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    thanks for answer. I always had enabled audio passthrough and wanted to do all decoding in my receiver.

    So passthrough isn't supported at all?

    Is there any time window when it will be supported?


    DTS HD Master Audio is losslessly decoded to PCM 5.1/7.1 (and the Pi4B supports 192k/24bit at 5.1/7.1 and isn't limited to 4.0 at 192k as previous models are, I believe) - so it's only Atmos that your Home Theatre is crying for? (Or is stream metadata vital for your use case??)

    Hi, I tried to play something in DTS HD MA and i got it decoded to 5.1, but i got 7.1. Dolby Atmos Home Cinema. When i play something in Atmos it is decoded to weird formats like 3.1 Theatre Dimensional.

    My settings in audio are 2.0., enable passthrough and enabled formats under it like DTS, AC3 and E-AC3. This works for DTS-HD MA in most of the time. Weird thing is when i set 7.1 in audio setting I got a 5.1.2 sound in output which should be right, but my receiver getting no Atmos (there is a LED which should be lit if Atmos is detected (working in old box S905x).


    I haven't tested it yet, but big thumb up for no tearing GUI, if it's true.

    Did someone tested if HBR audio is fully supported (DTS HD MA and Dolby Atmos)?. That's what I want so bad on my RPi4. My home theatre just crying.


    I'm still missing full HBR audio support for RPi4. DTS HD MA is detected just like DTS and in option of Kodi there is no option to turn on DTS HD MA. On S905X box it worked just fine. But I think that this is because of old kernel, I'm right?

    In new version I see smoother UI and Kodi itself, that's good.

    Update. I did this and sure enough the 4k 60hz modes appeared. Thanks again.

    Hi I didn't enabled this option in config.txt and I was able to play 4k HEVC movie anyway. Is that possible? Now i tried enable this option and only difference is, that I can put Kodi interface to 4k 60fps mode, previously I could use just 4k 30fps.

    I'm doing it right: I opened SD card on my computer, opened config.txt file and added line hdmi_enable_4k=1.

    But i'm surprised, that 4k worked without this line.


    Hi i did a lot of testing and playing with temps, used various cases and added heatsink, you can see it in post #96. Link below. It should be repaired in new firmwares, but active cooling should help a lot too. I'm waiting for my reseler when he will have coolers I will test it with custom case.

    LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2 ALPHA1 with Raspberry Pi 4B Support

    Thank you so much Popcornmix, this fixes the issues I was having with frame skipping/stuttering during 24p/24Hz/23.976 (whatever you want to call it) playback on 720p/1080p x264 and HEVC content. Playback is now smooth at all times including scenes of camera panning. (I don't have a 4K TV so cannot verify 4K playback)

    Thanks again! :)

    Well like I said before, 4k performance with high bitrate it's still choppy.

    For the stuttering reports there is a fix. Either wait for the next LE update or grab firmware from here:



    rename and replace start.elf/fixup.dat on the FAT partition of sdcard.

    Tried that, still the same. If bitrate of movie is higher it still stuttering and if are any fast movements in movie it's laggy and not fluent. In lower bitrate movies it's ok and temperatures are lower.

    I've never had much luck with the Kodi userland NFS client in LE, and NFS mount storage with an

    sleep 10
    mount -t nfs -overs=3,nolock /storage/videos/newwatcher
    mount -t nfs -overs=3,nolock /storage/videos/film
    [... etc. ...]
    ) &

    Yeah, it's pretty grotty, but it does the job. The sleep is long enough for the network to come up. This works on the Pi4 and the Khadas Vim. Couple that with a .kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml:


    and it all works.

    Thanks, i will try to set memorysize and buffermode and see if it helps.

    Just trying to rule out possible causes in an effort to identify what is happening.

    As it happens, there should be a fix for the "washed out" videos in the next release as MMAL required some extra support for the Rec2020 colour space that had been omitted. It would still be very nice if someone could upload a test sample or provide a link to a file that demonstrates the problem so we can fix it at the first attempt.

    Also, stuttering issues with interlaced videos should be fixed in the next release.


    I had some time yesterday and tested 4k in RPi 4 in two boxes made on 3D printer, official box from PI Foundation and unboxed. I also used a camera thermometer and the temps are really bad. Screens and video footage from 4k movie is below. The stuttering and freezing will start after the CPU have above 75°C, which is after 10 minutes of 4k playing.

    Movie Info

    Washed out colors

    RPi in official box after 10 minutes of playing 4k movie

    RPI in official box, 10 minutes in idle

    RPI in official box after 10 minutes of 4k movie

    RPI unboxed in idle

    RPI unboxed after 10 minutes playing 4k movie

    Video of stuttering

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    So I tested 4K HEVC video and it's working almost properly. But i must say I have washed out color too (like someone sad before me). Changing option "Limited color range" doesn't work and make things worse. I would say it looks like very bad HDR. I'm using original HDMI cable from PI Foundation (HDMI to micro HDMI). My Samsung TV has HDMI port set to HDMI UHD color (didn't try turn it off yet (but again with S905X it worked fine).

    Sometimes I get delayed audio, but that could be a source issue.

    Real pain is reading from my NAS via ethernet. It's connected via gigabit network and when I try to play even 2,7k it can't buffer enough and stutter a lot. I must say that via TV (which is connected just with 100M) and my old S905X (again 100M) android box it's working fine, so it must be RPi4 or LE issue.

    Next thing is, do you guys have same problem with overheating like me? The RPi 4 is really hot and I used passive cooler to CPU which helped just a bit. It says CPU temperature 80°C and I'm just sitting in menu. I can't realize playing 2 hours of 4k movie, after that will RPi 4 burn through my furniture :).

    I will check it when i get back to home, because I'm not sure. Anyway, it's a chance to get 4k h264 video in future?

    How about that audio? Should Dolby Atmos and DTS HD MA now work properly?


    To be totally honest I have found the RPi4 version of LibreELEC 9.2 to be entirely usable, and stable. I'm confident the more obvious issues will be addressed quickly.

    Yesterday I tried to play few movies in Kodi in 4k - results are not good, stuttering, freezing etc.

    Dolby Atmos and DTS HD MA not worked only DD 5.1 (yes i had enabled passthrough and Dolby Atmos and DTS HD MA capable receiver, this option worked with my S905X).