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    hello , i found a quite stable solution (after even testing mac os server 10.6.8) by using the *nfs* option provided by kodi

    all i had to do was to use terminal in mac osx 10.6 according to this post

    NFS exports and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard – revolution34

    i just created this file


    and inserted something like

    /Users/test/Movies -maproot=test

    or other directions and after updating the whole as suggested by the article with

    sudo nfsd checkexports


    sudo nfsd update

    the nfs share was active after short time.

    the trick that did it on my computer was to leave away the last part *

    -network -mask

    it seems most stable and accessible also after changing from one raspberry to another etc., finally withouth the need to restart anything on the mac-serverside.

    don't know however if i created a big hole security-wise.

    today i tried again forcing everything smb in "services" and "libreelec" to smbv.1 and enabling "legacy security" seems have done the trick now windows 7 shares and mac smb shares are visisble; although on macmini sometimes for first visibility the filesharing option has to be un-ticked and then re-enabled to somehow restart the samba server. then the samba shares show up.

    maybe nfs share with macos server could be a better option?


    today i have settled to OSMC as i read that the image 2017-01-01 is still supporting the CrystalHD Card.

    Now it turned out that the image is Jarvis based and had PVR Iptvsimple and host of other PVR add-ons onboard -

    image seems stable - playback is fine - Add-on is loading and 854 channels found :)

    Happy - so for this AppleTV1 seems settled.

    sorry if i might have offended you;

    i used this repo longtime ago when i started using kodi; so it became bit habit of installing it on older kodi;

    actually i don't need it anymore - only some video add-on that are not included in kodi official repo are nice but most are no more responsive i found.

    the question was more related to pvr-iptvsimple, i don't think this is a pirate repo add-on.

    openelec 6 is based on kodi isengard if i am not mistaken, so i wonder if it would be possible somehow to install pvr-iptvsimple on the atv1 - i managed to install a crystalhd card, so theoretically it should also playback tv channel in HD quality.:)


    thank you very much for your OpenElec for ATV1.

    i am using version 6.0.1 and it functions very well.

    however, i would like to use also the iptv-simple add-on, but it would not be included?

    or am i wrong?

    i tried to install via Superrepo (Pvr-iptvsimple from Zip for Isengard) but that did not install either.

    Is there a Pvr-Iptvsimple add-on available for Openelec 6.0.1?

    I am a bit wary of trying with OSMC because overall i found OpenElec more stable whenever i tried.

    Hello ,

    i openend this issue here on github because i have problem with Channels loading from URL in PVR Iptvsimple - this has been seen on

    Raspberry Pi2 and Rock64 and A64 all running latest LibreElec (9.2.1, in the case of A64 Nightly (Matrix)).

    on the same device with OpenElec no such problem so i thought to discover the issue whether problem lies with PVR iptvsimple or with the older macmini eyetv-iptv server.

    but after having seen that channels load also correctly in kodi 18.6 on windows 7, i am prone to think the issue lies somewhere with implementation of PVR Iptvsimple on LibreElec?

    Channels not loading / EyeTV IPtv-server + libreelec client · Issue #372 · kodi-pvr/pvr.iptvsimple · GitHub

    Thank you!

    sorry, but i am not so savvy as i am just beginning to use SMB lately.

    noticed that Apple SMB sometimes needs to be "restarted" eg. ticked off and on to get operational again, which is quite annoying, but ok.

    also, it seems not to play very well with Windows.

    i looked through those 2 Cifs and NFS sample files, but really don't know what to do with them.

    as a failsafe, i use FTP shares, as Snow Leopard still has the FTP File Sharing option inhouse, but the problem with that lies again that when using FTP shares, none of the DVD Folder would play (i assume it is because of username:password issue, which in case of FTP share is not being asked), and with Samba Share those would play (after getting asked for username:password)

    am i right in assuming that the cifs.sample file is for setting up a path to samba share?

    nfs share would probably need a server version of macos?

    Thank you!

    the same issue has been noticed on Libreelec 9.2.1 for Rock64.

    another issue i found is that on A64 NIghtly (Matrix19) the Samba Shares would not be accessible (from a MacMini) at any rate.

    on the Rock64 (rk3328 with image 9.2.1) the samba shares would show up in Zeroconf and be accessible as desired.

    Also, tried with Raspberry Pi2, PineA64 and Rock64, with Newer Libreelec, IPTVsimple client would not load any channels from URL.

    Hello ,

    i tried your latest Libreleec for PineA64 and it functions well,

    however i noticed that the latest Kodi/Libreelec does no longer play the complete DVD Rips (inside Folder) via rightclick + "Play" when clicking on a appropriate folder.

    this is on Kodi19/Libreeelec Matrix?

    Is there any solution for this?


    the image 8.9 was more functional for me (sadly i find the image anylonger) but if it is no more available then it must be for a good reason and i'll have to stick with the newer builds.

    compatibility seems bit less with older smbv1/2 that runs on my macmini server with snow leopard10.6 (luckily snow leopard has still ftp sharing options)

    hopefully the pvr-iptvsimple-addon gets fixed as the eyetv iptv server running on my macmini does not provide any channellist for this kodi alpha 19 it seems.

    Thank you,

    what about earlier release for Pine A64(+)?

    Tried the latest nightly from Software Page (build 20191226) or Pine64 Installer > Kodi 19 > but this is very unstable and also the Iptvsimple-pvr does not load any channels.

    Thank you very much for the A64(+) image, it is highly appreciated.

    One thing is noticed though is that i could not get the SMB Share to function from Windows PC to A64. With Mac SambaShare it functions, but the Windows Workgroup is just not picked up.

    Maybe there are some changes in Leia as i noticed this behaviour also on a recent image on the Raspberry Pi2.

    Also there: MacSambaShare is seen, Windows7 not.

    When i downgraded the image to Jarvis on the Raspberry Pi2, the samba share from Windows7 would become visible.