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    Sorry for waking an old(ish) thread. The cable can definitely be the cause for CEC not working. Even a regular full size HDMI to micro HDMI (i.e. not using an adapter) can cause CEC to not work. I had three different micro to full size cables laying around and CEC only works with one of them.

    I've been using one that didn't work, I have just thought that CEC was broken with LibreELEC and the Pi4 and haven't bothered to do proper troubleshooting, but now I can use my TV remote instead of a bluetooth keyboard or app!


    I need to disable wlan power save because it renders my kodi remote apps on my iPhone and iPad useless if I'm on wifi.

    I have installed the addon Network Tools and tried the various paths suggested in this thread but no matter what I do I can't set power_save to off.

    If I try any of the commands

    /storage/.kodi/addons/ wlan0 get power_save


    /storage/.kodi/addons/ wlan0 set power_save off

    I get

    iw: not found

    However I can use the iwconfig command, which is how I know that power_save is not off.

    In /storage/.kodi/addons/ there is no iw. There are:







    Edit: I figured it out, the command is "iwconfig wlan0 power off"

    How do I install iw?

    I checked subtitles - still massive stuttering every 40-50 seconds, which is completely gone after disabling subs.

    I still see tearing with the skin buttons (title, tags, genre, etc...), not graphics or pictures. That happens not all the time but sometimes when you scroll left or right and the buttons become "active" and resize. But that's no problem for me.


    You have to use the advancedsettings.xml algorithmdirtyregions workaround. Do you know what this is? If not I'll give more instructions.

    I am extremely sensitive to stuttering and this has fixed it for me.

    This is an old issue which has never been solved and probably never will be.

    I have the same experience with my RPi4, but to me it seems the stuttering is only happening when I have subtitles enabled. I mostly use srt files and today I watched an episode of the shows I watch with subtitles off for 30 minutes, with no stuttering, and then I enabled subtitles and stuttering began immediately. I also think the stuttering only happens when there's actually subtitle text on screen i.e. if there's no talking there's no stuttering.

    I've been using all alphas and now this beta on my RPi4 which is connected to a 1080p projector.

    What I've noticed is that when video output is [email protected] and playing video that is 24fps (23,976) there is a lot of irregular stutter, regardless if "sync video to display" is enabled or not. The ctrl+shift+o menu reports no drops or skips, but playback is perceived as if there are significant framedrops.

    On the other hand if I use [email protected] then there is no stutter at all, however my projector does pulldown poorly and panning looks less smooth (no stutter but what I think is called judder?).

    I've had my projector for many years and using a more powerful machine, i.e. my gaming PC, I can do [email protected] with perfect video playback in Kodi. I understand that the RPi4 is not nearly as powerful, but since there is not stutter in 60hz I don't think it's a performance issue but a GPU driver issue.

    With .001 I only used ethernet, but now with .002 I’ve only used 5 GHz wi-fi because I’m at a different location (same ambient temp, no case, no heat sink, no fan) and idle temp has increased quite a lot, about 8 degrees C. Is this to be expected?

    Is updating inside of LibreELEC not supported for Alpha builds? I've rebooted my Pi4 several times since yesterday but there is still nothing in the update section. I changed it to manual but there's no difference.

    An update since I figured I'd take my chances and buy an RPi4 despite no reports on how the Plex add-on works regarding HEVC video.

    Installation of LibreELEC was as expected a breeze with Rufus.

    I installed the Plex add-on, signed in, and voila, HEVC 1080p material can be played without any transcoding on the server, over WAN, perfect hardware accelerated playback!

    Fantastic job!


    I'm thinking of buying an RPi4 instead of a Chromecast Ultra to use when I'm away from home as a Plex client by using the Kodi Plex Add-On to play mostly HEVC 720p and HEVC 1080p material. At the moment I mostly have access to regular Chromecasts, e.g. at my parents home, and gen1 and gen2 Chromecasts don't support HEVC so Plex has to transcode which is not preferable because the server CPU is maxed out when transcoding HEVC to H264.

    The Kodi Plex Add-On have a setting to allow HEVC, and hardware acceleration of it works in Kodi on my Windows laptop, so I wonder if the RPi4 will be able to do that as well?

    Does anyone of you who owns an RPi4 and use the 9.2 Alpha also use Plex?