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    I tried to find a build solution for my devices to run the current stable version on them, because official support for Amlogic devices ended with version 9.0.2, at least with the old kernels. And the new mainline 5.x kernel still lacks some features to make it suitable for daily use.

    After a (very) long time, I managed to get them to work. Some example:

    • Mecool KI Pro (S905):
    • M8S+ (S812):

    Currently supported Amlogic SoC families and devices:

    1. Amlogic Meson GXL (S905X/D/W) SoC on Linux kernel v3.14.29 (LTS):

    • Mecool KI-Pro with S905D SoC (2G/16G) and a modular integrated DVB-T2/S2 tuner (AVL6862 with Rafael Micro R848/R912) :
      Working services: Network (Gigabit LAN, WiFi 2.4+5 GHz, Bluetooth), amremote (all buttons work), HDMI-CEC, NAND boot (installtointernal), internal tuner (kernel + crazycat_aml).
    • MXQ 4K Pro+ with S905X SoC (2G/16G):
      Working services: Network (10/100 LAN, WiFi 2.4+5 GHz, Bluetooth), amremote (all buttons work), HDMI-CEC, NAND boot (installtointernal).

    Amlogic S905 images: Index of /S905/

    2. Amlogic Meson8/8m2 (S802/S812) SoC on Linux kernel v3.10.108 (LTS):

    • M8S+ with Amlogic S812 SoC (2G/8G):
      Working services: Network (Gigabit LAN, WiFi 2.4+5 GHz, Bluetooth), amremote (all buttons work), HDMI-CEC, NAND boot (installtointernal).

    Amlogic S8X2 images: Index of /S8X2/

    3. Amlogic Meson8b (S805) SoC on Linux kernel v3.10.108 (LTS):

    • MXQ HD18Q (1G/8G) a.k.a. "all black" versions:
      Working services: Network (10/100 Mbps LAN, Realtek WiFi 2.4 GHz), amremote (all buttons work), HDMI-CEC, NAND boot (installtointernal).
    • MXQ m201d (512M/8G) a.k.a. "all black" versions with 512 MB RAM only:
      Working services: Network (10/100 Mbps LAN, Realtek WiFi 2.4 GHz), amremote (all buttons work), HDMI-CEC, NAND boot (installtointernal).

    Amlogic S805 images: Index of /S805/


    • The remote control configurations are integrated into the image for all devices, so those can be used immediately after the first boot.
    • The built-in libreelec packages for the devices are not installed from the official repo, because they are located on an external server.
    • Other devices from the same SoC family may work, only the DTB file needs to be replaced.
    • It is possible that support for other devices and other Amlogic SoCs (e.g. the original 'S905' without any addition of letters, and maybe S912 as well) can be created from this source, but unfortunately I do not currently have any time and resources to compile code for other Amlogic devices.

    Known issues:

    • [ALL] slow channel change with 'pvr.iptvsimple'. (Kodi gets 0 fps from streaminfo when starting stream.) Fixed!
    • [S8X2/S805] playback freezes when it is stopped or rewind/forward is used, if the playback resolution is the same as the boot screen. Fixed!
    • [S8X2/S805] analog audio output (DAO) not working via AV jack. Fixed!
    • [S905] playback problems with VC-1 codec. Fixed!
    • [S8X2] audio passthrough issues. False positive!
    • [S8X2] device with bcm4335b0: the 5 GHz wireless and bluetooth stops working after power off or restart. (AP6330 works normally.)

    The source files are available here:

    GitHub - dtechsrv/LibreELEC-AML: 'Just enough OS' for Kodi for some Amlogic TV boxes


    • If you find an error in the image, please report it in this thread.
    • If you tested an image on a device other than the devices I support and it worked, please indicate it here in the thread as well.
    • If you have a device that belongs to the supported SoC family, still feel free to write and I will try to find a working DTB for it.
    • If you have usable information for how to troubleshoot known issues, please post in this thread, or start a conversation with me, or send a pull request through GitHub.

    Thank you. ;)

    I will try to build a WP2 project with my modified 9.0.2 codebase. I will use kszaq's latest 3.14 for it, because the official LE's latest kernel has a lot of issues with CEC, and there is no amremote support either.

    Unfortunately, none of the devices I use have official support, so I personally didn't encounter this update bug.

    I don't know how the update check procedure works, but I changed the version number in the patch to "9.0.2-DVB" instead of the original "9.0.2" and the update check may not like extra strings.

