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    Latest Matrix build is here

    Thanks and I'm pleased to confirm it installs and is working correctly for me on a test RPi3 running LibreELEC-RPi2.arm-9.80-nightly-20201202 with a User Defined Surfshark setup.

    I use up/down scripts to address Libreelecs DNS leaks and these are working fine with it as well.

    I've used that and there's a problem with dns. Ive checked on and it fails on dns. Is there any guide on how to use the alternative up ans down scripts? What do I need to put and where in the scripts?

    Surfshark works very well with Zomboided's VPN Manager using the user defined wizard.

    However there are issues with Libreelec's implementation of Network Manager that I have found make it impossible to prevent DNS leaks with Surfshark (and previously with NordVPN) whether using VPN Manager or directly with openvpn.

    This means that connections to some streaming services are very inconsistent.

    After many hours I eventually gave up and moved to running Kodi on Raspbian on a Pi4 and OSMC on a Pi3 which both work perfectly with VPN Manager without any further messing around with settings.

    Ah, okay I understand now.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I have used Zomboideds VPN Manager addon for setting up custom user profiles that I use with the iPlayerWWW addon with mixed success.

    Out of interest I thought I would try Thoradia VPN.

    I have installed the Thoradia vpn service addon and entered my .ovpn file location and credentials without issue, but

    having browsed this forum and github page I still have no idea as to how to start the service before starting iPlayerWWW.

    Any hints on how to start thoradia with iPlayer?


    Thanks very much for the feedback zomboided. That's exactly what I was looking for.

    I got the ovpn files from Nord and it was easy to add them using the wizard.

    Everything in your app is working perfectly but the IPlayerWWW app is still throwing a geoblocked error, even though I can connect and play IPlayer content in Firefox on my PC using the same server IP.

    I'll try different DNS settings again.

    Anyway I'm happy that I'm closer to finding a solution than yesterday.... :)

    Thanks again.

    I'm using NordVPN in Australia and have been able to bypass geoblocking on my PC.

    BBC IPlayer regularly blacklists Nord's UK IP addresses so connection can be a bit hit and miss.

    However, they list a number of IPlayer "preferred" IP's that work most of the time.

    I just installed your app on the latest Libreelec Pi4 distro.

    I have changed the DNS to Google's (as above post) but am still geoblocked.

    So far none of the randomly allocated Nord IP's match any on their preferred list.

    Is there any way to manually enter a specific Nord IP to connect to, in the app?