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    Hi All,

    I am still struggling with the automated backup.

    I wrote following scrip to execute with a cronjob.

    The script works 100% fine when I execute it manually (./

    It does not work properly when started via cron and I don't see why.

    When started via cron, all is executed properly except the rsync job.

    Does anyone have a clue?


    Thank you for your input Klojum

    The J5005 does not support m.2 devices for storage, it's only for wifi and the like. It doesn't have built-in CEC support like the RPi4 does. It's also a more expensive option, along with the pico psu.

    Haven't had CEC until today and I am not sure, if this is mandtory for me. Although it can be useful to get ridd of one of my remotes.:/

    Great input!

    Is there another great benefit of CEC I don't see?

    Regarding the M.2 - I'd use a 2.5" converter to tackle this. Thank you for highlighting!


    The J5005 is not that old. It has the UHD 6xx (605) graphics series onboard. Of course the J5005 has more CPU grunt than a RPi4, and more internal storage (=SATA) options. I have a J5005 running myself (with a pico psu), running Ubuntu+Kodi which works for me.

    Having LE on a SD card would not be an issue for me. The 320GB HDD is currenlty used for timeshift and to store FLACs. Would you see issues by using the drive connected to the RPi 4 in an external USB 3.0 case like this one. I'd use the RPi Power (DC 5,1 V / 3 A an USB Typ-C) which would power the Pi, the SATA drive and the Arduino Uno and every now and then a N64 gamepad.


    The RPi4 is still in its infancy as far as development goes. Most (all?) video upto 1080p is not a problem. The whole 4K side of things requires more bl00d, sweat and tears. And time.

    So in other words you'd say that I am fine with a RPi 4? This is at least what I read when using the device as LibreELEC machine only withount any other OS /shrug

    I mean, pricewise it is around twice as much when I compare the prices of the considered bundles RPi vs. 170 EUR for the board and Power supply. I don't have much 4k content to enjoy and just to add a WOL option, which I defenitely will miss, the price adder might be a little to much after all...?

    Hi All,

    I finally dared to make the switch from Windows to LibreELEC and I am glad that I did it.

    Not only the software is very good, but the community here seems to be very nice as well!

    I was hoping to get some considerations from you guys, if my current plan looks okay, or if you have concerns.

    My current setup looks like this:


    An old Onkyo AVR (non-4k capable)

    HTPC with Pentium G4400 and ASUS H170i PLUS D3

    old Thecus NAS



    HTPC->optical cable->AVR

    LibreELEC runs very smooth (although in 1080p only) and Hyperion (w/arduino) + Tvheadend is a kind of a dream! <3

    The Thecus however worries me quite a lot and I have to update it sooner than later.

    So my current plan is to move the H170i with the G4400 into a Fractal Node 304 to intall FreeNAS with RAID z2.

    The hardware is capable for my home use.

    Regarding the HTPC successor, I am not 100% sure how to move on.


    buying a RPi4 with 4GB RAM. I tested it already with a friends PI and the setup would work.

    I just had to change the cabling: HTPC->HDMI->TV->optical cabel->AVR

    Here and there it wasn't as smooth as my current setup, but this could be tweaked, I guess.


    Using the existing M.2 SATA, 320GB HDD and Fractal Node 202 and buy a J5005-ITX (with a PicoPSU). I have 8GB RAM existing as well.


    Sooner or later, I want to move to escalates RetroELEC. But I want to (...rather have to) learn more about Linux first.


    I don't plan to emulate more than Sega Megadrive and N64 so I guess a RPi 4 would be sufficient.

    My feeling sais, that I have a little more long-term freedom with the J5005. And the additionl cost in terms of EUR isn't that much of a bummer.

    On the other hand I see that J5005 is quite old and I have no clue on CPU refresh cycles.

    However, my demand isn't quite high. Smooth TV playback, 4k YouTube, 4k Netflix and viewing my photographs in max possible res would be fine for me.

