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    Adding a pre-built module to Android ROM is easier because "all" you do is modify existing ROM where the module already works. I tried adding the pre-built kernel module to LE builds but it crashes the system. Without driver source code we can do nothing.

    Oh Okay....I understand.

    I have the same problem in my box and tested today with a USB WiFi adapter with Ralink RT5370 and works good.

    I wasn't sure if many people had this problem. Not much on the Web about that exact problem (of course).
    I bought 6 of these for various family members. They are great boxes ,other than no WiFi with LE,
    I have read every word of the main 905x thread. Is there another thread I'm overlooking?
    Kzsaq was trying hard to get the driver. It will be a great day in my world for sure.

    Do you think it's a problem with the android FW not being exactly "T95n" or the dtb not being exactly "T95n" that's causing the issue with Nand installl?

    Thank you for the update. I thought I was going crazy!