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    afl1 No worries. Still stuttering with this one. New log file below. Thanks.


    PTS overflow issue is fixed, but feeding VideoPlayer is very poor. It's impossible smoothly play. Are you able play it with SW decoding?

    You can create kernel debug for dvb driver.

    Enable debug with following commands:

    1. echo 15 > /sys/module/r848a/parameters/debug
    2. echo 15 > /sys/module/avl6862/parameters/debug_avl
    3. echo 15 > /sys/module/aml/parameters/debug_dvb
    4. echo 15 > /sys/module/aml/parameters/debug_dmx

    Start logging ssh session and submit following command watch -tn 1 dmesg -c

    Start scanning in tvh.

    Thank afl1 :thumbsup:

    I am trying that DTB with LE- from kszaq and it seems to scan, but not tunning. I attach the TVH log for DVB-S and DVB-T.

    By the way, the predefined muxes configuration for Astra19.2E in the TVH 4.2.5 from LibreELEC repo 8.2.113 is wrong and I have had to manually add 3 in order to test (I think data is right, from kingofsat listings).

    Pls install LE 9.0 on new SD card and install TVH from LE repository.There is TVH 4.3-902. Try to setup single network 19.2E with autodiscovery (new muxes + changed muxe ). Add manually single transponder e.g. 19.2E 10817.5V and scan it (change scan status to active and save it).

    For scanning this transponder I've got following log:

    As you can see there was scanned 8 services (pid 1025 - 1038).