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    I always use the USB Burning Tool so with the Burn Card Maker I have no idea ......

    With the USB Burning Tool I use an old mini HP PC with windows 7 x32 / as windows 10 can be a pain to burn firmware !

    I had it once where it hung and I turned it off, removed the SD-card and booted it back up with the reset method to get to the screen where you can clear the: "WIPE CACHE PARTITION" from the bootmenu afterwards choose Reboot and all started up fine after that for me.

    USB Burning Tool never failed on me so I have no experience on the Card Maker method. I am sorry.

    Maybe someone here can help more on this subject.

    Yes with the "Stock" ROM it is ! Now - "minix_x8_x8plus_x8_h_newbootloader_FW9" - firmware will give you proper shutdown, Just be patient after flashing and starting it back up > it can take a long time to boot up android as it has to build all the cache files etc. so be patient.

    After that you will again have to hold the reset to break the bootlaoder again with the LibrElecec SD. :-)

    and btw dont freak out with a black screen during first startup Android, so be patient!


    Burn image (LibreELEC-X8-X8H.arm-LE9-Kodi_18.3.img) to SD ! with the TOOL under downloads (Black Banner above) . ( I mostly run the SD burning tool as ADMIN!

    how to patch the minix bootloader :

    burn the GZ img to a SD

    browse the SD and rename "boot_autoscript" to "boot.scr"

    insert the SD in the minix

    boot the minix while holding reset switch for 5 -6 sec (the bootloader will be patched) (little hole on the back - paper-clip worx fine)

    let Libreelec boot and configure ssh, etc

    restore your cfg if needed

    After you boot to LE, connect to your box over SSH and run installtointernal command. This will copy LE from SD card to internal memory with all your data. (user will be root and password will be your password)

    You dont BURN the image straight to the box :-)

    Happy holidays

    Hi to all

    i need your help as new .I have Minix NEO X8 Plus and i am confused which image can download and install .

    Also if this image can be install with SD Card

    Thanks a lot for you help

    "minix_x8_x8plus_x8_h_newbootloader_FW9.img" = what you need(I got the NEO X8 Plus also). I flashed mine with the burning tool, how to go with SD-Card I never tried that way as the burning tool never gave me problems.

    As soon as I apply "adjust refresh rate is set to always" or Start/Stop _ my x8h-plus will freeze during pause or stop, turning OFF "adjust refresh rate" and she' steady as can be. LibreELEC Add-ons repository I dont have a problem with as it works on the x8h-plus and the x8-plus for me. Both boxes on the latest 18.3.

    This solution did not work for me, not in 18.2 and not in 18.3.

    Only disabling HW acceleration works although i didn't play around with other settings (it's too annoying to reboot the device when it freezes).

    I set refreshrate to 50mhz and leave hardware acceleration ON and it dont freeze up no more. Try and see if that works for you.

    Everything plays smooth for me even mp4 etc.

    if you dare , you may also try the dtb from the kodi 17.6 image.

    use a spare SD 'cause it may not boot at all.

    Tried it, boots up fine, worx but IP is random with every boot, fixed IP after reboot reverts back to DHCP .... Grrrrr.. anybody else ?
    btw. for a Chinese box I thought we had the Elite with Minix compared to other garbage out there that are still supported with CoreElec (got a cheap x96"clone", build a fan for it and it runs like a devil with CoreElec 9.0.2.... Will never figure that out LOL

    I hate to break the news but either way still reverts back to DHCP after a reboot... Got the "x8h plus with "X8H_PLUS_LOLLIPOP_RC2_NEWBOOT.img"(true shutdown) and I even tried a fresh install 18.2 from SD with the dtb.img replaced from 18.0(final) and still goes back to DHCP after reboot/shutdown. Lets wait to see for more feedback as I might have an "Odd Box". When I ran Kodi 17.6, the first image listed = one that booted and worked if that helps.