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    Ah. OK. Yep passthrough via PULSE know works. Thx.

    Update: RA starts up and has audio. ES and FF are not starting up properly and seem to hang somehere (Sway background is visible). Are there any PA related settings I need to adapt or remove ?

    N64: Still some crackling sound with Doom64, while F-Zero X and Mortal Combat4 seem ok. So, not a general problem, it seems.

    There should be no difference where the decoding is done, as long as all information is extracted (which I believe it is at this point). There is no remixing done by Kodi/PA if the sink supports the sampling format (avoid-resampling=true is set in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf).

    The standards typically specify the bitstream format but not necessarily any further post-processing. So, if the receiver knows which compressed content it is dealing with, it should do a better job compared handling 'unknown' PCM. But, anyway. PT works. Thx !

    Also set "keep audio device alive" to off and "send low volume noise" to off. If you have previously set the PA sink as your audio device in Kodi, it might get locked before ALSA becomes available. Of course you can turn on all these things if you set PULSE. Passthrough is working great, except for HD audio of course which isn't quite ready yet AFAIK. In any case, ALSA/ALSA+PULSE/PULSE all work here in the latest image.

    I think there is too much obsession over passthrough, there isn't any loss when decoding to PCM.

    When configuring Kodi to use PULSE, all passthrough settings are disabled and my receiver claims to be receiving PCM. In ALSA mode, this works fine. So, I'll just stick with ALSA.

    Wrt\ to 'obsession'. I would assume that my Yahama receiver does a better job in the decoding, conditioning and up/down-mixing the audio stream for my speaker setup. But, yeah, at some point it might become a question of 'believe' ;)


    I think you misunderstand. Vsync is great if your screens refresh matches your content. If it doesn't, RetroArch will try to adjust the speed of the audio to compensate. Like I said, try some other systems. Make sure your screen is 60Hz and video framerate in RA settings matches, then use NTSC roms for best results. Unless you know the PAL versions are 60Hz compatible. For Amiga/C64/Spectrum you can/should use PAL versions, as I've set up PAL switching for those.

    I tried it with Doom64 for N64 - supposedly the US version, hoping that this would be an NTSC ROM. I didn't get to dig into this deeper, yet.


    You need to restart Kodi after changing KODI_AE_SINK.

    Yep, I did.


    You are aware that there's no audio (not in the included theme anyways) except for video previews right?

    Oh. No menu sounds ? OK, my mistake. Sorry. I thought I've an ES with menu sounds somewhere...


    Doom 1? Doom 3? I suppose the latter, and 50FPS sounds to me like vsync with 50Hz refresh rate. That'll probably mess up sound as RA adjusts accordingly. I haven't tested the dhewm3 core myself, could you try some other core please, and provide logs

    VSync was the default. No good ? Will try different core over the weekend an report back.


    I found the issue, the extensions required was in module-device-restore which I removed while trimming down the config file.

    It should be fixed now in the latest image, try again. Further adjusted PA to fit in with LibreELEC paths, it will now store persistent device/stream configuration in /storage/.cache/pulse instead of under /var which is tmpfs.

    Nice. Will try that out over the weekend. Thx.

    Kodi: In ALSA+PULSE mode, I do get audio via ALSA/HDMI#0. If I choose PULSE, there's no audio. If I then switch back to ALSA, there's still no audio. After a reboot, audio via ALSA works (maybe restarting kodi would be sufficient - I can test if you like).

    ES: no audio

    RA: Audio works, but still crackling. Yes, it could be due to my not so powerful setup. But, we are talking about 'Doom' here, first level, not moving. FPS is between 49.9 and 50.04.

    Full PA: Your shell command fails:

     cinemax:~ # pactl set-sink-formats $(pactl list sinks short | grep -v NON-DEFAULT | awk '{print $1}') "pcm; ac3-iec61937; dts-iec61937; eac3-iec61937"

    Failure: No such extension 

     cinemax:~ # pactl list sinks short | grep -v NON-DEFAULT | awk '{print $1}'

     cinemax:~ # pactl list sinks short

    1 alsa_output.pci-0000_00_0e.0.hdmi-stereo module-alsa-card.c s16le 2ch 44100Hz SUSPENDED unmuted 100% DEFAULT 

    Nevertheless, I get audio in Kodi ! There are no options to enable or configure passthrough in the audio menu (Expert mode).

    Kodi claims to be in passthrough mode. My receiver shows its seeing PCM.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I had imagined that dmix would be sufficient to handle concurrent PCM audio sources, while passthrough only works with one active source, anyways. But, I see your point about configuring ALSA properly. I know ALSA from the beginning and it never seemed straight forward to me - unless you invented it :)

    I'm OK with Pulse, it just seemed to cause quite some trouble. But, yeah, as you say, without it's maybe even worse...

    I'll play around with ALSA1=1 when I get some time.

    I know this all consumes a lot of spare time. Thanks for working on this. I'll try to help testing and bug hunting, where possible.

