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    Makaa, how did you succeed to activate multiboot, for god's sake? I have M8S+ which is mostly the same box but with 1000Mb network card and no chance to succeed with any of the images, rufus, win32 disk imager, I even tried with 2 different SD cards.
    How do you know that you activated multiboot? Actually, it doesn't matter... I have kerber's Libreelec which is working fine, except you have to replug it every time you shut down box, but the rest is fine.

    I give up, but would like to know what you've used to produce bootable sd card...

    Try to check with this user. He wrote that when you run external drives not working, but when installed on internal memory (eMMC) in his work. Set-top boxes You have with him are not the same, but he used m8s+ and it worked. Note that there is a risk to brick and will have to restore it via cable.

    LibreELEC for Tronsmart MIII Plus -

    Balbes, with which user exactly? Your link is leading to your freaktab libreelec thread and nobody mentioned m8s+ there...

    For testing need universal multiboot TV box. I asked about the availability on Your TV box universal multi-boot. By the way, added to the website version of the image with the dtb data from the firmware, the link to which is given edit4ever. Maybe she could work on M8S Plus.


    Got it!
    This is good question. I've never found an information if M8S+ is multiboot box...

    Is there a solution if it's not?

    If You have not launched a version for external drives, I don't recommend trying the installation of this version in the internal memory. Most likely, it will lead to brick. If You give a link to the firmware from Your device, I can try building a version with the desired data dtb.

    Here's the link:


    It's Libreelec version which is working fine on M8S+ except that you cannot turn the box back on after turning it off (you have to replug it). Also there's stuttering with LiveTV.

    Thanks in advance!

    The "Reset" button for a long time do not need to keep. Clicked the button. Turn on the power. Appeared the logo. Release the button. If you hold the button, will not occur in the system boot LE. LE can only be start when you released the button.
    Please note, the activation of multi-boot (boot from SD card when pressing the RESET button) is executed only once. All subsequent start to be performed WITHOUT pressing the button.

    I tried with long and short reset button keeping, the same thing... box hangs in reset cycling. I even tried to full format SD card and then produce image. The same. Nevermind, thanks for everything...

    I could now try with eMMC version, this is the last option... Is it also an update (it won't delete my data?)

    OK, now is 100% clear. I made SD cart with win disk imager, but no luck... It just shows M8S+ logo then go back to black screen then back to logo, to screen and so on... I've been holding reset all that time. So I even cannot go to libreelec screen. I will try with 20160906 now.

    EDIT: WHen I replace script s805_autoscript with old one from your download then it freezes on M8S+ logo after releasing reset button.

    EDIT 2: No luck with 20160906 also. It freezes at the very beginning on M8S+ logo.

    Thanks but still not clear "for dummies" like me. :)
    Record to SD card formatted with Amlogic tool or just copy (drag and drop) to any SD card?

    Also what exactly to choose when we enter "toothpick menu"?

    This version of the image for use with external media (SD card and USB flash drive). You can try without limitations on any device. TV box it will not hurt.

    The use of features described in this topic.
    LibreELEC for Tronsmart MIII Plus -

    Thanks but still unclear for me what do I have to do...

    I need to burn this image on SD via Amlogic tool?

    Could you try to make cookbook what to do using numbers... 1. 2. 3... etc