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    I think it's possible, because CEC data is merged into A/V data. RPi4B uses a different graphics driver to deal with higher resolutions and two HDMI outs. CEC signals have to be filtered out of the HDMI stream, before CEC adapter can handle it.

    In that case, its definitely needs to be looked at the developers :)

    Good afternoon,

    TV Model: Samsung UE55es8000

    Raspberry pi model 4b

    libreelec - tried all versions available

    Please note that HDMI-CEC doesnt work on PI4 with my tv. its been working fine with pi2 and pi3b's but not with pi4. Everything else works flawlessly but not hdmi-cec as a result, cannot use the tv remote with pi.4

    I've tried changing cables, ports, reset, different versions of libreelec - nothing works.

    I'd appreciate if someone could help me.



    OK, then it's probably not the HDMI cable.

    My final idea is that your TV uses special CEC codes, which are not yet implemented for RPi4B.

    You could write a bug report, and become a part of the solution.

    Write the full TV model name, and give a link to this thread, so devs can know about what you already did.

    Thank you but I am not sure if that can be the case either as libreelec is perfectly working fine on the same tv with rpi2 andd 3's.

    TV: Samsung ue55es8000

    HDMI is a standard, and the only parameter that could really change between devices is data transmission speed.

    My advice is to take the HDMI cable from the working TV, and plug it into the not working one. Just to be sure it's not the cable. As you know, some HDMI cables are ready for high speed, and others are not, so CEC data could get lost.

    Thank you - I've tried that already but it doesnt work - changed 5 different cables but no luck :(

    Tried all, nothing works :( - i even tried developer builds to see if it makes a difference but nope :(

    Pi 4 speed for playing videos is amazing but i can only use it with an external mouse which really doesnt make any sense to me - I mean hdmi-cec is working on all pi's but 4 - such a shame i have to return this pi now and wait for a proper build to come out first.

    Hi and yes the menu is in services for hdmi-cec parameters. Checked everything's fine, it actually works on another samsung tv but for my main TV, it doesnt work.

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post in RPI forums, even though been using them since rpi2.

    Just bought an rpi4 4gb and I must say the performance is amazing. everything is working as expected (havent tried any addons yet) but it doesnt connect to my Samsung ue55es8000's hdmi-cec. hdmi-cec's been working for my other rpi but this one, i couldt get it to work. so i connected this to another samsung tv and its working for that one (wierd). but no matter what i do, couldnt get hdmi-cec to work on it.

    Is there something I can do to troubleshoot this?