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    I have the latest libreelec and i want to change the font because chrome show arabic words as boxes

    I want to change the fonts in the linux not kodi

    I hope you can guide me to change the fonts to font that support arabic language

    I think problem is related with chrome. I'll continue search for it but I have no iptv box. I'm testing on virtualized x86 version of libreelec.

    Chromium working better than chrome because of it supports ARM devices directly.

    I can make a chrome version of add-on that works both x86 and ARM devices.

    Stay tune!

    I am using x86 libreelec build

    Did everything but still no luck !!

    I get “Chrome not found”

    I would like to help but i am not great with linux

    If you give me setup by setup i will do it right now

    Not working using the latest libreelec !

    Chrome is installed

    The addon settings pop-ups and i see “Use Custom chrome/script path off

    I would like to see it work