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    Thanks very much for the feedback zomboided. That's exactly what I was looking for.

    I got the ovpn files from Nord and it was easy to add them using the wizard.

    Everything in your app is working perfectly but the IPlayerWWW app is still throwing a geoblocked error, even though I can connect and play IPlayer content in Firefox on my PC using the same server IP.

    I'll try different DNS settings again.

    Anyway I'm happy that I'm closer to finding a solution than yesterday.... :)

    Thanks again.

    I'm using NordVPN in Australia and have been able to bypass geoblocking on my PC.

    BBC IPlayer regularly blacklists Nord's UK IP addresses so connection can be a bit hit and miss.

    However, they list a number of IPlayer "preferred" IP's that work most of the time.

    I just installed your app on the latest Libreelec Pi4 distro.

    I have changed the DNS to Google's (as above post) but am still geoblocked.

    So far none of the randomly allocated Nord IP's match any on their preferred list.

    Is there any way to manually enter a specific Nord IP to connect to, in the app?