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    “Picture Mode” / “Aspect ratio” change “16:9” to “Just scan”.
    I had a friend with these issues on older Samsung or LG and i remember the Overscan was somewhere in the settings above.

    Yes, exactly as Kostaman wrote. Settings on TV must be to "Just scan". In this case is no overscan and adjusting in KOdi is no necessary. In other cases overscan is visible.
    It is on my old LG TV.

    It's smooth. Only those subtitles stutter issue. Most of us are not native english spekaers and we watch movies with subtitles.
    Can you have a look at this problem?
    I did mention about it in post #2,847 and attached a sample so you can easily reproduce it.
    You're alpha and omega here :) Hats off to your work. Absolutely invaluable.

    S905 box, kszaq last develop version LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.1-devel-2017-05-05.
    I have no stuttering issues with watching of movies with subtitles. All files play smoothly without and with subtitles too. Including test sample file above...
    Maybe S905 and S905X difference? Or some setting problem?

    Today's build to test:

    Changes: a little bit less stuttering with problematic samples.

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    Hi, I have tested devel build LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.1-devel-2017-05-05. It seems absolutely perfect on my S905 box. All my media and test files play with no frame skips, perfectly smoothly and without problem.
    Note: Is interesting - if I switch on video processing info (Ctrl-Shift-O), frame skips is started and video playback is jerky. And when I switch info off, then video playback is smooth again and seems there are no frame skips again.
    But as i wrote - with normal playback is everything OK :)

    I have tested also afl1 test build from 2.5. (LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.1j-test-I.tar) from here. But unfortunately this build is not good for me. There are massive frame skips again on my test files.
    It is strange, because somebody wrote, that this version has no problem. How is it possible? How difference can be in our boxes?
    Thank you for your work!

    8.0.1i is available to download from Index of /s905/8.0.1i/

    Changes include chapter skip/channel switch improvements from afl1, CEC improvement from GDPR-1, THD/Atmos fix, audio noise on boot fix, high bitrate video playback fix and backported Ethernet driver from Nougat kernel - Amlogic says in commit history that suspend should now work...

    thank you very much for your work again.
    This version, seems, very good.
    All my problematic files play very smoothly again and Dobly THD plays too. Audio files with all sample rate play perfectly.
    Perfect work! Coffee for you is on the way again... Thanks!

    This issue I also found on my KI Plus (S905).

    Hi guys, thank you for your help.
    I have tested versions 8.0.1b, c, d, e, f, h (version g I skipped).
    Last version where I had no problem with this test files is "d". There are all files plays smoothly and Dolby THD plays correctly. From version "e" to "h" I have jerky playing on some files (seems some 30fps high bitrate files) and no Dolby THD. All version tested on the same setup. LAN connect is no problem, the same result is on USB. AV receiver works properly, there is no problem too.
    Thank you very much for your work!

    Try to update to my version LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-8.0.1i-I.tar (Copy it to /storage/.upgrade and reboot box.)
    I have no issue to play jellyfish-140-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc-10bit.mkv smoothly with TrueHD passthrough. No drops, no skips.

    Hi, thank you.
    Jellyfish plays smoothly without drops and skips, but I have no sound - Dolby THD Passthrough is not working.
    Peter Gabriel and Italy demo plays still very jerky with lot of frame skips.

    Hi, version 8.0.1h:
    I still have problem with jerky (stutter) playback and massive frame skips on some videos. And next, all files with Dolby THD still are without audio playback (DTS HDMA works properly).
    Test files are described above. Records from camera of TV screen from playing from test files and with enabled Ctrl-Shift-O info, you can fiind here:
    Peter_Gabriel_CAMSCR.mp4, Italy_CAMSCR.mp4, Jelly_Fish_CAMSCR.mp4

    Kodi log here:

    Hi, it's very interesting and strange.
    Thank you for your advice, but unfortunately no.
    My setup: MXV+ S905 1GB 1Gbit LAN, NAS on Gbit LAN, LE connected to NAS via NFS and Gbit LAN. My tests are always on clean install from scratch, without addons and without "tuning" with advancedsettings.xml, regular settings only.
    And I really have some issues on my posted sample videos. It's started from 8.0.1e version. On versions "c and "d" all videos play smoothly and correctly.
    1. Test file "Peter Gabriel" - here pls ignore small "blackout" on first 6 seconds - it's maybe cutting problem. But after this, video play little jerky. Not to much, but it's visible-
    2. "Samsung Italy" 4k video: Again, it's playable, but jerky. It's very visible.
    3. Hi bitrate "Jelly fish": This video is, in fact, unplayable. Video sometime stops for a moment and Dolby THD doesn't play.
    The same configuration with version "d" has no problem and all test files plays smoothly and correctly.

