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    all i can see in the kodi log file is:

    ERROR <general>: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://USERNAME:[email protected]/

    unix_err:'6e' error : 'Connection timed out'

    ERROR <general>: CGUIDialogFileBrowser::GetDirectory(smb://USERNAME:[email protected] Name/) failed

    ERROR <general>: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: Couldn't connect to server(7)

    I have no idea why that ip string shows up. My local network is 192.168.1.* and not 56.

    Ar we the only 2 that uses SMB and nightly with problems?

    I wonder the same.

    SMB shares from windows computer aren't accessible via later nightly builds for me either.

    Ive been fiddling around with different settings, v1 v2 and v3 settings but i cannot seem to access Libreelec from a windows pc or other way around.

    This worked perfect earilier and my setup hasnt changed.

    Kodi on PC, Rpi 3, and 2 Apple TV 4k (Mrmc) all shares same library and SMB works there np, its just the pi4 that wont work atm.

    Ok did some more testing today. Did reset my AVR and HDR works everytime now.

    updated from current nightly to this build with HDR went fine both from SD card and SSD hdd.

    HDR plays nicely :) Thank you for this! Been waiting long time for this to arrive for the pi4 :)

    I did chapter skip both ways and it works for me.

    My bad. For some reason my Pioneer reciever seems not to like HDR from the pi4 at times.

    I connected the pi4 directly to my tv and HDR plays fine :)

    Strange with the reciever as it passes HDR from shield and AppleTV 4k without issues. I did test same inputs/cables and it seems that it passes HDR at times but only works randomly with the pi4 for some unknown reason.

    I will try and reset the reciever to factory default and see if that helps. but another day, there is a lot to configure etc after a reset :P

    Please do a fresh install with the latest nightly on a separate card and then update with the tar in this thread - upgrading from 9.2 is not supported.

    so long,


    Thats what i did this morning, went from LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.80-nightly-20210130-0b9711c to LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.80-devel-20210205165343-b642f3c but HDR wont kick in for me when testing. everything else works fine but no HDR. works fine for the rest of my equipment and UHD mode etc is enabled.

    Will test around some more but atm no luck.

    I'm having some issues on boot atm. most of the time when booting libreelec it stops on "waiting for network" and then nothing happens.

    Apart from that the response in library browsing etc is much smoother now :)

    Maybe i should just fresh install kodi instead of using old backups and see if it runs better.

    I have also moved my install to ssd today. I did install rasbian and updated/fixed boot manager that way and then I did a fresh install of libreelec :)

    So far so good.

    Haven't done any testings yet but will do it tomorrow and see how it goes.

    Hello Sanity,

    Thanks for your comments. Understood your option. Would you share how does it looks like ? Which type of casing, and fan, power supply ?



    At the moment I don't use a case for it. There were none availible when i bought my pi4 :P

    The fan is just a noname that I had spare and I have just put it on top of the pi for now. The power supply is a original one.

    I'll buy a case as soon as I can find one and it will prolly be a larger case cause I believe that I always need a fan to keep decent temperatures!

    I have not updated my firmware and I had same temps as you before I added a small 40mm fan on top of the pi.

    My idle temps are now around 34-42 C depending on the room temperature.

    I've read some various reports about the firmwares pros and cons and decided not to update for now.

    The fan is doing a great job and i can only hear it if i put my ear close to it.