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    I've been running an overclocked rpi4 with an icetower cooler for a week with the following (literally at the end of the standard /flash/config.txt):


    I'm getting temps of 36.0'C.

    No observed odd side effects; it's been in use all week and not powered off. I am using the official rpi4 psu.

    It's a crappy old usb thing i had lying around so no big deal.

    I really like the idea of ditching the dvb-s box and using the pi4 and some magnetic storage. Maybe recommend a decent dual-tunar dvd-t2 card. :D

    I would use the official tv-hat but I have the ice-cooler which means the io is out of use.

    You've been more helpful than you know.

    I really appreciate your help. I might try another stick, maybe dual tuner with dvbt2, but that won't be for a while.

    Incidentally, for anyone using this thread, I followed the thread in the previous post and changed cmdline.txt from

    boot=UUID=0309-2816 disk=UUID=cde62edc-4372-409a-a45e-3ce8ca97d0d8 quiet


    boot=UUID=0309-2816 disk=UUID=cde62edc-4372-409a-a45e-3ce8ca97d0d8 quiet dwc_otg.fiq_enable=0 dwc_otg.fiq_fsm_enable=0 dwc_otg.nak_holdoff=0

    Still no tv-adapter shown in tvheadend, neither does /dev/dvb exist on this Pi4.



    That was very helpful and much appreciated. Was foolish of me to not recall that program-addon. Thank you.

    I disabled both "DVB drivers for TBS" and "DVB drivers from the latest kernel" to create an initial-state.

    I ran the LibreELEC-Module-Drivers program-addon, selected "DVB drivers from the latest kernel" and rebooted.

    I'm presuming it would appear in my tvheadend tv-adaptors tab within dvb-input's configuration, or in the start-up wizard tune-and-network page but i only see greyed-out IPTV in there.



    there is no /dev/dvb .

    (I have tried the other 2x options of driver modules subsequently (LE-default and TBS) with no apparent tv-tuner recognised in tv-headend. my method of verifying correctness like this might be incorrect.

    You help is very much appreciated

    I've got a Hauppauge Wintv NOVA-T-USB2 and wanted to try and get it up and running in TvHeadend (4.3)

    I've enabled both the "DVB drivers for TBS" and "DVB drivers from the latest kernel" that are preinstalled in LE9.2, both enabled simultaneously now, but initially just the latest-kernal enabled.



    Anyone see what I'm failing to see?


    Has anyone any experience with overclocking the RPi4 with the latest firmware updates incorporated in LE's Update menu?

    I have an ice cooler for my RPi4 and use retroplayer and thought what-the-heck.

    How does one go about overclocking an RPI4 when using Libreelec?

    Is it the case that one applies the changes to /flash/config.txt that are provided here?

    These being: