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    when I highlight the disc 2 SD card, the format in the partition tab is greyed out. Is there something else I need to do first.

    I just tried an old 512MB sd card with MPTW and it looks as though it's behaved differently to what you see. When I wiped the whole card all partitions were deleted, and right clicking on the unallocated space gave me an option to create new ones. If it were me I'd now be trying g-parted.

    All I can suggest is to go through the same troubleshooting steps as in this thread.

    I started with a fresh libreelec 9.0, added my usual stuff, checked the headphones script worked and updated to Millhouse.

    Nothing broke that I've come across yet, and headphones script is still fine.


    FWIW what I did to get headphones working...

    Add the following files:





    Then install the audio profiles addon and set my profiles.

    Pair headphones and test.

    Update to Millhouse build


    Without a debug log nobody's going to be able to help.

    With one there's at least the possibility.

    If it's reproducible then:

    enable debug logging

    restart kodi

    reproduce the problem

    if you pull the plug then after restarting upload the contents of kodi.old.log to a paste site and link here.

    2GB sounds very tight. A quarter of that will be taken up by your system partition (so not included in your backup).

    If it costs pennies there's nothing to lose (as long as you back up) but if it were me I'd use a usb stick or a spinny hard drive until I could get hold of a bigger ssd.

    On Windows it intentionally list only removable devices

    I thought that's what I was saying / querying in my reply to #19...

    Edit. From the op:


    Since the usb boots and bypasses windows os I know this has to be possible

    If he's running the creator app in windows he won't be able to write to a hard drive with it.

    I don't have a problem. It's just an observation.

    In windows the usb creator app sees flash drives / sd cards but not spinny hard drives (or presumably usb-connected ssd's)..

    All the documentation refers to usb sticks / sd cards, so I've assumed that's normal / intended behaviour. There's a ton of software out there that behaves similarly, so that seemed reasonable.

    Windows doesn't generally recognise hard drives as 'removeable' (see above re diskpart). I'll try the creator app in linux to compare behaviour.

    Edit: There's a difference in behaviour between the linux and windows versions...
    In linux the creator app sees hard drives and flash media.

    In windows it only sees flash media.

    Tested on the same hardware - windows 10 pro and mint.

    The USB/SD Creator app will write to any removable device.

    That's how I've always understood it - but you seem to be saying a 'removeable device' includes hard drives?

    None of my external hard drives show as 'removeable' in windows (using diskpart) they appear as 'partitions' when running 'list volume'.

    All of my usb sticks show as 'removeable'.

    The LE sd creator gui refers to 'USB stick or sd card'. It detects my usb sticks but not usb hard drives. Is that not the expected behaviour?

    I suppose anything's possible, but I don't see why you think that's likely or relevant here. If he can boot from usb then as long as the installer can see the (usb) hard drive he can install libreelec to it.

    And if the installer can't see the hard drive it's still possible to install to it manually.

    But he can't boot libreelec from usb until he runs the creator app and makes something to boot from.


    I figured just use usb creator on my hard drive using my usb hard drive adapter, wont work doesn't read it no matter what I do or partition size 32 64 320 none will read!

    Since the usb boots and bypasses windows os I know this has to be possible

    I just tried the usb creator app - it recognised my usb flash drives but not my usb hard drives. That's his issue. Which isn't really an issue at all.

    PS: A couple of days ago I guided another user, who installed LE from external to external device. So, I know LE is able to do this on modern PC's, but on most older PC's the BIOS is unable to do this. Take into account that old USB interfaces are usually slow, and an OS at such an interface will run slowly, too.

    Are you sure? Because I've done exactly that on plenty of pc's over the years (openelec and libbreelec) and not many of them are what I'd call remotely modern.

    You said you can boot from USB, but it doesn't mean you can install from external to external device.

    It looks like you want to use a modern USB HDD with an old PC. I think that doesn't works, because of the old PC's firmware (BIOS). Find a way to install an HDD internally (maybe use an adapter, if possible). I bet an internal drive will be detected by the LE installer.

    One of us has misunderstood what he's trying to do.

    The way I read it he wants to use the usb creator tool to write directly to his hard drive, rather than writing to a usb stick and then booting the pc from that and installing to his hard drive. The tool isn't designed to do that, so it's not surprising it doesn't work.

    Or he means something else...?