    New generic image uploaded with 5.6.0-rc1 kernel and glibc 2.31.

    Updated to this image. kodi works incl. passthrough. Firefox and RetroArch seem to have issues with audio.

    FF behaves like its still waiting for the audio/video stream to arrive, but I believe its rather waiting or the audio device to become available.

    RA starts up. black screen, says 'controller dectected...' and freezes. strace shows it looping around a nano_sleep - most likely also waiting for the audio device ? pulse ?

    if I kill pulse before starting FF, then FF behaves normally, but there's no audio coming out....

    I assume this was discussed before. If so, please excuse my ignorance. why is pulse actually required for a kioks-like setup such as RetroArch.

    There's only one active Application, and, I'm sure they all can natively speak ALSA, no ?


    I will be offline a couple of days can't look closely now but it's very unexpected behaviour. Kodi in my image runs with ALSA through the

    KODI_AE_SINK=ALSA variable which is set in the systemd unit file (confirm it by excecuting systemctl cat kodi). The binary kodi.bin is started through pasuspender which suspends Pulseaudio until the process exits. You shouldn't be getting any sound from setting Pulseaudio in system settings, and there should be no need to stop Pulseaudio as it's already suspended. I'll have a look at your logs later though, thanks for the feedback.


    cinemax:~ # systemctl cat kodi

    # /usr/lib/systemd/system/kodi.service


    Description=Kodi Media Center

    Conflicts=weston.service sway.service xorg.service emulationstation.service

    After=weston.service sway.service xorg.service emulationstation.service










    ExecStart=/usr/lib/kodi/ --standalone -fs $KODI_ARGS $KODI_DEBUG








    note the lower case here (in /usr/lib/kodi/

    if [ "$KODI_AE_SINK" = "alsa" ]; then

    I did this morning. Same thing, I can only get audio out of Kodi if I select 'Pulse Server'...

    'pactl exit' fails due to "Access denied"

    Update: killing the pulse daemon and restarting Kodi works. Now, I can select HDMI #0 and passthrough works.

    New Generic/RPi4 image out:

    • updated transmission to latest git and linked against system ca certificates, extended sysctl values for maximum performance
    • more font polish, if anyone has issues with fonts run in a terminal
    • added wireguard from upstream LE, updated modules to v0.0.20200205
    • libretro core updates
    • unified into a common script for arm/x86_64 (arm will use Xwayland by default), now runs native for all images (x86_64 uses official binaries, arm uses ubuntu 19.10.1 binaries)
    • adjusted plymouth boot splash to exit on common update failures to see what's going on

    OK, change of plans. I've upgraded my ITX mainboard to a new model with a Pentium J5005 CPU/SoC which features an Intel 605 GPU.

    And, so far, FF seems to run fine. No GPU hangs, yet (let's hope it stays that way :)

    Now, there an issue with Passthrough and Kodi (and also no audio in ES).

    In Kodi, I need to choose Pulse to get any audio output. With the old system, I had chosen HDMI#2 - which also showed my Receiver/TV as connected to this port. For 'Passthrough' I had selected the same port and enabled all codecs for Passthrough. And all was good.

    Now, I can selected any listed audio device but there's no audio in Passthrough mode - only in non-passthrough / PCM.

    In ES, there is no audio, at all. No matter which of the listed (ALSA ?) device I choose.

    I'm on the latest image and even did a 'factory reset'.

    Well, the box is now 4 years old and it's a good match for my even older Full-HD plasma TV :) Once I can make up my mind what new TV to get, I'll also upgrade the the motherboard. So, it's good to know that it works with your NUCs.

    In principal FF works fine, there are no rendering issues, etc. Just on multimedia-heavy websites (i.e youtube,, this 'GPU hang' happens from time to time. Sometimes FF crashes after a few seconds, sometime it continues to then eventually crash at some point. It does not (did not so far) happen when you enter a website and wait for it to load completely (without scrolling, etc). Heavy srolling, etc. is what triggers it. Oh, and once while watching a video.

    I guess, for now, I keep updating when you have new releases. Maybe it gets fixes along the way. I really felt that the -rc6 kernel based image did not have those problems - but maybe I was just lucky.

    Anyway, thanks for looking into it !

    The latest image under the «test» folder has integrated Firefox 72.0.2 using official binaries, now running natively on LibreELEC / Wayland. The image has crossed over 512MB though so can only be updated to for those who installed LE with my images which have 1024 MB /flash. Works terrific :)

    Some other improvements are fine tuned fontconfig setup with beautiful sub pixeled rendered DejaVu truetype for all GUI apps i.e. Firefox, RPCS3 and PCSX2. I’ve also added Thai fonts (ttlwg).

    So far, so good !!! Will do more testing over the weekend and report back. Thanks for looking into it.

    Just did. Problem persists :(

    Checking the upcoming Linux kernel 5.5.1 patch: Nothing related to DRM.

    Would you still have the 5.5-rc6-based image around ? I could try again if FF really worked flawlessly - maybe I was just lucky.