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    Worked fine on my PI4 4GB, auto SMB mount to ubuntu box and using MySQL on same Ubuntu box. I did have to enable wait for network though before they would connect on boot.

    Enabling wait for network fixed the library problem and im finally seeing the MySQL library, but the SMB still wont work so no artwork or videos. All my videos are streamed from my Windows 10 laptop and it works fine with the PI3+ running the latest libreelec release. I'll mess around with it some more, I had given up.

    Edit: tried every method I can find, every fix for fixing SMB issues and I give up. Im packing the Pi4 away until the software support improves, I'll stick with the Pi3+ for now. Not complaining, It's great you guys got it to run so quickly.

    oh, then there must be something strange with your logfile if that only shows 2 lines.

    I generally thought the log might have over a 1000 lines where we might see way more info than this useless stuff ;) (j/k)

    It's a long log, those lines are all I can find that has anything to do with the SMB.


    is a pretty good indicator for probably a password error. Are you sure you have setup SMB2 shares on your Windows machine? Does the same work with a RPi3? Have you checked the sources or probably tried to re-adding using the "add network connection" option to see if you are able to connect to the shares.

    are you sure that the RPi4 is on the same network? If it has static IPs are you also sure it's a different IP from what the RPi3 uses?

    The Pi4 is plugged into the same Ethernet cable as the Pi3 on the same network as my PC and is using the same user folder copied over which has the advancedsettings.xml along with the passwords.xml, sources.xml and mediasources.xml files. Copying these to a fresh install for the Pi3 it shows my library and plays. Plugging in the Pi4, no library or access to SMB. I can only access files plugged into the USB.

    Update: If I delete the password file from the Pi3 then I cant access the SMB files but the MySQL library is still viewable, I just cant play any videos. If the password file is at fault on the Pi4 then I have no clue how to fix it.

    1. 2019-07-01 16:12:50.256 T:2239333232 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://USERNAME:[email protected]/'
    2. unix_err:'1' error : 'Operation not permitted'
    3. 2019-07-01 16:12:50.256 T:2239333232 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting smb://

    All I can see in the log that's related is this.

    Does SMB and connecting to a MySQL library work on the Pi 4? I've copied my user folder from my Pi 3 folder to the Pi 4 but its not connecting to my Mysql library hosted on my PC and I cant even use the file browser to access the network folders on the PC.

    Does SMB and connecting to a MySQL library work on the Pi 4? I've copied my user folder from my Pi 3 folder to the Pi 4 but its not connecting to my library and I cant even use the file browser to access the files on my PC.

    It was breifly discussed in this thread



    1) DVD playback is disabled in these (and OpenELEC) Kodi 17 builds until someone provides a solution - options are currently to disable DVD, or don't build anything at all

    Just left a comment on the news page and i found it a shame that despite being constantly logged into the forums that i still needed to provide a name and email address in order to comment on the blog, can this be changed to take the details from the forums logon or are the two systems incompatible or far two much work to get working together? I dont mind it the way it is, just thought it could be easier.

    the full image is both for fresh install and updates. You simply need to copy the .img to the update folder and then reboot your device, it should automatically update. The update now option isnt available untill the team start pushing the update to the devices, if ypur not set to automatically update then you would need to use this option or update manually. You should read the newest article on the new page about the update,

    No the bricking is from the process of replacing the android version installed on the device and can happen no matter how good the replacement software is. Officially supported hardware are usually the ones that ship with openelec already installed or like with the raspberry pi it is really easy to install due to it being installed on the sd card.

    it would be nice if LE could support it, as so many users own these boxes and its gank (clone), actually most user only want kodi alone on their box not android, because its cheap and low energy consumtion to replace htpc, even some are cheaper than rpi, it also include remote and casing, if only LE could make special team to concentrate on this segment, i think it would get so many potential users who want to support the development by donation,maybe someday even amlogic will support the development and let alone OE develop for their x86 and sponsors, so it wont rival each other

    The android versions have nothing to do with libreelec, openelec or OSMC as they are all linux operating systems with kodi over the top and not android which is just the normal Kodi android version, quite often with pirate addons and useless junk pre installed as well. I think on some boxes it might be possible to replace the android os with one of these builds but it can be risky, I bricked one android device doing it and am now on the pi.

    cool, thanks, so beside the name, are there some features that OE doesnt have or vice versa? and there are a lot chinesse no name amlogic box spreading around which OE doesnt officially support, is it LE will support it? excuse my english :)

    Not really at the moment, Libreelect have just recently forked away from openelec so the code is mostly the same as they set things up to become independent from openelec, but since many of the members of the OE team moved to form LE then LE should be updated faster and more often or so i heard especially when new kodi versions are released. As for official support for the no name chinese boxes, thats doubtful as the boxes that do get official support as you say are usually sponsors. I dont think Libreelec has any sponsors like that yet.

    1) DVD playback is not functional in my Kodi 17 builds (OE or LE). It was either that, or stop building altogether. No ETA on a fix.

    2) Inputstream.mpd is working. Inputstream.smoothstream is also in the latest build. Install if you want to use Amazon Prime. See OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 17.0)

    but he said he would try changing to v6.90.005 which as far as i know should have dvd playback right? At least mine does.

    Try a reboot
    It worked for me (rpi 3)

    same here also on a rpi 3, I just assumed it was something to do with Emby which I recently switched to to manage my library, my videos are now connected to my laptop and i stream to the pi using direct pathes but I just assumed something was wrong with emby and so ignored it, sorry no logs.

    Will LibreElec be a better product than OpenElec? Or will it be a matter of preference rather than features? Would like to see how you guys grow.

    Id probably say it will be a matter of preferance as for example OSMC is quite different and some people say better than openelec, they both have their good points and weakness and in the end they both run well and its a personal choice and now libreelec comes along. Having tried all three im sticking with libreelec for a while to see how it develops, the real decider for some will probably depend on how long it takes to officially update to the next version once kodi is updated to kypton.

    I dont know about the milhouse builds, or the generic builds as im using v6.90.005 from the downloads page on a raspberry pi 3 and a usb bluray player which works fine with dvd's and blu ray so dvd playback at least was possible. Maybe it got broke at some point or your dvd drive isnt supported? did it work before you transferred to libreelec?