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    Is it a .ts file? For some reason it takes a while for Kodi to switch to a correct video mode when starting a playback of .ts files. You can remux it to mkv and it will start properly.

    I‘ll give it a try. Can you recommend me a good, free Windows application doing the job?

    Strange is that the movie starts without problems (audio and video are working properly). And after that the screen goes blank.

    Updated Kodi 19.1 build:


    Twooter try this^ updated build.

    Thanks for the build. It works pretty good on my NUC8i5BEH.

    The only issue I noticed is, when I start an HDR movie like Samsung Wonderland Two HDR UHD 4K Demo:

    The movie starts and after a couple of seconds the screen goes blank (and the audio stops) for about two or three seconds. After that the movie runs flawlessly until the end.

    I really appreciate your work. I feared I won‘t see a „Generic“ Kodi version with working HDR before Kodi 20. But with the last developer build you provided us I have a version which is by far good enough for my daily use.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

    Sorry if already asked and if this is not the right thread:

    Do you think it might be possible to convert the additional data in a Dolby Vision movie on the fly to HDR10+? I have a Samsung tv which is only capable of playing back HDR10 and HDR10+ (and HLG?). But there are next to zero HDR10+ movies and tons of movies with Dolby Vision.

    Sorry if this question sounds stupid but I have to admit that I have absolutely no clue about how Dolby Vision and HDR10+ are working.

    Sorry for the confusion. The first part of post was yes off topic but was mentioned earlier on here so thats why I asked it. Plus there are alot of HDR experts here, case in point read noggin's response.

    The 2nd part of the post IS on topic as its related to the NUC's having issues with audio as I and others have mentioned multiple times in the past. I haven't had a chance to test the image so was curious if the intel driver bug has been ironed out.

    Concerning HBR audio passthrough I can only report my own experiences with my NUC8i5BEH.

    It works perfectly as far as I can hear without any flaws. No audio dropouts or stuttering. Only clean sound.

    That‘s true for the testbuild from post #502 and the nightlies (up to 20210327) I tried. My Yamaha AVR reports every sound format (e.g. DTS HD MA or Dolby TrueHD) correctly. YMMV with other NUCs.

    I am not sure if this helps, but on my Yamaha AVR it was necessary to activate HDR for HDMI which was not default. Maybe on your Denon exists a similar setting.

    I also ran some tests on my NUC8i5BEH with the test version from post #502.

    My TV reports that it receives an HDR signal. That’s the good part. ;)

    But at the location on the screen where the subtitles should be, is a bar which contains a stretched version of the running movie but only the red portion. Looks kinda weird.

    The GBM/V4L2 pipeline has probably been actively used on about 10% of the overall range of x86_64 hardware that users probably have. Some of that percentage will be low-risk, but we're expecting a fair number of quirks to surface. So you might be in a rush to use an "official" image instead an otherwise working fine "community" image, but LE10 already impacts 85% of our userbase (RPi) so Generic is in the queue and will have its day (along with the likely end of nVidia support) but some more elapsed time is a good thing. We're not in a rush.

    It‘s still sad, but I understand your line of reasoning.

    Most likely I will use both. The official LE10 release for daily use and the community release mainly for testing. However if it‘s mature enough I would use it daily.

    I still want to get rid of the IR support in Kodi permanently, because I am using a FLIRC to control my Kodi system.

    What I don‘t want is to disable the IR receiver on BIOS level because I switch my NUC on using the builtin IR receiver.

    It's very unlikely you can hear a difference between HD audio formats and LPCM :)

    I‘ve definitely heard a difference between Kodi using LPCM and my UHD-Blu-ray-player sending untampered audio data to my AVR.

    It was the same discussion with CD players. Should the connection between player and AVR be analog or digital?

    In case your AVR has a very lousy DAC you should use analog. In all other cases the last link in the chain should do the decoding/converting. That generally gives the best results.

    The same goes for Kodi. It should leave audio untampered.

    I know my answer is not what you have asked for: But have you ever considered using a Flirc?

    In case you don‘t know what a Flirc is:

    A Flirc is a small USB plug which translates signals from any IR remote into keyboard presses. Makes it pretty easy to create a working keyboard.xml and the best is you don‘t have to hassle with ir-keytables. ;)

    I run a moderately high-end AVR and speakers arrangement that does a much better job at converting HBR audio into awesome sound than the Kodi PCM output does. So (playing with words) I don't see a good reason, but I frequently hear one.

    The same goes for me. I have IMO a pretty good AVR. I want that device to decode audio and not Kodi. The difference is well audible.

    LE will package whatever support is available in the upstream kernel, backported if necessary, but we're not going to write kernel audio driver code to add support. So best to ask that Q to Intel audio devs - who will write the code.

    It was not my intention to ask the devs for rewriting the drivers.

    I was not aware that the drivers are the only problem. Until your reply I was under the impression that LE itself could play its part in the problem.

    Good to know. So I have to wait buying the new system until Intel‘s drivers are mature enough.

    I have a question for the developers in this thread:

    How likely do you think it is, that we will see working HBR audio via Audio Passthrough (which is my personal top priority) and working HDR on a NUC11 or NUC10 like NUC11PAHi7 (Tiger Lake) or NUC10i7FNH (Frost Canyon?) in LibreELEC within the next three months or so?

    I am willing to buy such a system and test every test version you throw at me and give you feedback, if that helps. ;)

    Current work-in-progress HDR code from lrusak's git repo (which I use for my LE builds) does not work on AMD. No idea when or if it will ever work.

    But the biggest concern should be AMD's linux GPU driver quality, which is kinda crap. I encountered some nasty issues when testing LE on Athlon 200GE APU with Vega graphics.

    The audio passthrough issues on Intel are nothing compared to general crappiness of AMD drivers.

    That‘s a real show stopper for me. Thanks for sharing the insight. I hoped that the PN50 could be a decent machine for Kodi particularly in regard to HBR audio passthrough and HDR.

    Do you expect that the audio passthrough issues on Intel (e.g. NUC11PAHi) will be solved in the near future? Within the next three months or so?

    May I ask you which machine you own yourself or plan to purchase?