    Is there anything to take care of in terms of HDR?

    Glad to hear your thoughts! :idea:


    Hi All,

    I could successfully install this Version on RPi and the games are working. I’m in love again with Duckshot 🥰
    Can anyone give me a hint where to configure the N64 gamepad correctly? I did the initial config in ES but the buttons seem to be reconfigured when starting a N64 games.
    e.g. Start and A doesn‘t work Does this have to be done in the retroarch.cfg?


    I came behind it :)

    Wouldn‘t expect that to be so easy ^^ i was stupid...


    Hi jaykass and escalade

    first of all, thank you for your immediate support - really impressive!

    I tried the new RPi2 version but I have the same issue. I see the RetroELEC logo which freezes after 4/5 minutes. When I use the arrow buttons I can see a command line which sais "Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount_storage... type exit to quit"

    There is wired ethernet connection but it doesn't get an IP and I can't paste a log file - at least with my limited knowledge.

    I cross checked my workflow of bringing an image to the SD Card with the regular LE version. This works properly. The Kodi installation works and RPi gets an IP from DHCP as well..

    Is there anything simple a noob can do wrong? ...Like attaching a gamepad or something else?

    The RPi is connected via HDMI with a keyboard attached - nothing else.

    Please apologise - didn't want to cause trouble...!

    Thank you for your advice Borygo77

    Server only doesn't work for me as both, kodi and Tvheadend run on my main HTPC.

    But backing up more than just .kodi makes sense.

    Maybe a stupid question:

    Does the restore function with LibreELEC do the job for the other folders as well (/storage/.config /storage/.ssh /storage/.ash_history /storage/.cache)?

    Currently my shell looks like this

    I am struggling with the find command as -exec needs another attribute, but I'm sure I will get that to work as well :)

    ...I might have to increase the the second sleep for the full backup...


    systemctl stop kodi.service
    tar -cvf mybackup.tar /storage/.kodi
    systemctl start kodi.service


    Sorry to bring this old thread up again, but i want to create a auto backup as well.

    I am new to Linux/LE and I got the cronjop working so far. But I have a question regarding stopping/starting the kodi service. Is this mandatory to get a consistent backup? I am asking, because the backup job seem to work properly as well while using Kodi+Tvheadend when backing up.


    Thanks chewitt

    So I will go and check, if I could get this driver into the kernel.


    ...Google was my friend and with lspci I was able to find out what Wifi / Bluetooth chip is installed.

    -> Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter [168c:003e] (rev 32)

    Some more google brought me to following, which proves btw that I am not crazy ^^:

    Linux: Atheros QCA6174′s Bluetooth disappearing after reboot

    So it is indeed confusing. After switching off the HTPC, unplugging the power cord and network cable for 5 seconds, the bluetooth card is back again.

    Now I can enjoy some flawless entertainment on my sofa wearing my new LibreELEC hoodie.

    Thank you for your support! I look forward to be active in this forum.

    Hi All,

    I switched from Windows to LibreELEC and I love it so far. Runs smooth and fast and Hyperion and Tvheadend is just... I love it!

    The only thing I can't get to fly is Bluetooth.

    When I tested LE installed on a USB stick Bluetooth worked and I could see devices. However, with the final installation LE show BT as not activated although it is.

    Switching off and on doesn't help - "No Bluetooth Adapter found"

    So it is a little confusing. But it seems not to rely on missing drivers. BIOS settings are Okay as well - BT is active.

    H170I-PLUS D3 | Mainboards | ASUS Deutschland

    I'm not very much experienced in Linux (try to catch up here), but I constantly saw people providing following information:


    -> there is no indication to Bluetooth


    In the RPi threads they're talking about the Bluetooth Audio Device Changer and that it was related to that. I installed, activated and deactivated it, but it didn't help.

    So I was hoping someone here is more experienced and could give me a kind hint and help.

    Thank you!