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    I have just formatted the sd (trying with usb-sd creator and balena etcher), I have inserted it into the tanix tx6 and when I want to turn on the device it does not turn on or do anything, however when I extract the sd from the tanix, it does turn on.

    say that if I insert the sd into the tanix already turned on it reads it, but when I try to restart the tanix or turn it off and turn it on again with the sd already inserted, it does not turn on again unless I remove the sd ...

    What can be caused this? When I format the sd on my pc it's done without problems, and even when I access the sd I see the libreelec files inside it

    Hi, I encountered the same problem, bought from China - Geekbuying, Tanix TX6 with Allwinner H6 chip, as it was written in the description and on the box.
    I opened it and inside the surprise it says H616 TX6S!
    The question is can I still hope for LE and for this chipset or do I throw it away?
    Thanks in advance.
    So be careful what you buy and where!!!

    With some modification, I managed to get your release build working on the AML8726-MX G02REF / STVMX version of VMedia VBox (which is similar to the Geniatech / MyGica ATV1200 without the TV tuner). I had to rename the aml_autoscript file to factory_update_param.ubt because this box expects a different filename and I had to use the toothpick method in order to get the box to run this script. Otherwise, it would ignore the script and proceed to boot from nand flash.

    Since it was a pain to use the toothpick method on this box every time I want to boot into Kodi, I proceeded to modify the bootloader environment setting to give boot priority to MMC over Nand flash if the above file exists. Now it works like a charm. :)

    Nice work BTW and thanks for making the build available!

    Hi tuxedomah, I would like this build modified by you for my MyGica ATV520E. A link for download please!!!