    EDIT: There are log and dmesg files, maybe will be useful: , dmesg.txt

    Hi, 8.0.1f tests (MXV+ S905 1G 1Gbit):
    Audio stereo files - All files with all sample rates are OK and bit perfect - Thanks! Please keep this changes in your future versions... :)

    All files with all sample rates are OK - Perfect!
    Video files:
    - Dolby THD is not working
    - DTS HDMA - OK
    - 4k High bitrate video plays has problem and DDTHD doesn't play (as above) - sample file "jellyfish-140-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc-10bit.mkv"
    - 4k video plays jerky - sample file "Samsung_UHD_7Wonders_of_the_World_Italy.mkv"
    - Hi bitrate 29,970fps BD rip plays jerky - sample file "Peter_Gabriel_BDRip_Test.m2ts"
    All sample files play smoothly and without problem with 8.0.1d version. "Problems" are from "e" version.

    Thank you very much!

    Hi kszaq,
    there are my quick tests:
    Audio stereo files:
    41.1 kHz - OK
    48 kHz - OK
    96 kHz - OK
    192 kHz - OK
    All tests are correctly mapped to 2 channels
    5.1 Multi channel audio - OK and correctly mapped to 5.1 channels

    Video with HD audio Passthrough:
    Dolby digital Plus - OK
    DD THD - OK
    Dolby Atmos - I cannot test it.
    It seems, all audio are OK - Thanks you!!!

    There are still problems with high bitrate BD rips with 30 (60) fps - jerky playback.
    24 fps videos are OK.

    Thank you very much!

    Hey guys, having time off but still have Tapatalk. [emoji56]

    Please observe if there are any audio issues in the dev build compared to 8.0.1e. I haven't posted any changelog but there is a fix for better fractional frame rates support and a change in audio handling.

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    Hi kszaq!
    First: Thank you for your work, but relax and enjoy your vacation :)

    There are my test results with S905 1GB 1Gbit (as you can read on my signature):
    1. Version 8.0.1e seems to have some issues with 29,970 (30) fps videos. This videos play very jerky and sometime after few minutes of playing are going to freeze. Mostly on BD rips (*.m2ts files). Interesting is, LE recognizes this files as 59,940 fps (info on key "O") ... TV is correctly switched to 60 Hz, but playing is jerky.
    Files 23,976 (24) fps and 25 fps play ok.
    The same files with version c, d play, seems, smoothly. But LE recognizes this files as 59,940 fps too ... Interesting ...

    2. Develop version LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-devel-20170409011740-r25791-g1fb98dc.tar
    There are the same issues as above.
    But very good message, 44,1 kHz audio files plays correctly with sample rate 44.1 kHz (bit perfect without up-sampling to 48 kHz). The same for files with 48 kHz - plays as 48 kHz, 96kHz as 96kHz. Super! Thanks a lot!

    The new development build LibreELEC-S905.arm-8.0-devel-20170409011740-r25791-g1fb98dc.tar Seems to be working well for me, I haven't tested it thoroughly enough to say for sure but it is behaving itself. :D

    Interesting - in this development version works correctly audio with sample rate 44.1 kHz ( (bit perfect without up-sampling to 48 kHz). Maybe because default frame rate audio output in LE is setting to 44.1 kHz now. Super!
    But seems, there are another problems - I have jerky playback with 60Hz video for example. I must more testing...

    Hi, I have problem with playing audio.
    All music with a 44.1kHz bitrate are upsampled to 48kHz (HDMI and SPDIF). I think, this problem is in all 8.x versions. Audio with 96kHz plays correctly as 96khz. But files with 44,1 kHz play as 48 kHz.
    Have you somebody any idea? Advancedsettings, etc... ?