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    I run Libreelec (latest nightlies) on a RPi4 with TvH set up for all Australian freeview TV streams.

    I ditched hardware tuners a few years ago and it has been working extremely well.

    I recently started to get continuity errors in SBS Australia live streams due to the way they now insert ads.

    Nightly news are now unwatchable due to loss of sync video/audio following an ad break.

    I have tried switching back from mkv output to raw ts with no success.

    I get the same issue on a RPI2 running TvH server only.

    I have also verified the disconnects within the recordings using VLC

    I have looked for the x-disconuity option in the ffmpeg options included with FFMpeg Tools but it doesn't seem to be available.

    Is there currently any way to achieve this?


    Thanks that worked :)

    Using my restored pre-update system, I uninstalled TvHeadend client ( from addons using the Kodi GUI.

    I deleted the /storage/kodi./addons/packages folder and contents using WinSCP before copying LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20220727-fcc8f2f.img.gz to the /storage/.update folder.

    After rebooting without error, I re-installed TvHeadend client ( and everything is now working correctly.

    Thanks again HiassofT

    On my RPi4 2GB I've been testing and incrementally updating nightlies until LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20220721-06fd018

    Each update from LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20220723-0008ab5 onwards, crashes the system.

    Failed restarts eventually cause it to start in safe mode.

    Having a look at the logs, I see a DBus error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown - The name org.freedesktop.UPower was not provided by any .service files

    Other than that, I can see an error relating to missing html tags in Repository add-on repository.zachmorris. I have looked for that repository in my addons but haven't been able to find it though it appears to have something to do with gaming (which I don't do).

    Crashlog is at:

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    Hope someone can have a look....


    P.S. For clarity I should mention that after each failed attempt I restore a backup image of my working 20220721-06fd018 system. I have also tried different SD cards and a USB3.0 stick.

    I had another look at this and used the same LE 10.0.2 installation, updated it with LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20220530-2d50f5f

    Once again the logs were being spammed with the same two error lines as before.

    I compared addon.xml in your repository with one in a different repository and noticed a <dir> tag preceding the URL definitions with a </dir> tag at the end.

    I edited your addon.xml to include the tags and the errors seem to have gone and the addon is functioning normally.

    Looks like something may have changed in the xml definition requirements for Kodi 20.0 ?

    Thanks, I think it's an issue at my end.

    I just tested with another SD card running LE 10.0.2 official and the log shows clean.

    I'll look have a look at the one I've been using for nightlies and will let you know if I come up with anything.

    I have the addon installed on LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0 nightlies.

    It is working perfectly but I noticed the following errors repeating in the logs:

    2022-05-28 08:46:21.905 T:892 ERROR <general>: Repository add-on repository.zomboided.plugins uses old schema definition for the repository extension point! This is no longer supported, please update your addon to use <dir> definitions.

    2022-05-28 08:46:21.905 T:892 ERROR <general>: Repository add-on repository.zomboided.plugins does not have any directory and won't be able to update/serve addons! Please fix the addon.xml definition

    I checked the logs on an LE10 installation and see the same errors.

    Just wondering if it's a known issue or a misconfiguration at my end?

    Same issue for me with tvheadend42 on RPI4 with LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20211225-070386f onward.

    I came across this thread yesterday after having to roll back to LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20211224-3e13d8e from every new nightly I tried.

    Unfortunately there is no way of simply putting a copy of in /lib as it is read only.

    Tested on a RPI4 2GB, white artifacts have gone and working perfectly for me with a 2 x RTL232 tuner setup on all Australian SD and HD Freeview channels.

    The lack of deinterlacing which caused fast action blurring on FTA TV prompted me to switch to IPTV with TVHeadend, some time ago. I might switch back.

    Great job!

    Just feeding back that the TVHeadend Client addon gets disabled after the compatibility check when trying to upgrade from LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20211006-9fefbf7 to the last two nightlies:



    LE 11.00 nightlies have been working great for me otherwise. Very smooth rendering of IPTV streams and other media. Colours are also better for me than with 19.1 stable.

    Rolling back to LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-11.0-nightly-20211006-9fefbf7 fixed the issue on both upgrade attempts.

    And a big thanks for all your great work team Libreelec.

    Latest Matrix build is here

    Thanks and I'm pleased to confirm it installs and is working correctly for me on a test RPi3 running LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.80-nightly-20201202 with a User Defined Surfshark setup.

    I use up/down scripts to address Libreelecs DNS leaks and these are working fine with it as well.

    I've used that and there's a problem with dns. Ive checked on and it fails on dns. Is there any guide on how to use the alternative up ans down scripts? What do I need to put and where in the scripts?

    Surfshark works very well with Zomboided's VPN Manager using the user defined wizard.

    However there are issues with Libreelec's implementation of Network Manager that I have found make it impossible to prevent DNS leaks with Surfshark (and previously with NordVPN) whether using VPN Manager or directly with openvpn.

    This means that connections to some streaming services are very inconsistent.

    After many hours I eventually gave up and moved to running Kodi on Raspbian on a Pi4 and OSMC on a Pi3 which both work perfectly with VPN Manager without any further messing around with settings.

    Ah, okay I understand now.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have used Zomboideds VPN Manager addon for setting up custom user profiles that I use with the iPlayerWWW addon with mixed success.

    Out of interest I thought I would try Thoradia VPN.

    I have installed the Thoradia vpn service addon and entered my .ovpn file location and credentials without issue, but

    having browsed this forum and github page I still have no idea as to how to start the service before starting iPlayerWWW.

    Any hints on how to start thoradia with iPlayer?