    "9.0.2" > "9.0.2-DVB" ? :/


    Unfortunately, the problem is twofold. The first problem is that the CVBS output was disabled 5 years ago, because it causes problems with HDMI: projects/WeTek_Play: Remove support for CVBS output, because it cause… · OpenELEC/[email protected] · GitHub

    The second problem is that the analog audio output is also not working.

    So, in the first approach, the simplest solution might be to get an HDMI-Composite or an HDMI-SCART converter if you would not use the HDMI output for anything else. Fortunately, these adapters are available cheaply from China, but due to different TV standards (PAL/NTSC/SECAM), you need to find carefully a compatible converter for your analog TV.

    I also use one of my boxes with an adapter on a Full HD monitor, although it’s an HDMI-VGA, that also has a D/A for audio with a 3.5mm stereo jack connector.


    I tried to compile the official 9.0.2 sources with my patches and it worked on the first try.

    It is downloadable from here: Index of /3rdParty/WeTek_Core-9.0.2-DVB-semi-official/

    But if you want to compile it yourself, I made a patch to the original source. You need to do the following:

    git clone -b 9.0.2
    patch -p1 -i
    DISTRO=LibreELEC PROJECT=WeTek_Core ARCH=arm make image -j8

    But I couldn’t try the image because I don’t have a WeTeK_Core device.

    Since then, I have updated the crazycat package and added support for the dvb-latest package, because I had a lot of stream quality problems with the Astrometa DVB-T2/C tuner under the crazycat addon. It took about a week to put the packages and their configuration together to make them work.

    I also got an Xbox One tuner and tested it. Works perfectly with both crazycat and dvb-latest packages.

    This screenshot was taken from TVH-4.2 running on my M8S device (LE-9.0.2/amlogic-3.10, selected kernel addon: dvb-latest):

    You need to clone my github repo, or just download the sources directly from here:

    The simplest solution is to replace the entire contents of "packages/linux-driver-addons/dvb" in your source directory with the contents of my source.

    And you will then need to make the following changes to the "projects/WeTek_Core/options" file:

      # build and install driver addons (yes / no)
      # driver addons to install:
      # for a list of additinoal drivers see packages/linux-driver-addons
      # Space separated list is supported,
        DRIVER_ADDONS="crazycat dvb-latest"

    After that, you need to start building. In short, that's it. ;)

    OK and installing libreelec directly to box so I dont have to use dual boot?

    Since the Android part doesn't work well then how to install directly to MXQ the libreelec so I don't have to use the external SD Card....................

    Hi AZlink,

    I also have a piece of box with this PCB. Do you have the stock ROM for this S805 Rev 2.0 (20150806) board?

    I tried several ROMs, because the original ownership of the box crossflashed it to a different firmware.

    The kszaq's LE 8.2.3, and my LE 9.0.2 test builds are working properly on the box (m201d), but I want to use the factory original IR remote (0x40400001) instead of the remote of my M8S (0xfe010001), and I have an issue with the front red/blue LED control too.

    All this functions hardcoded to the original uboot, but I couldn't find it.

    If you (or someone) have the correct ROM, or a download link, or just the filename / build date / something usable information, please share with me.

    Hi dtech,

    I used Demetris version 18.6 and the remote.conf is working fine. I can turn the box OFF no problem, but turn it back ON did not work. So far

    the only Demetris Libreelec version Kodi 18.0 is working perfect on my box. Other version my box had a problem to turn it back on after turn it OFF. I had OTT M8S box with Eny M8S ROM installed. I did rename the copied dtb to dtb.img and put it to the root of the SD card.

    I don't know the Eny's uboot which power options used. If it supports power off correctly, you can try my M8S+ bulid on your box instead of M8S build.

    My M8S supports suspend mode only, but my box isn't an Eny version.

    Which device do you have? An Eny M8S 2G? And what was the name of image file that worked by Demetris?

    Did you rename the dtb file to dtb.img and copied it to the root of sdcard first partition? If you just copyed the file into device_tree it is not enough.

    And one more thing: my M8S (n200C) and Eny M8S (n200) have different IR remote.

    I found some picture from Eny's remote, and it uses same remote like MXQ (S805) device.

    If you have this remote, you need the correct remote.conf:

    My builds are tested with two variant of M8S+ box, and it perfectly works with ap6330 and bcm4335b0 as well.

    The two boxes have same PCB, the only difference is just the wifi/bt module, but both are working.

    My M8S (n200C_2G, PCB: CS_812M8_V1.3) build is based on same source, and it also have ap6330 on the PCB, ad it works too.

    Maybe if you have a correct dtb (n200_2G?), it will work, but I cannot test it, because I don't have any n200-based S812 device.