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    Thanks man. This worked with downloading the scraper. Really appreciate the help. Finally got everything working great. I swapped out my xbox controller for a ps4 controller and it is so much better. Paired right away and works great with the games. When I'm playing a game is there an easier way to get back to my ES rom list instead of exiting retroarch every time? For example, when I don't want to play a game anymore, I have to press the playstation button. That takes me into retroarch. I have to scroll through the menu and go down and exit retroarch to get back to ES. Just wondering if there was an easier way to do this.

    try to run script as administrator..if it doesn t work try to create a folder on your windows 10 and run script in there so it downloads the scraper and then move scraper to mapped roms folder..

    option 2 will be instead of mapping your nas roms drive try to map the LE mounted emulators folder to windows..

    Tried everything you mentioned and still the same result. I'm thinking it has something to do with mentioned here Fails to set version, fails to download with manual inclusion of version... · Issue #16 · paradadf/recaltools · GitHub, but I'm trying to make sense of it or figure out what I need to edit.

    Thank you very much for this. It is very much appreciated. However, I have the drive mounted and the batch file in the roms folder. When, I try to run the script it runs the script very quickly and closes out. I am able to stop it before it closes if I click the mouse really fast to catch it. I was able to get an attached screenshot of what it is saying. It says "It says it is not recognized as an internal or external command" for every line. I even tried to run this on a separate computer (windows 10 also) and got the same result. I tried turning off antivirus, firewalls, etc...still the same. I even googled this problem, followed this article A command is not recognized as an internal or external command, and still got the same result.

    I've tried a different things, but still getting the same result when I try to run the script. The command box opens up, runs through a bunch of lines quickly and then closes. I do not get a chance to actually read what its going through because it flashes so quickly.

    It my roms folder, am I supposed to have a gamelist.xml document with all my roms for each emulator? I remember when I created a folder for each emulator (in Storage/Emulators/Roms) to match the gamelist file structure I didn't carry over the gamelist.xml file for each one.

    When I try

    When I try to run the batchfile I get this error.

    With my rpi I use system.d to mount network folders..I assume it s the same with nuc

    see here

    So you mount ip_of_your_nas/emulators to storage/emulators and you should see the content of your nas emulators folder in storage/emulators on Libreelec..then you browse to storage/emulators/roms from ES addon can just mount the roms folder only but I think its better to mount main emulators folder so you can leave everything on your nas.bioses and assets...artwork etc

    Thanks, this worked perfectly.

    So, I created the file structure on the synology with the roms. Emulators/roms. I still haven't been able to get emulation station to load the roms from the NFS on emulation station. It gives me the no systems found file error. I made sure to create the file structure like you mentioned before with the gamelist.

    Check my post on this thread #741 to fix audio issue.

    Thanks for this, got the sound working. A few other things now. I want to pull my roms from my synology nas for emulation station. Is there a way to do this? My guess is that I would have to do something like mount each network folder somehow. Also, I'm not getting any scraper information from emulation station.

    I'm using an intel nuc pc running librelec. I get sound if I just load a rom in kodi and play it, but not retroarch. I will try play around with the audio settings in retroarch.

    I went back through and made sure I updated everything with online updater. Now, I am able to get the games to launch through emulation station as well as retroarch. But, the video is playing back in almost slow motion and is not smooth. I still do not have sound and have been unable to figure that out as well. I even bypassed the receiver and hooked the hdmi up directly to the tv and still no sound, so the problem still lies within retroarch. Btw, as far as the wireless xbox controller. I was finally able to get that to work by turning off the controller and restarting it after the game launches. It will be annoying to have to do that everytime, but I will take that versus a wired controller.

    Are you using Rpi?

    Usually if you set audio device to hw:0,1 in retroarch audio settings it should work trough Hdmi.

    I'm using an intel nuc pc running librelec. I get sound if I just load a rom in kodi and play it, but not retroarch. I will try play around with the audio settings in retroarch. I am using a yamaha receiver though. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it.

    Before you get ES working you need to get RA working properly as ES uses RA to launch roms.I can't help you much with the controler issue as I only have a couple of wired snes controllers.

    I also do not get any sound with retroarch after the rom launches. I've tried using different emulators and different sound drivers from within retroarch with no luck. I also have updated everything with online updater from within retroarch.

    do you have retroarch setup and working?

    With retroarch, it seems to be having some issues with my xbox one wireless controller. In the menu screen it finds my wireless xbox controller and recognizes it in port #0 and I can use it. However, when I start a rom game it loses all functionality and all I get a little small mouse cursor on the screen. So, it does seem retroarch is working, but I haven't been able to actually play a game on it yet because I can't solve this. When I first tried to use the xbox one wireless controller, I couldn't even get it stay connected, so I am using an script.