problem doesn't occur for me.
    My configuration: SQL DB running on D-Link NAS, Odroid C2 configured by advancedsettings.xml to connect to that SQL DB provided by IP address (not by name), media content on NAS shared using NFS (no Samba), LE configured to wait for Kodi fo 10 seconds at startup.
    Part of my advancedsettings.xml:


    "when all it's powered on and you are able to see Kodi" - at this stage I see a black screen only :( so I did few switches from HDMI to TV and finally I saw Kodi on TV but still Stop/Pause/Rewind buttons were not active so I repeated procedure and got additional unexpected result: no sound on TV, so unplugged HDMI cable from Odroid-C2 and made sound back on TV through Denon, then repeated your procedure again and got Stop/Pause/Rewind buttons on TV remote somehow working.
    Unfortunately I'm fully agree that CEC support on Odroid-C2 is much worse than it is on RPi2.
    Need to consider if Odroid-C2 should be my HTC device or should I stay with RPi2 and wait longer until Odroid-C2/LibreElec/Kodi will be improved in CEC area.
    Anyhow thanks for your procedure - it just showing how unexpected results we have in CEC on Odroid-C2.

    I have just migrated from (RPi 2 + LE 7.02) to (Odroid-C2 + LE Alpha 10) and experience exactly the same problem: Stop/Pause/Rewind buttons on TV Remote doesn't work. Configuration is: Odroid-C2 ----(HDMI)----> Denon Receiver ----(HDMI)----> Panasonic Plasma TV.
    Those buttons were working properly with (RPi 2 + LE 7.09)
    Unfortunately your solution: setenv hdmi_cec "0" in /flash/boot.ini doesn't work for me.

    Does it work on previous LE Alpha builds?

    Hi all,
    OE is a dead project so I decided to upgrade OE to LE on my RPi2. Upgrade went without problems so I'm happy user of LE.
    Configuration is as follow:
    RPi2 --- HDMI ---> AVR Denon --- HDMI ---> TV Panasonic.
    When switching off TV (using TVs remote) and then switching off AVR (using AVR's remote) Denon is automatically switching on, so I have to press Power off button again in order to switch it off.
    That was not happen when running OE on RPi2 but is so annoying when using LE.
    I was trying to find out a threads related to this issue but no one reported exact the same behavior.
    Hoping this will solve the issue I have upgraded to LE 7.90.005 but it remain and unfortunately settings for CEC are not appearing - just an empty box so I can't experiment with changing settings.
    Any suggestions?
    Is anyone experience the same result with CEC?