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    zillevdr Can you try following H5 update for deinterlacing? I get greenish frames but that could be also due to damaged board (I have also network issues on it)


    Hi Jernej,

    here it deinterlaced fine. But 1080i h264 have artefacts when the picture are moving. This are also without deinterlacer. I think the artefacts are from decoder. It's only a short test. I can't say much about quality.

    Thank you very much!

    Edit: Can I found a git with kernel deinterlacer driver? I will back port to kernel 5.8. This kernel run clean without artefacts.

    Now it's double checked. My BabanaPi H3 have a hw fail. I bought a new BananaPi M2+ with H5. Is there a chance to eliminate the problems with H5? Can I help there?

    mine is 1.1 too. BTW, do samples also fail for you? I imagine it could also be some difference between playing from file or addon.

    I think there is a hw fail. Progressive video play, if deinterlacing is switched off play. Only deinterlacing is switched on are the picture red.

    zillevdr sorry to say, but both samples work good both on old image updated with test update and fresh image on BananaPi M2+. So I can't reproduce your issues.

    I'am depressed. I checked all again and can't find a fail. Which board revision you have tested? Here is board Revision V1.1.

    zillevdr as I said, I need sample video to reproduce issue, otherwise I can't help. Additionally, make sure that it works if you disable deinterlacing.

    Hi Jerney,

    you have a pm with download links to video samples.

    Where is the swich to disable deinterlacing. Sorry, I'am not familiar with Kodi.

    If deinterlacing is swiched off a normal interlaced video is presented.

    Hi Jernej,

    with the new test version all interlaced videos are only red. It looks like not all planes come from deinterlacer. I'am maintain a plugin for vdr. There I deal with v4l2 deinterlacer device with the same result. A red picture. I think that there is an issue inside the kernel driver for the hw deinterlacer.

    Hello Jernej,

    Thank you very mutch for the update!

    With old LE version from 20191215 and your update there is only a red plane.

    Then I loaded the nightly LE from 20200613 and updated it. This doesn't deinterlace. Must I switch deinterlacing anywhere on?

    I tested with ts 1080i_h264 and 576i_mpeg2 from german TV. If you want this files I can send a link.

    I finally managed to prepare proof of concept (not yet bug free) support for HW deinterlacing. Currently, it's only for H3. You can test this with following update: LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-devel-20200202224107-87919a4-deint.tar

    I tested this with DVB-S Mpeg2 stream on an Banana Pi BPI-M2-Plus H3. But here i get only a red picture. It looks like not all planes available on the screen. I tested with Kodi and my own v4l2 code. Both with same result.

    Edit: Today I tested h264 1080i from DVB-S stream with same result. Only a red picture.