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    I have tvheadend backend on my synology nas and simpletv frontend on kodi for it. Everything's work great but sometimes I have to re-enable (disable and enable) LIVE TV in kodi in order to wake up HDD on synology NAS.

    Is there any way to wake up NAS as soon as I start my media box, in order to avoid this problem.

    If is working on sdcard for you can install on nand if you like...i like android on nand and alexelec on sdcard....

    Tried with SD card, working great except 3 things:

    - Bluetooth's not working on me. Tried turn it off and on again. No adapter found
    - I cannot find File Manager any more! I intended to restore my previous .kodi settings but could not found a solution how to copy backup file to /backup folder which is needed for restore (I couldn't choose SMB device)
    - Restart to games is working but not the resolution on my TV

    Is it even possible to restore settings from kodi 16.1 ti kodi 17?

    Hello all!

    I have Beelink S82 round box 2gb/16Gb (the same as Tronsmart s89).
    Which Libreelec version works the best with this box (whichone should I put)?

    Hello all!

    I have Gigabyte GT-U7200 DVB-T usb stick but it's not recognized in tvheadent in librelec. Do you know where's the exact list of supported DVB-T cards, or, if it's not supported, how can I import it in libreelec?

    Thanks in advance.

    Button problem could be solved easily. Just install keymap editor addon:
    Add-on:Keymap Editor - Official Kodi Wiki
    and configure keys as you like.

    Best regards!

    king at the link you gave, the .tar file contains files, folders, etc. How to I install usi

    king at the link you gave, the .tar file contains files, folders, etc. How to I install usi

    1. It's impossible to say without box opening. Just try with the image and see if it's working...
    2. Download .zip file (you don't need .tar at the moment). Put it on SD card (do not extract zip file). Insert SD card into box. Put box into recovery mode using toothpick method (google for toothpick method if you're not familiar with the procedure). Choose "Update from EXT", select zip file from SD card. Wait. Reboot box.

    Anyone knows why I have to pull out USB TV stick from Amlogic box in order to be able to shut the box down.
    If I let it inside USB port it is not possible...

    USB stick is passive.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi guys

    Can some one please advise if there is a build for S812 Acemax M8S+ where in the device could be shutdown (shutdown properly) using remote control. If yes kindly let me know. Cheers

    Find it here:


    With this image you can shut it down, but not turn it on again! :)
    You have to re-plug box and then it's working fine till another shutdown.

    Thanks, Makaai. I did try once again with the same image maker and the same firmware as you, but I'm using Sandisk SD card 16gb.
    Same result, same (logo - black screen-logo) problem. I give up and will wait for Kerber's future solution, or will return to openelec 6.95 which is working just fine.

    Thanks all and bye!